Blade and Sword God Sovereign


Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 19

November 6, 2017

Vol 1, Chapter 19: Holding A Sword And Presenting It To A Beauty

TL: Godspell

"Hey, don't look at me like that, I am serious, haha, what do you think of my elder sister?" She is a Super big Beauty right, Oh, if you are interested in her, maybe I can be of help.” This Little Girl had become a bit angry pouting toward her big sister who is sitting under the tree at a distant place, angrily has gnawed on Ding Hao's meat patty, bitting it in a big mouthful and her chubby little small hands quick like lightning had grabbed another meat patty and very quickly had started working on eating the Second meat patty.

Ding Hao is Speechless.

This little ponytail girl sure is naughty enough.

To be honest, Ding Hao reason before to help was, because of not seeing the arrogance or the overbearingness of Li Yiruo is an aspect, but because of the those stubborn beautiful pair of eyes of these girls, which are full of stubbornness and due to their weakness, same like Ding Hao these two sisters are also bound by a common destiny, which had stir out his heartstrings making Ding Hao remember the difficult hardships that he and Ding Ke'er had suffered as they were also bound by a common destiny similarly, therefore he had risked to pulled out the fierce appearance of a disciple of the Inquiring Sword Sect to get rid of this matter.

However, Ding Hao also does not favor this mysterious young girl, that she can pass the test to enter the Inquiring Sword Sect.

Basically first, she had not studied any Martial arts, her Body is also very weak, compared with the previous Ding Hao, she is still well below in overall strength basically there is no hope.

The fate of the sisters will become even more miserable in the upcoming days.

When he was thinking, from behind he can hear a gentle sound of footsteps, the mysterious young girl has washed herself in the water of the pond, wearing the long gown that Ding Hao had given her, walking barefoot out from behind the big tree.

Ding Hao had subconsciously looked back, letting him frozen at the spot.

Behind the tree, a beautiful to the extreme a young girl leisurely walked out.

Originally the dirt which had all mixed in her hair making it look like a patch of grass previously, had all washed off after washing it with the water her hair had turned into a pitch-black mild-mannered soft long hair, hanging totally wet, is hanging till her waist, the clean and transparent water droplet are sparkling out from her hair, reflecting a rich and diverse colors from her hair, fairly is similar to World most perfect White Jade although a little thin, but it is actually very hard to conceal that smiling face of this beautiful woman, this smile which could easily destroy even a country, this peerless appearance. 

Because the clothes which Ding Hao wore is slightly longer than the young girl personal appearance, therefore after wearing from between the collar has revealed a little slightly fairly white skin such as white as jade, her collarbone is similar to a semi-transparent jade, really does not have a slight defect. 

The gray Chinese-style robe had concealed all her scars, a red pair of feet, her white dazzling skin, her exquisite toe which is attractive to extreme, the arc of her ankle area and legs which are  exquisitely suffocating, gently stepping out on the soft green lawn, she is really beautiful similarly as if she does not belong to this world.

Ding Hao thinks after the increase in his strength and after cultivating, his mentality had also greatly increased, but at this moment, he can’t help but looked at her.

The mystical young girl seeing Ding Hao's such dumbfounded expression like this, deep within her eyes, flashed a hint of a slightly delighted color.

"Elder Brother, Elder Brother......” the twin braids ponytail Little Girl, grinningly reached out her little chubby small finger, pointing at Ding Hao mouth at present makes an effort to shake, seeing his weasel-like expression she can't help but said: "Hello, hey, pervert, the saliva is flowing on the ground." 

"Uh ..." Ding Hao finally came back to his senses.

The mysterious young girl came over and gently saluted to Ding Hao, opening her red lips slightly saying: "Many thank, Young Master for your help and for the clothes as well, we will always remember your kindness." Saying this, she stretched her slender arms then pointing her finger at the little girl, she had knocked on the forehead of sheep's-horn braids little baby gently, ridicules saying:"This small monkey, is really mischievous!"

Covering her forehead the little girl discontentedly, teasingly said: "Elder Sister, this is likely not an ordinary day when a man will court you."

This little girl simply is precocious to the pole of the demon.

After some time.

The three of them sat beside the edge of the cleansing sword pool.

