Blade and Sword God Sovereign


Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 14

Sword God Sovereign v1c14

October 9, 2017

Vol 1, Chapter 14: White Clothed Young Maiden

TL: Godspell


Under the bright silver moonlight, a bunch of scarlet-red sword lights was suddenly producing and sometimes extinguishing, tumbling back and forth, the sword qi increasing madly, using it freehand with ease, leaving the dust floating around him, Ding Hao movement was going from slow to fast, again then from extremely fast to extremely slow, his whole body is immersed in this mysterious condition. 

In a Blink of an eye, two hours went past by, the moon also has fully lit up in the sky.

Ding Hao's movement, can't seem to be any slower from his previous movements.

It's like watching a movie in slow motion, with a charm in it.

If someone people are to stare at the path of this rusted sword, not even for a moment they can withstand it, surely they will get themselves exhausted, getting themselves fainted from making their brain dizzy directly landing on the ground.

This sword momentum has gone beyond far from an ordinary sword Technique.

What is, even more, rarer Ding Hao before likely has not practiced in the profound qi use, but his profound qi seed is stimulating perfectly with a perfect image being crystal clear and becoming nearly transparent. 


Receiving his rusted sword Ding Hao nodded satisfactorily.

"In the past, as long as I practice the sword techniques continuously for more than 10 times, I will always feel slightly sleepy, also I am always unable to suppress the sweat releasing from my body, I will always felt that I am somewhat losing my energy abnormally from the body. But now basically, I am able to lock down the energy within my body, continuing practicing the sword techniques for full three hours, for all this only just slightly sweating, and moreover, I am not a bit feeling exhausted ...... Perhaps this is the secret that comes out from  stimulating ones [Profound Qi Seed]?"

Ding Hao slowly understands the mysteries of Profound Qi.

In the record, according to [Guiding Qi] manual, this time Ding Hao, has been able to produce his profound qi, by directly forcing through his body first meridians called [Martial Dao First Yin Meridian], thus stepping in the Martial Apprentice Realm officially. 

However Ding Hao has not actually continued. 

[Guiding Qi] manual after is also one of the most popular Martial, he did not know what mysteries did this contain, Ding Hao want to become a true Powerhouse he must certainly stand on the top, so he must cultivate a better cultivation method, after officially joining the Inquiring Sword Sect, he also needs to study a Human Step Mid Grade [Extreme Profound Inquiring Sword Sensing Qi]  technique, this is the best choice for him right now. 

After all, practicing superior breathing profound art techniques can let you build up a solid foundation, to builds a solid foundation for the future Martial Dao advancement. 

Moreover, after achieving Quasi Martial Apprentice Realm, he can easily be passed in the Inquiring Sword Sect's Entering Sect Assessment, without any issue. 

As of now, Ding Hao had grasped two sets of sword techniques, and now what he lacks is actual combat experience and a method to train his body. 

He took out his secret manual [Swan Step] of an ordinary Human grade technique from his bosom and began reading it.

The so-called Swan Step, the meaning of his name is full of surprises, according to this manual, if this is practised to its pinnacle, then the body can dance similarly like a quick sword, multiplies the power, only after if it has reached its pinnacle, this move can execute within a second, this is what a lower grade of the human rank cultivation method is.

Time goes by quickly.

Ding Hao is completely immersed in the pleasure of cultivation, he now simply looks like a frantically pilgrimage believer. concentrating totally in his cultivation, felling an unprecedented joy.



In the next few days, the days were really peaceful.

In addition to the daily cleaning of the mountain under the [Cleanising Sword Pool] around, Ding hao had spent all the time, to cultivate.

Practicing Foundation Sword Method and the [Quick Cross Sword] to its pinnacle, but also getting quite skillful in [Swan Step].

Ding Hao had also discovered some clues, about his own understanding regarding his swordsmanship maybe he can call himself a Monster, but regarding his mastering, the body and movements techniques his talent is still a little inferior when compared to his talent in swords, but still, he is a genius. 

