Blade and Sword God Sovereign


Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 2


Magnificent New World 

After his surprise Din Hao happened to  notice his longsword as it vibrates , he poses the same stance once more to practised again this sword technique moves.

His sword light shones , a sword momentum again reappears .

Facts have proved that everything happened is not an illusion.

This time, Ding Hao trained Sep­a­rate Light, Open Ice, Lift Clouds, Pur­sue Windsthese four sword arts  completes more easily, from start to finish is simply at one go, his blood boils , the sword might roses suddenly one time more and more sound is coming from the rusted sword just like leaves uncovered the glowing red , continuously .

At this point he has been able to grasp 100%, not only completely grasp the essence of these four types, and even he has a better understanding of these four arts,also it  has reached at a peak level.

"This is really strange, don't tell me because of the crossed over , myself changes unexpectedly become a peerless genius? ."

 Thinking it over , it seems this is the only explanation .

 It seems that  his soul from earth and  soul of this world unexpectedly has a fusion , resulting  a birth of peerless talent .

This discovery made Ding Hao have more confidence for the arrival of upcoming Sect examination which is only half a month later .


So long as he can  enter In­quir­ing Sword Sect, can ob­tain the professional guidance of most ex­pert martial arts , but can also learn var­i­ous Divine pro­found art and Mar­tial Dao tech­nique , towards the idea Ding Hao feels close to the grasp of his own destiny.

Looking at the time it is still early , Ding Hao is not anxious to return , start to make use of the time , he practices with the sword in the cleansing sword pool .

Within a half hour , he is completely immersed in an extremely mysterious condition .

As the sword momentum becomes faster and faster Ding Hao whole body sent out a massive quantity of heat , his blood is rapidly boiling , is similar to flowing of rivers and streams in his blood vessels was getting quicker and quicker along with the sword momentum , to ordinary people the line of sight of the rusty sword trajectory is getting difficult to capture. Finally Ding Hao with his rusty sword covered with streaming hot white steam , his sword light shines as it looks utmost beautiful.

This mysterious condition has continued for an entire double hour .

Finally his whole body is aching and is exhausted , making him to stop.

At this time Ding Hao has realised another issue.

Regarding a powerhouse , besides having unusual amount of strength , but also is in need of outstanding body conditions.

However the body of Ding Hao , not only his meridians are poor , because since he did not have any cultivation method to cultivate to produce inner qi  his meridians are withering gradually .

Moreover , as he now has been 14 years old , his meridians have almost developed , at present his fleshly body intensity , is more poor than that of a normal person. Just is more powerful than of a ordinary person.

After the practise of sword arts movements , his whole body once entered the most profound typeEn­ter­ing Di­vine Con­di­tion,is equal to transferring whole body physique and muscle in revolving coordinately  at present Ding Hao current body can only maintain a limit of double hour.


Surpassing this time boundary will affect the muscles being sore which is hard to withstand.

Forcefully practising with the sword  will eventually bring damaged to the body.

 It is not good, al­though the  power is really as­ton­ish­ing, but this Body constitutions , is  too weak, be­fore 14 years old , the previous owner has not built its good foun­da­tion, later mine Mar­tial Dao's Path, feared will s be­come ex­cep­tion­ally dif­fi­cult, if half a month later I wanted to enter In­quir­ing Sword Sect through the test it is  also to be very  dif­fi­cult, it seems like i needs to think  of the means to shortly pro­moted ** the body in­ten­sity, the best way is of the use of spirit medicine nourishing as it is the  best choice but sigh , sigh what a pity……”

It is said endless continent is a world filled with miracles truly has many wonderful treasure to change ones meridian and increase the talent , people can reborn with some divine treasures.

How­ever, these things are re­ally ex­tremely pre­cious rare, only the big sects to have , is ex­tremely like \a dream for the poor Ding Hao little fella.

 “can there be any other ways”

 Ding Hao frowns , in frustration he searches his memory.

 After a long time his eyes glimmer one bright as day , as  he has thought of something…..

However immediately at once reveals the hesitant colour , because he has to go to that place , really must have enough courage to face a very big danger , maybe there is also a risk of death.

“ although it is a  little dangerous but this is the final opportunity if a person is dead bird if did not die this year he must strive for the riches and honour for this he must honourably faces the dangers , Fight…”

A little of thought Ding Hao has clenched his jaws had made a firm resolution .