After Ding Hoa spoke to them in detail about the Inquiring Sword Sect procedure of recruiting a disciple and just before leaving. he had taken his dry food out and completely had given to the two sisters, thinking a bit he also had left behind 52 tales of silver and kindly had said:"Miss if you really want to enter into the Inquiring Sword Sect, I am only afraid there are going to be a lot of difficulties, these silver please take them, if you come back after climbing the mountains, with this you can rent a house at the outlying hill to live and stay there for some time."

After that, Ding Hao turned around and walked away.

By chance, they had met each other, but can only be predestined friends, Ding Hao himself is just a little sweeper, he himself can only sweep the floor like a little servant and nothing more, he can only take care of these two pitiful sisters only to this extent.

This mysterious young girl is indeed beautifully astonishing, charming and beautiful, but Ding Hao is not that kind of man when seeing a beauty he will become, he wanted to become stronger wholeheartedly, standing at the top, to control his destiny, naturally he cannot have anything to try to attempt to a young girl.

So simply is leaving without saying goodbye, let the young girl and her older sisters two people be thoroughly impressed holding Ding Hao in high esteem.

The sheep's-horn braids Little Girl sparks a strange brilliance in her big black eyes. 

After some hesitation, the mysterious girl looking at the departing figure of Ding Hao finally mustered her courage to speak in a soft voice “Young Master my name is Xie Jieyu.”

Even she did not know, why at this time she will tell him her name, to a total stranger whom she had just had some casual acquaintance.

Ding Hao halt for a moment, immediately laughed, then left in big strides.

Xie Jieyu?

Really pleasant to hear and a very unique name.

But looking at Ding Hao departing back which is extremely unrestrained, the beautiful eyes of the young girl are getting more and more bright.

Sunset like blood, behind the mountains, completely looks like a picture, a handsome young boy slowly drifting going far away.

This intoxicant picture, unknowingly why had firmly engraved in the young girl's heart deep within the place.

Time flies by.

In a blink of an eye, three days past by.

Finally, the mountain gates to enter Inquiring Sword Sect gets opened, the time has come to recruited new disciples.

On this day, Ding Hao had to get up very early, washed his face, had practiced one set of sword techniques, after making up his mind, he had left the slum area passing by many people.

The mist in the morning is really dense and there are sweet chirpings of the bird.

Reaching the mountain hill of Inquiring Sword Sect, at this time the area at the sect gate is already very lively, people are coming and going, a perfect clamoring noisy scene.

Inquiring Sword Sect is about thousand li(500 km) wide, it is the biggest Martial Dao Sect in the Snow Provinence.

Countless young people with extraordinary ability today had come to join the sect.

Therefore, there are many people with many extraordinary abilities are participating in the Entering Sect Examination, in addition they had come under the protection of their family bodyguards, today many major influences had come from across from the Snow Provine to attend the ceremony, in addition to the Inquiring Sword Sect's disciples and other small organization personnel also had come...... All kinds of people are bustling about today.

All of them are waiting at the mountain gates, after a long cry from a bell was sounded the Entering Sect Examination had formally started.

Ding Hao did not stay in front of the mountain cliff but arrived all the way to the base of the mountain beside the Cleansing Sword Pool.

After spending an hour, finishing his daily day duty for cleaning the Cleansing Sword Pool, also at the side of the pool earnestly training with the sword for an hour, he jumps in Cleansing Sword Pool to take a bath happily, putting on a long clean gown, adjusted his optimum condition of his own body, then returned on to follow the mountain road, and had walked toward the Inquiring Sword Sect outlying hill.

When he arrived at the square gate of the sects, after receiving the sects ceremony which had gone for more than an hour.

In the gigantic square area, a lot of people had gathered, sounds of clamoring are all going on around.

Inquiring Sword Sect's Examination, evolves after more than 1000 years of development, which is quite systematic, it is divided into Skeletal Age Examination, Attribute Examination and meridians test, Comprehension Examination, Physique Examination and Perseverance Examination six major exams, each is carried out by a special disciple and an Elder from the Inquiring Sword Sect, and is divided into certain test points, these test are extremely quick.

At a moment ago after one hour had passed of starting of the test, over several thousand of youngsters that had come to join the Inquiring Sword Sect, were eliminated heartlessly.