Blade and Sword God Sovereign


Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 42

January 31, 2018

Vol 1, Chapter 42: Blade and Sword Spirits

TL: Godspell

"Just ... It is very good for you, you will know later its specific benefits." The male voice starts to speak but seems to hesitate.

"Yes, you could be rest assured regarding your body we do not have any evil intentions, absolutely no intentions, to you, but on the contrary, there are a lot of advantages, until the destined time has arrived, and all the conditions had met, we will immediately leave your body." The female voice spoke in a very rare and gentle tone.

"I know what you're worried about, little boy."

"Don't worry, we will never try to possess your body, absolutely never."

"Yes, who cares about a poor human body?"

"If we want a body then this old lady can even build it up even from the mud, even using the God Meteoric Stone and many other thousands of rare materials that can shock your entire world…."

"Cough Cough.... little boy, if you really want us to leave your body, then now you should do is to just cultivate quickly and increased your strength ... It's not that we do not want to leave it’s just that, we can't go."

The two voices spoke in unison, the female voice almost would have said anything but was actually been cut off by the male voice, preventing her from disclosing any further information.

It seems to be impossible for these two guys to come out of his body right now for the time being but his intuition told him, that these two-mysterious smelly old farts seem to have not any kind of evil intentions toward him.

"Ah right, was it you who have saved me when I fell off from the cliff?" Ding Hao suddenly remembers the previous incident, therefore, he hurriedly asked these two.

Remembering that day when he had fallen off from the cliff, in truth, he should not have been able to directly fall into the cave, but after he had waked up, he had found himself inside of that cave, therefore in the remaining time period when he was unconscious, there must have something happened which he is clearly not been aware off.

"Not entirely true, but it was our merit that saved you on that day." The female voice spoke up.

"After spending 100,000 of years, we had lost our body, the only remaining thing is our consciousness, so we do not have the ability to saved you." The male voice spoke.

"That cave, it’s structure is very special, after every ten days it will create a very strong suction at the entrance of the cave." The female voice spoke.

"And it will last for a full of three minutes." The male voice spoke.

"Therefore, this old lady had initially said that your ancestral graves are on fire, your luck is very good simply heaven-defying, on the day you had fallen was the day for the suction to appear at the entrance of the cave, your 

luck…" The female voice is full of admiration.

"If not because of the suction, you would have already fallen to your death." The male voice said.

Now he understands what sort of luck did he actually have, to get caught up in that suction, otherwise, he would already have become a pile of meat paste after falling off from the cliff.

"Since you have already taken possession in my body, why wait continuously until to appear now?" Ding Hao asked.

"Previously your strength was too poor to awaken us, now that it had reached the Martial Apprentice Realm, your body and Profound Qi is only now able to withstand our Spiritual Sense." The female voice very gloomily replied as if she is despising him.

Ding Hao: "…."

"Right, just a moment ago when I was cultivating Extreme Profound Inquiring Sword Sect Cultivation Technique, my profound qi when it comes near my [Life Sea] acupoint, it will suddenly disappear completely, this does you two know, this is what’s the matter?"

After a brief conversation, Ding Hao's attention quickly returned to the strange phenomena appearing in his cultivation process.

This is the most pressing and fatal problem at the moment.

"Haha, this is one of the many mysteries of Blade and Sword Double Saint Physique." The male happily replied.

"The so-called Blade and Sword Double Saint Physique, whether in cultivating a Blade Art or a Sword Technique, only for a bit, can incomparably increase one’s cultivation speed." The female voice explained slightly.

The male voice further continued, "However, this cultivating practice, has its own limitations also that cannot be ignored, that is, whether it is a Blade or Sword Technique, after cultivating each one of them for a period of time, every time it will help you enter a new realm, in which one had to face many barriers, which are very difficult to break through, only when simultaneously cultivating both the Blade and Sword, can help you to break through the bottleneck, therefore advancing one step each time."

"Now, you had only cultivated in Swords and therefore only able to condense Snow Ice Wind Sword Profound Qi, also you were only able to make passed through First [Yin] Meridian, refining the "Divine Spring" acupoints and thoroughly becoming a Level One Martial Apprentice Realm, this is all due to the Sword Profound Qi." The female voice continues to explain.

"Therefore, in accordance with the special restrictions of The Blade and Sword Double Saint Physique", if you want to open your [Life Sea] acupoint and directly step into 2-level Martial Apprentice Realm you must also cultivate Blade Arts Profound Qi, and further condense Blade Profound Qi Seed, then only you will be able to break through this bottleneck." The male voice explained in a brief summary.

Ding Hao seems to understand but actually not really understand, he asks with a doubt: "Condense Blade Arts Profound Qi seed? Can a human body condense a second Profound Qi? That's not possible, is it?"

According to Laws of Martial Dao, A human being can only condense one Profound Qi Seed.

Because in each person dantian, within the body it has only twelve meridians.

It is simply a fantasy to condense another Profound Qi Seed, s dream of a fool.

 "Ha Ha Ha, for an average person, condensing a second Profound Qi Seed is naturally impossible. Since ancient times, even those who have reached the great realm of Martial Sovereign and Martial emperor, even after possessing such great strength, they all were unable to achieve." The male voice as if knows what Ding Hao was thinking.

The female voice went with the flow and said: "But, hey, regarding the Blade and Sword Double Saint Physique is, even more, stronger than the Bloodline Physique, well it is not that difficult matter, ha ha ha."

The female voice is laughing dreadfully.

"Oh? Why do you say that?" Ding Hao interest is also aroused by these two people's strange arguments.

"Within the body of an average person, in their dantian there are 12 meridians and a total of 98 acupoints but when a person has Blade and Sword Double Saint Physique, the bloodline in his body will have a slight variation, causing it to have another second Dantian, a complete set of second meridians and another whole acupoint, and in together they compose a second cultivation system." The male voice briefly explains.

"Does the Blade and Sword Double Saint Physique really have a second cultivation system?" Ding Hao is very shocked to hear this type of information for the very first time.

This system would inevitably crush the worlds law for Martial Dao?

A person, can really simultaneously cultivate two Dantian, two Profound Qi, two sets of Meridians and lastly two Profound Qi Seeds?

"Ha ha, little boy, becoming scared." The female heartily laughed.

A flash of lightning flashed through the mind of Ding Hao, and suddenly he understood all his problem in the cultivation.

"According to what you have said, I have Blade and Sword Double Saint Physique, which have many specific benefits, but there are also some restrictions, in other words, before I had cultivated Ice and Snow Profound Qi, the reason that my Profound Qi is instantly disappearing from my [Life Sea] acupoint, is because I had cultivated the only Sword Profound Qi and had not cultivated my second set of meridians, therefore had met the Innate Physique limitations, otherwise there would have been no problems in my cultivation!"

"Yes, you're not too stupid," the male voice nodded in satisfaction.

Ding Hao does not care about the teasing words of the male voice, he humbly asked: "Two seniors, then what should I do now?"

The words spoken by the female voice is like as if a candy had been robbed by a child and while fuming in the rage she angrily said: "Brat, don't call me senior, I am still very young, call me elder sister … No, call me younger sister ... No, wouldn't that be smaller than you, from now you should address me as Miss!"