Blade and Sword God Sovereign


Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 33

December 26, 2017

Vol 1, Chapter 33: True Swordsmanship

TL: Godspell

In the crowd, Wang Xiaoqi at this time had lowered his head, he does not even dare to look straight at Ding Hao.

But his eyes are still twinkling, who knows what he is thinking.

Just then, below, from the crowd some people had jumped straight into the arena, obviously to challenge the top ten representatives.

The second challenger is a dignified young man with a very imposing aura.

Flickering his robes, he is holding a fine sword in his hands, he is somewhat looking quite imposing.

The air surrounding him is also very cold, although he had yet to reveal any sort of aura but the feeling he giving is as if one is facing a ten-thousand-year-old ice burg suddenly appeared in the arena, producing a kind of coldness in the depths on one soul.

"Fang Tianyi!" the icy cold boy reported his name, and then drawn out his sword from the sheath, directly aiming at Ding Hao.

Somebody again is challenging Ding Hao.

"Why did he choose me? could it be because I am too handsome?"

Ding Hao is a little depressed in his heart, from the start he had not said a word, he had only executed a simple sword technique with his rusted sword, did he just gain the attention from everybody from just a simple [Quick Cross Sword] technique.


Suddenly a piercing yet dazzling cold light burst out from within the arena.

Fang Tianyi figure is similar to that of ghosts, physically very fast, he is actually not even a bit slow in compared to Ding Hao [Wild Goose Step] technique. In a Flash, taking a step he arrived at the side of Ding Hao, his sword tip gently buzz and then transformed into three types of sword flowers producing a cold radiance and attacked straight head-on.

This Fang Tianyi, unexpectedly also cultivates in the way of swords techniques.

One Sword, Three Flowers!

This kind of sword technique is certainly quite impressive.

"Good sword technique!" Ding Hao eyes one bright, standing still, he flicked his wrist a little, then his rusted sword also transformed into three red swords similarly, meeting head-on with the One Sword Three Flowers.

Ding Ding Ding!

Three slight thin sounds produced.

Only a silver and red sword glow were furiously colliding with each in the air.

Many sparks are producing in the air as if small Meteorites are bursting, producing a very dizzying illusion.

Good sword skills!

Good sword skills!

There is no shortage of disciples among these many people who are not able to judge the quality of goods, naturally, they can see how mysterious the sword techniques are.

Ding Hao in an instance, by colliding sword tip with sword tip is clearly preventing Fang Tianyi fast sword from advancing ahead.

How much courage and confidence do you need to make such a decision in such a fast battle?

Even if there is only a tiny bit of difference, the swords can instantly be pierced each their bodies but Ding Hao in an instant can actually so accurately capture the high-speed movements of the sword tip, such calm demeanor swordsmanship is making all people in the arena ashamed of their own sword skills.

"Good!" Zhang Fan is cheering like a madman.

"Pretty, Good swordsmanship!" Each and every other disciple in the pavilion, also, cannot help but cheer loudly.

Even Zhuo Yifeng and Wang Xiaoqi and all the other people, also cannot help start jumping while cheering loudly.

ding ding ding ding!!!! 

A series of faint but lingering sounds of a cry from the two swords instantly exploded in the entire pavilion.

On the arena, the Silver light scarlet glow suddenly becomes extinguished and similar to ghost and demons a person shadow twinkled.

Many people become dazzled, Ding Hao and Fang Tianyi had frequently attacked each other many times, they can’t even remember how many strokes to be exact.

clang clang clang!

The sound of the two swords is becoming endless!

In the beginning, people can also clearly see the number of sword impacts in total, perfectly distinguishing each and every stroke done by the opposite party.

Contrary to this, both Ding Hao and Fang Tianyi sword techniques were getting more and more faster and quickly the sound of the sword cry were also rapidly increasing, everyone that was watching was not even able to tell the difference that how many times had they clashed with other.