In His past life he is a extremely fellow hoodlum , so what if he crossed over , his present mental disposition still does not change  as of his past .

At this time, the distant sun is soon about to set.

The bloody coloured sunset glows spread throughout the world , shines extremely beautiful Inquiring Sword Sect Mountain at distant place is piercing the clouds looks especially imposing , the overlapping pavilions made up of beautiful jade , the continuous long pavilion corridor , the training grounds and palace houses made of green encirclement , looks absolutely stunning as if feels to take a quick look once more around it , will miss a chance if failed to praise  its beauty .

 After some time he had made up his mind , Ding Hao whole body is relaxed , looks at the mountain sect view, he cannot help but raise the corner of his mouth grinning badly .

 “time is almost up , I should go back “


Look toward the sky sunset feels as it is a picture .

Ding Hao ties up his rusted sword to his back , then started walking down on mountain road .

He was carrying the tools to clean the mountain base on his shoulder , feeling slightly comfortable , lying around Cleans­ing Sword Pool, he starts following the stone steps , goes step by step . he quick arrived at Inquiring Sword Sect before the mountain base .

Walking in the middle of the ancient looking old  buildings filled with fragrance, verdant ancient  trees and  magnificent stone statue , big  stone hall and d a young man wearing Inquiring Sword Sect disciples clothing were brushing pass by Ding Hao  he was feeling, as if Walking in the past costume magic soap opera  in general, feels that it is a dream no t some real feeling .

At this moment  there is a massive Inquiring Sword Sect disciples are gathered at the front square announcement area unexpectedly .

 Sound of clamouring  suddenly came .

 “Hmm exactly what happened  in the end ?  it seems very lively lets take a look .”

"Ahh junior disciple do you know that unexpectedly The Nine Great Sects of Snow Providence younger generation [Snow Providence Four Quick Swords ] had reached an arrangement in Thousand Frigid Peaks to comparerd the sword moves ? Those disciples whose sword can comparably be quick and sharp ,the forever the better , continuously fighting for ten days and ten nights,will be decided which one is most powerful . Now all the Sects and Schools disciples are discussing on this matter."

 "Re­ally ? Our In­quir­ing Sword Sect Guan Feidu Se­nior Dis­ci­ple Brother, was known as One Sword Pur­sue Winds, Also is Snow Province Four Quick Swords , it is said he is currently at Seven Open­ings Mar­tial Mas­ter Realm, with such strength, be able to grab  Four Quick Swords First Po­si­tion?”


" hmm you are right, the Guan Feidu Se­nior Dis­ci­ple Brother nat­ural tal­ent is re­mark­able, hisIce Heart Sword Art con­sti­tu­tionis  is one in a thousand is extremly rare , able to win  Four Quick Swords First Title, but what a pity......”

 "What to be a pity? don't tell me Guan Feidu  Se­nior Dis­ci­ple Brother let it slip ? "

 "This ac­tu­ally, Se­nior Dis­ci­ple Brother Guan had de­feated Thun­der Sound School Thun­der Sound Quick Sword Zhao Wuya, Bright Heart Moun­tain Vil­lage One Sword's Bright Heart Ming Feifan as well as Edge of Life Sect Dual Swords, Sin­gle Shadow Feng Taicang, it as­pires us to seize the head of Four Quick Swords, mak­ing the  other three peo­ple bow their head to admit de­feat, who knows that just fin­ished in com­paring  swords, a 14-year-old white-clothed hand­some beau­ti­ful young­ster, sud­denly ap­peared in Thou­sand Frigid Peaks......”

"a white-clothed young­ster? Is he only 14 years old?”

"Yes, it is said this young­ster is  peer­less rare Tal­ent, his strength is im­mea­sur­ably deep, he asked for the chal­lenge, First Sword de­feated Guan Feidu Se­nior Dis­ci­ple Brother, the Sec­ond sword  move has de­feated Four Quick Swords to completely , then he laughed off , and float­ingly  left!”

"This can't be happening ? Which Sects  dis­ci­ple this young­ster belongs to ,it is so mon­strous?”

"Some peo­ple guessed that this young­ster is  pos­si­bly is a rare Tal­ent that Snow Province First Sects and Schools Clear Peace In­sti­tute passed on a while ago,Di­vine ChildMu Tianyang..”

 Dis­cus­sions passed to the ear of Ding Hao.

This is in­deed one splen­did in­com­pa­ra­ble world , has filled with in­fi­nite pos­si­ble Geniuses .

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