Blade and Sword God Sovereign


Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 4

Sword God Sovereign v1c4

September 16 , 2017

Vol 1 , Chapter 4 : Ding Hao Strength

TL : Godspell

Because of fusion of his memories with the precious owner, Ding Hao does not have any reluctance in accepting this body.

"Relax I will certainly help you…No helping both of us, to look for our Younger Sister."

Ding Hao has gripped his fist, resolutely has pledged in his heart.

Due to the pledge, the sadness in his heart has finally calmed down.

The body previous owner consciousness finally vanished into air.

After this in this world, there is only one Ding Hao that came from other world.

Hastily making his dinner, filled his belly, Ding Hao begins to carry out his plan.

For finding his Younger Sister, first he should increase his strength.

In this world a loose cultivator does not have any future, only can vestige in the Inquiring Sword Sect, only then can gain support from the Sect resources and knowledge or can gain higher profound cultivation arts from the Sects. But can only enter the Sect through the official test, at present his main issue is to increase his strength.

Therefore he needs to go to a very dangerous place.

To collect an extremely rare herbs.

As he is looking for some solid strings in his room, curling several of his bed sheets, trying to connect this strings to make their length similar. As the string Is complete he carries them on his left shoulder, tying the rusty iron Sword behind his back, shoving the door open to proceed on his journey.


At present time, the dim light of the moon was very beautiful.

In the sky, the crescent moon, the twinkling stars shinny silver lights falls on the ground, Ding Hao sits alone under the light is silently passing this chilly beauty.

Ding Hao start heading toward the direction of the trash cliff edge, as the wind is blowing madly .

In an instant he is at the cliff, under the dim moonlight, the large bamboo has grown very thick at the side of cliff.

From today there are only 15 days left for the Sect assessment test to enter the Inquiring Sword Sect.

 Regarding this every second is very precious to Ding Hao.

He must make the beat use of time, to increase his strength.

However at this time a person disturbed Ding Hao.

"Ohh, isn't it Ding Hao our Inquiring Sword Sect little swipper, what's wrong? Why in such a hurry in going to the garbage heap to dig some pig poop."

A taunting sound came from the person who spooked.

Under the bright moonlight, a bunch of youngsters around 13-14 years old came around him, their facial expressions clearly say they wanted to make troubles for him.

The past Ding Hao because of his stupidity often gets into trouble with others, due to this he even got a mocking nickname calling him [Inquiring Sword Sect Stupid Pig], meaning number one pig on the Inquiring Sword Sect.

As these 45 youngsters, often idly usually stir up trouble in the slums or becoming happy by insulting Ding Hao.

Especially the black and robust youngster at the lead of the group.

He is Zhao Xingchen, 13 years old same also lives in the slum.

Different from Ding Hao, Zhao Xingchen parents are with him, he does not need to perform daily duty to support himself and have quite some Martial Dao Aptitude, he had also participated in Inquiring Sword Sect entering Sect exam which he almost passed now after one year of hard work, by his present strength the sect exam should not be a problem for him.

Moreover, there is a rumour that he was lucky enough to know a Inquiring Sword Sect Outer Disciple, from which he had obtained a set of cultivation technique. Though some success on practising the cultivation technique he has become quite rampant, cruel and merciless, completely dominating the back side of the mountain slums always picking up quarrels stirring up troubles, as nobody dares to stop him.

In the past, whenever Ding Hao saw these peoples, will surely run away to a far place or can only curse his bad luck simply obediently listening to them, not even daring to fight back when he gets beaten up by them.

But at this time it is different because he is not the previous Ding Hao.

Ding Hao did not even bother to take a look, as if treating them as air simply ignores them.

All of a sudden Ding Hao starts running, dashes wildly toward the trash cliff by passing through the peoples one by one.

Zhao Xingcheng surprised for a moment, suddenly his face changes and a trace of anger flashes in his eye.

He thinks himself as a leader of the youngsters in the slums, with his absurd power no one will make a fool of him but today on an ordinary day unexpectedly someone make a fool out of him, such boldness unexpectedly did not give him respect, not only does not dare to knell down to apologise but instead ignores him simply, this is unforgivable.

Zhao Xingcheng singled with his eyes to the people behind him.

About two youngsters grinning friendly came out, has easily caught Ding Hao from escaping.

Zhao Xingcheng intentionally  from behind kicked at the leg of Ding Hao.

“Get lost!”

Ding Hao whole eyes cold, under his foot his shoulders bent forward.

This is the Basic Sword Skills “Lift the Clouds” body posture.

Ding Hao almost subconsciously passed out.


“Oh no”

Already anticipating the figure of Ding Hao rolling on the ground from his kick actually not occur but two pitifully cries came around from the two peoples which had held Ding Hao, not understanding actually what happened, suddenly felling a great aching pain coming from his arm. This pain causing him to actually fall on the ground rolling as if a gourd fell off.

Especially the black robust boy, has fell more worst, lies on a ground like some dead pig not being able to get up.

This unexpected scene, making all people dumbfounded.

“You Bastard, you ***courts death, dares to hit me unexpectedly?”  Zhao Xingcheng slightly surprised for a moment later, suddenly felt big shame, angry screaming his lungs out.

With a gloomy face, gripping his both fists standing fiercely on the ground shouting fiercely, this form was almost similar to a raging tiger, his left hand has drawn out his longsword form his waist, gripping in his hands, charging fiercely wanting to stab the sword in the arm of Ding Hao.

This Sword move which Zhao Xingcheng perform are meant to be learned by Inquiring Sword Sect Disciples naming [poisonous Snake Strike].

This Sword Strike is full of evilness and cruelness, just like a poisonous snake spraying his venom to hunt his prey, once performed is not easy to get rid of this Sword Strike.

Zhao Xingcheng has made up his mind, regardless of life and death must make a bloody hole on the body of Ding Hao taking his life away.

In any case, Ding Hao is just a orphan who nobody even cares, if died is also good for him.

Just because he has the strength it is appropriate to do so.

Other boys to see Zhao Xingxheng to get rid of him is cheering loudly.

In his sword strike there is indeed some skill, making many people heart grew cold.

People seem to have imagined Ding Hao tumbling everywhere begging for mercy….


“chi, ding, ding”

Seeing not only Ding Hao not begging for mercy, but a scarlet glow to shines from his hand, when suddenly a longsword colliding sound resounds all around them.

Zhao Xingxheng still does not understood what happened, only saw a beautiful flower in his front, then suddenly feeling a scalding hotness in his palm, his sword continuously is shaking, his fingers start getting sour, he is unable to maintain the grip of his sword, causing it to fly from his hand.

In a flash, the tip of the rusty stained iron sword has reached the throat of Zhao Xingcheng.

The icy cold touch of the tip of sword seems like a death scythe of a Death God, strangling his heart making his whole body covered in sweats as if had experienced a nightmare.

The rusty sword hilt is in the hands of Ding Hao.

“Annoy me again and I will kill you”. Every single word said by Ding Hao is full of Killing intent.


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