Blade and Sword God Sovereign


Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 1


Appear In An Unfamiliar World

“Pff  father , I really  crossed over?  Moreover I took possession of someone with same surname as of me, and even in the body of a juvenile ? ”

Ding Hao sits in Cleansing Sword Poolside looked down at the handle of the broken rotten black rust sword in his hands , and looked at the reflection of a handsome delicate face in the water that produces an inverted image, he stayed frozen for more than a doublehour , but still it is a little unbelievable .

He clearly remembers that last night he and his gang of scoundrels friends to go out to eat simple casual food to celebrate high their school graduation , imaging themselves getting into the university as they were reminiscing about their three years of poverty  and hardship given friendship as everyone was excited drinking until they were drunken unconsciousness. He clearly remembers  when he try to open his eyes with great difficulty to clear his head , he was suddenly was dead frozen as he discovered himself arriving in an strange world .

Confused for a long good while, Ding Hao knows that this matter already couldn't be changed , he reluctantly convinced himself to accept this fact .

Do not know why he was not reluctant to part regarding his former life of earth. Infact Ding Hao was feeling  a deep sense of excitement  beyond description. As if he was a newborn baby found a new toy , he even feel a little too calm Mentality. He accepted this unfamiliar new world with his new identity.

Perhaps the soul deep place within the body of previous owner is not willing to settle the previous trouble caused by it.

In the past hour , he has been completely completed the memories of the previous owner as he now know a lot of thing of this world

This world is called Endless Continent , the strong is respected, there are sects and schools in great numbers . altogether humans and monsters dominate this world. 

Ding Hao is in the Inquiring Sword Sect , a Eight Class Sword Cultivation Sect Faction , located in Endless Continent Northern Wastelands . There are snow province boundary in total One Court, Two Villages, Three Schools and Three Sects. One of the Nine Great Human Factions occupies Inquiring Sword Mountain surrounding several hundred li(0.5km), there are ten thousand Outer-Desciples , experts like clouds in sky , geniuses comes forth in a large numbers since the faction has been, The Sect has more than 1500 years of history.

As a powerful and prominent big Sect , to maintain the image of Sect mountain is naturally very important .

But what on the contrary is ,  even if a person can escape through flying in the skies or escaping from a group of experts he must eat or drink to stay alive , therefore  to clean the mountain roads the Sects have provided  great importance , but Martial Practitoner cannot waste time on to clean these mess , therefore Inquiring Sword Sect has extremely huge Logistics Groupfor these issues.

Ding Hao is not Inquiring Sword Sect disciple.

Rather a member of Logistics Group.

To be even more accurate he is responsible for cleaning the base of the mountain everyday like a little servant.

In his memory before fusing , a strange point is that before ten year-old his memory is actually blank.

He does not know who the parents are , does not know why he appears in the Inquiring Sword Sect mountain .

The only memory about family member he has of that winter when his less than 5 years old younger sister , Ding Hao was 11 years old, he goes out for completing the duty for the day, does not when a group of people noticed him and they carried off by a  mysterious formidable white-clothed female , even does not left the trace.

Therfore  after 11 years old starts , Ding Hao has become a orphan .

In this world the strong is respected , becoming strong is a dream of every juvenile , Ding Hao is no exception.

Let alone , he wants to go out of Inquiring Sword Sect , walks in the wilderness where are Monsters and Demons , must seek the missing younger sister , must have a formidable military force so he can protect his younger sister.

Unfortunately , his meridians are small , talent is limited , Innate Aptitude is really poor , starting from the age of 10 he began to participate in the Annual Sect Examination to the age of 14 years of old , altogether he participated 4 times but cannot meet the most basic test , to become the Inquiring Sword Sect Outer Disciple.

According to his memory , in a half month the Inquiring Sword Sect opens the mountain gate to recruit Disciples .

The memory in his mind also told Ding Hao , that this year will be the last opportunity for him to enter the Sect .

Because according to Inquiring Sword Sect rules , Disciples cannot be recruited over 14-years old .


This world has an a unbreakable truth : if a person before the age of 15 years cannot pass the basic test to enter the Sect , then it only shows that the talent is really poor  and he misses the Dao of Martial Arts , Then it is better to be an ordinary person .

“Fuck , I just have half  month's preparation time?"

Ding Hao thinking of this , spontaneously arises a sense of urgency .

He crossed over to a unfamiliar world ,where there are Monsters and Demons , Powerhouses stands in great numbers , if  you cannot become to do anything , can only be at the lowest level , does not have any dignity and feelings of the life and death cannot be controlled , like an ant trampling upon you .

This kind of miserable situation , for Ding Hao might as well slit open the neck to go to reincarnate to escape from this life.

Thinking of this , a sense of crisis emerged in Ding Hao heart.

He knows himself must take some action immediately , to control onself destiny .

Therefor Ding Hao stands erect in Cleansing Sword Pool. He ponders over a very long time  , closed both eyes , in his mind memories of Sword Technique appears , he clearly wanted to find a clue to become stronger.

Suddenly his eye opens , a light shines in them as of he has thought of something .

In his hand the rusty stained longsword shakes slightly , a sword moves appears , this sword move is extremely skilled .

In the past 14 years , although he clearly only sweep the floor like a little servant , but as an Inquiring Sword Sect the Sword Cultivator Great Sect he is one of the staffmember ,  long term being influenced by what he sees and hears , he practise this Body has clearly remembered secretly some extremely shallow Entry Grade Sword Move Styles .

Therefore Ding Hao at this time according to memory , thought these sword moves were similar that he practise by himself thousands of times the same and he is very skilful.

This set of foundation  self-defense sword method of Inquiring Sword Sect is divided into 16 moves .

The first twelve move does not  have any positive result , the latter four moves are actually exquisite , naming  Separate Light, Open Ice, Lift Clouds With Pursue Winds, if these sword moves are used several common robust man are unable to appear close to body .

Ding Hao heart not gets off the main subject , in the memory according to his mind , a sword technique appears .

Even he himself did not think that, actually soon entered a very magical state.

If someone see him at this time ,  certainly will call out in alarm , because well-known Inquiring Sword Sect last Four Sword Technique that Ding Hao performs unexpectedly the movement are elegant and unconventional . A bit dusty atmosphere , especially to the most exquisite of the last four sword techniques moves , among them the movements are elegantly close , may follow seamless , a sword quick as sword .

Finally the pale red rusted sword change into a group of red light at his side swift and fierce .


The rusted sword sound comes out of the blue , the shock cause Ding Hao to stand still .

On his delicate face appear several points of surprised color .

"It felt strange , in my beforehand memory , this set of sword technique latter four types is extremely difficult to grasp , the former host of the body , spends more than two years to practice surely cannot grasp thoroughly , but when I thought a  moment ago all is very simple , as long as i recall the sword style in my mind , this body can mastered it completely ."

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