Blade and Sword God Sovereign


Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 3

Sword God Sovereign v1c3

September 13 , 2017

Vol 1 , Chapter 3 : Memory 

TL : Godspell

Suddenly Ding Hao is filled up with emotions, he has closely gripped his fist.

He had pledged to himself that one day, he will also cultivate to become a peerless profound arts master, he had peerless military strength at his disposal, with his sword he will defeat geniuses he will stand at the top.

Naturally, right now his only status is of a floor sweeping little servant nothing more.

Nobody took notice of his arrival.

As he leaves the announcement area, following a narrow alley Ding Hao arrived at the Inquiring Sword Sect back side of the mountain region quickly.

As the front of the mountain is incredibly beautiful constituting with magnificent hill world immortal territory but the back side of the mountain region is really dirty, noisy like a disorder slum.

Here the bushes are densely covered, the land is uneven, there are big rocks lying around in the vicinity.

Several thousand people of Inquiring Sword Sect produces tons of scrap everyday, these scraps items are thrown on the back side of this densely covered forest mountain area, it is accumulating here with the passage of time, as the winds blows through and because of the burning rays of sun the trash has been decomposed around the area it has produced a foul smell.

Because of the smell the area around here has simply become hell.

In such a bad environment at the back side of the mountain forest, there is a building not particularly very large nor small.

Our little fella Ding Hao is currently living here.

" It seems like this is the Inquiring Sword Sect garbage dump, even dogs can't live here, ahh it seems like my previous generation life cannot get rid of this fucking destiny, I can only slowly change my destiny.”

Accordingly to Ding Hao memory, the trash piles in the heaps burred are for people to live randomly, majority are the lower class people of [ Logistics Cleaning Group].

Peoples living here are not martial practitioner , they didn't have any tyrannical strength , they are unable to survive the attacks of Monster's and Demons that came up in large numbers and from all sides in the forest , so for the sake of living can only depend on the physical labour to obtain the protection of the Inquiring Sword Sect , and to live on this back side of the mountain , in this dangerous world where Monster's and Demons lies in wait to devour humans , is similar to ants living in hell with great difficulty.

By the narrow alley, following the bushes, there is a cliff where a small hut is builded.

Under the rays of sun the surface of the bushes has become deep black.

Do not know from where the happy talks and laughter's of the young boys may be heared everywhere, a touch of fragrance came around from the cottages, the curling smoke from the kitchen chimney raises, all these has filled this small dirty region full of vitality.

As Ding Hao started walking many people, greeted him warmly.

Maybe these are the friends the former body owner knows.

On Ding Hao face is a smile, warmly and friendly responding to everyone.

In a blink of an eye, walking through a narrow alley he slowly approaches the garbage heap passing by the slum area and 34 kilometres ahead this area, there is a bottomless cliff.

And at the edge of the garbage heap, beyond his expectations there is one piece of extremely eye-catching green saplings.

Dozens of green little saplings in the evening breeze issued a singing, if as it is a group of green and soft saplings are dancing, completely surrounded by two carefully large cottages.

Although the whole area around the slum is garbage, but this place of green saplings is like a desert among a desert,making anyone look at them one brightly, even the mood also becomes a lot better .

Here is Ding Hao's home.

He pushed the fence door and gently entered the small courtyard.

The sunset light came in from the window, as the ray of light is a little dim.

In the small courtyard there is a broken wooden bed with a thin cloth, an octagonal table with a missing leg, a stove made of stones, a dark wok, a simple stove, some tattered jar, filled with pickles and Bacon and salty meat and so on other things, on the tattered hut wall is hanging some simple daily utensils, that are already very old.

The only thing striking is a women’s small cotton-padded jacket hanging on the main entrance of the wall.

The cotton jacket is only wearable by about a 5 to 6 years old girl, the fabric of the cloth is extremely rough probably made by hands, the work is also very ordinary but the work is very clean. the jacket does not seem to be dirty, the bright shining red colour in a small poor tattered hut has produced a very warm feeling.

Ding Hao pushes the door open and came in, at first glance happened to see this small cotton-padded jacket.

The clothes are weared by his Younger Sister Ding Ke’er before missing.

In his memory, three years ago on a snowy afternoon, when Ding Hao finished his cleaning duty for the day and when he returned his home discovered that his Younger Sister has disappeared.

He was like a frantic maniac looking all over the slums madly.

Later many people exclaimed they saw a fairy wearing white clothed clothes certainly looking like a mysterious women in legends, he does not know why they will appear in his tattered hut or passed by it carrying his younger sister Ding Ke’er sobbingly.

later, he discovered in his hut above the wooden pillars, found a line of words __

“This girl is predestined friends with me, she may cultivate my Great Dao. Phoenix Heavenly Murraang, Southern Region.”

The above handwriting is natural as if straight came out of from columns, these words contain a very strange power, if looking it at for a long time will make us very dizzy, in the slum many people looked at it all recognised that it contains a very formidable strength, a person with high calliper of martial arts.

Who is this Mysterious Heavenly Murrang?

Nobody knows about it.

The only clue is the Southern Region that is very very far away, far away the reach of the normal people even with riding a horse, even if did not drink or eat does not even rest, is unable to arrived.

After Ding Ke’er is missing, the red cotton jacket, has been the only support for Ding Hao to find his missing sister.

The moment he sees the little red jacket, tides of memories is rapidly rushing inside the mind of Ding Hao, fragments of memories of his little sister, flashes like a movie inside his mind simultaneously of four years of thorough. These memories cause the soul of the Ding Hao to have a very intense longing.

“Elder Brother, why don’t our mother and father want us? Where did they go.”

“Elder Brother. Ke’er is hungry, you cook meal for Ke’er.”

"Wow, so beautiful jacket, ah, brother, I really want it? Hum, thank you brother!"

“Elder Brother……”

Sounds of his little sister, is still lingering in his mind. Ding Hao dull standing in the same place at the entrance of the hut, his tears cannot stop rolling down from his eyes to his face, more is unable to stop his emotions, making him want to dash out immediately to look for his Younger Sister.

He does not want to cry but can’t help it.

He is unable to suppress the sadness, filling his entire soul.

Ding Hao know that this is because of the beforehand memory fusion, the body of the former owner missing sister,deep in his soul his family and the sudden thoughts of the impact of this emotions.

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