All the disciples in the pavilion can only see a bright red and a silver sword light flashing on the arena at present, such as some crackling meteorites suddenly burst out and as if a sparkling wisp of the deep red sky, all this are constantly shaking the vision of many disciples unceasingly.  

"Such fearful strength!"

"How in the world did they practice this kind of sword techniques ﹍﹍?"

"It turns out that there is such type of geniuses in this world!"

Everyone is watching the battle in the arena while holding their breaths, they all are very shocked in their hearts plus at the same time, there is also a bit of frustration.

Even the arrogant Zhuo Yifeng is no exception.

Everyone was shocked by the earth-shaking sword skills shown by both Ding Hao and Fang Tianyi, now there is only one thing in their mind, if they were the ones on the arena facing Ding Hao’s such fearful swordsmanship, let alone counterattack, they are most afraid that they can’t even respond to even a single strike of Ding Hao.

The gap is really too big.

This shows that there is not even a bit of injustice when previously Zhuo Yifeng was defeated in a single lightning strike.

For a while, even the ten disciples selected by the beard Head Teacher Wang Juefeng, in this instance had a bit of change in their complexion.

On the arena.

"Ha Ha, good sword moves! And a perfect opponent! I am really happy!" Ding Hao shouts loudly.

Rusted Sword in his hands, then it turned into a glowing scarlet glow, madly howls out of blue, such as a Divine Dragon wriggling his tail, a strange charm suddenly had been produced by the sword.

Fang Tianyi is definitely a good opponent.

This is the first time for Ding Hao after his big accomplishment in his [Quick Cross Sword] technique, to perfectly display his sword technique while battling his opponent.

Moreover, it is different from Song Jiannan sword skills, Fang Tianyi swordsmanship is very quick but not crafty, it is very overbearing but does not have a slight demonic charm, it is very fierce but not that sinister, at the same time it is cold but not gloomy, all this is enough to show that this Fang Tianyi, although gives a very uncomfortable feeling of coldness he is definitely a light candid youth.

Because his heart is in his sword techniques.

What kind of a person he is to practice this kind of sword move.

"You are good, too." In Fang Tianyi heart, a little excitement had also emerged.

clang clang clang clang!!!!!!

The two swords constantly hit with each other and shook the eardrums of everyone.

Ding Hao heart is pounding very rapidly, he is completely immersed in the world of his sword move, the loud cheering had also gradually disappeared from his ear, his eyes are only present at his opponent, his both eyes, closely are observing every single sword momentum of the opponent's sword, finally he found out what truly Fang Tianyi swordsmanship gradually is.

Some fuzzy information gradually became clear in Ding Hao’s mind.

His understanding regarding the sword is also increasing.

At the side.

The beard Head Teacher Wang Juefeng faintly smiles seeing this, it is very hard to conceal the surprised deep within his eyes.

"It seems that a person selected by that old monster Qi Qingshang is really a valuable candidate, such monstrous talent in comprehension, it’s been about only ten minutes or so, but his sword rhyme unexpectedly had increased to this realm, such fearful development speed, maybe this kid can truly later understand the Sword Intent…,I am also unable to see through this boy, such talent, on top of Divine Rank Attribute, why are you still listed at the top 100 in the rankings, who was that son of a bitch that was responsible for committing such a huge mistake."  

Head Teacher Wang Juefeng still is unable to comprehend.

When he raised his head to looked up, he felt even more surprised.

When his eyes swept by the arena, he knew that this was a somewhat thrilling battle for all the disciples and everybody knows in the next three moves, the battle must reach its end.

But, this time, he guessed wrong.


A sound of sword cry past by from the two swords.

Fang Tianyi body in a flash, retreated seven or eight steps back, taking his sword to stand still, then with slightly distorted breathing, he admits:"I lost."

 Actually, with his own initiative, he admitted his defeat?

As for the beard head teacher suddenly become startled, then nodded, then looked one at Fang Tianyi and secretly thought: the boy with the surname Fang, you had some good eyes, he knew somewhat, what was going to happen next.