As for that broken blade manual, Ding Hao has not pulled out to cultivate. 

After he is officially entered in the Inquiring Sword Sect, then he will cultivate it. 

The time flies quickly, in an instant, the day has finally arrived where the disciples from the Inquiring Sword Sect are opening the sect's gate to recruit new Disciple's.

These days, there are a large number of young people walking at the sect's gate under the protection of their families and guards, climbing up to reach the gate, prepares to participate in Inquiring Sword Sect's Examination. 

As the biggest Human Sect Faction within a surrounding radius of thousands of miles, to these young people the Inquiring Sword Sect looks very attractive at the moment, and once every year there will be a grand ceremony for receiving these disciples.

Naturally, the life of those humans living in poor ordinary condition, coming here is very difficult for them.

Because they must pass through several wildernesses all the way, coming here is full of dangerous for them. 

Ominous Beast Monster living in the wilderness may swallow or attack them during their journey on the road, only then those Great Clan and big cities young master can come here.

These several young masters had come here under the protection of their families with their reliable guards, crossing this dangerous wilderness, after reaching here the protection of these young people are all arranged by the Inquiring Sword Sect.  

Ding Hao from childhood likely had grown in Inquiring Sword Sect mountain. All the poor people living in the sect, have some congenital advantage over these poor people, a slight exception. 


In this day, a bright sun shining brightly with a gentle breeze flowing around, looking very beautiful. 

At the base of the mountain [Cleansing Sword Pool], Ding Hao had just practiced one set of Sword Techniques. 

At this moment, suddenly there are some sounds of a group of horses thundering coming from a mountain road at the distant place, making dust flying everywhere. 

Soon a team of about twenty to thirty people of strong knights, wearing a sharp looking armor, their facial expression look swift and fierce, rushing out from the woods, coming toward his side, their speed is extremely fast, in an instant arriving at the side of Cleansing Sword Pool. 


The one who shouted is a 13 -year-old boy with jade like lips, a handsome and full of liveliness looking face. This youth waved his hand, reaching out to the Knights to stop their marching horses.

"Hello, little brother, can you tell us, where is the Inquiring Sword Sect is?" the young boy asked Ding Hao, raising his horsewhip, posturing himself in a commanding position to ask. 

"OK." Ding Hao nodding his head agreed. 

These days a number of people come to visit the mountain, there are some people more arrogant than this boy. Moreover, this group of riders demeanor looks valiant, their strength does not seem to be weak, this gentleman does not want to form a deadlock with these dangerous looking guys, so there is no need to place himself in danger.

"We are traveling on from the morning, let's rest here for a moment, then we will continue climbing the mountains.

The handsome and spirited young man dismounted his horse to stand down on the ground, and tossing the reins to the knight behind him to take care of his horse, he quickly arrived at the side of the Cleansing Sword Pool to wash himself with the crystal clear water of this underground beautiful lake, turning around laughingly saying: "From here on this is the territory of the Inquiring Sword Sect, so there will be no dangers from getting attacks by the Monster Beast, we can finally rest with ease, Chen Wu, set up the tents, lets temporarily set up a camp here, cousin Yiruo, will also be able to rest properly can easily wash away her fatigue"

The burly bearded man is called Chen Wu, shouting in a loud voice commanding all the other knights to begin building up the tents quickly.

Slowly from the crowd, a girl wearing a pure white long dress walked out, suddenly around Ding Hao, everything around him seemed to lose all the colors. 

This young girl is probably about 14 to 15-year-old. 

Her eyes are like a liqueur, her curved face is perfect to extreme, her nose looks quite smooth, her cherry lip is completely rosy, full of temptation as if inviting him, her skin is so white such as a pure Jade which cannot be broken, her shiny jet black long hair, wearing a white Chinese style dress, there is a kind of temptation, as if all the people around him are shrouded in a white haze, at such beautiful level this all seems to be unreal to him.