Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Large Fire

Mo Wen Xuan did not immediately get up but glanced at his teacher before slowly walking out from behind the screen. Looking at that guard, he knitted his brows: “What has happened in Prime Minister fu?”

He didn’t care the slightest bit about Su Shi Chang’s family.

He rather hoped Su Shi Chang’s entire family would be exterminated.

Although he whole-heartedly like Su Meng Ru, it was just that he liked her beauty.

Right now, he actually felt that it would have been better to marry Su Qi Qi back then. At least she had more intelligence than Su Meng Ru.

Then some things he wouldn’t have to face alone.

Although that Su Meng Ru also has some small schemes and tactics, but they were too inferior to show in public. She had no way to accomplish great things.

Towards Su Qi Qi, Mo Wen Xuan was truly becoming more and more interested.

As long as they succeed this time, he was thinking, perhaps he could try something again.

The guard also was not panicked and knelt: “A large fire broke out in the Prime Minister’s fu, the entire back courtyard has been burned to ashes. Madam Su…… has perished in the flames.”

“What?” Mo Wen Xuan’s expression could no longer stay natural as he suddenly slapped the table and stood up. Furiously shouting, his expression instantly turned green: “Someone come. Prepare the palanquin. Head to Prime Minister fu.“

Madam Su perished in the flames!

These six words continuously repeated in his mind, nearly driving him mad. It was not easy for him to finally arrange everything. He was afraid that due to this everything would be ruined.

No matter what he had never expected for that weak woman to choose this method to end everything.

With this, Su Qi Qi no longer had to feel torn.

At the same time, Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen who were in Bie Courtyard had also received the news.

The current Su Qi Qi was like a soulless rag doll, lying limply in Mo Wen Chen’s arms. Her eyes were dull as she ruthlessly bit her lower lip. There was already blood dripping down from her mouth: “How could this happen…… Mother…… How could you be so dumb…… Qi Qi has said so before, there would definitely be a way…….”

Seeing Su Qi Qi whose tears unceasingly dropped down, the hands Mo Wen Chen had wrapped around her slightly trembled, yet he couldn’t say a single word. Originally he thought they had already come to a dead end.

He never thought that Xia Xiao Die would die to help her daughter.

He didn’t need to ask anything to know that on this matter Su Qi Qi was standing on his side.

Otherwise, her mother would not choose this method to help her.

His heart felt a bit desolate, the love of fathers and mothers are pitiful and Su Qi Qi was also a very good daughter. She had always been thinking of her mother with all her heart, not sparing anything.

The carriage passed through the large streets very quickly.

At this time, Su Qi Qi was suddenly afraid of going to face it. She suddenly grabbed Mo Wen Chen’s wrist: “Can we…… let’s go back, ok?”

As long as she doesn’t go, she wouldn’t see her mother’s corpse and will feel that she’s still alive.

“Qi Qi……” This was the first time Mo Wen Chen saw such a helpless Su Qi Qi. The heartache in his eyes could not be concealed. He had always thought he was cold-blooded and had no emotions but at this time, seeing Su Qi Qi, he felt that his heart really hurts. Only now did he know, so it turns out he also had a heart. At least, towards the woman in front of his eyes, his heart was still soft.

He did not want to get involved with anything of the past. Right now, he actually didn’t want to let his woman bear this sort of pain.

“Mo Wen Chen, my mother will be fine, right? It was just a fire……” Su Qi Qi looked straight at Mo Wen Chen, the depths of her eyes clear as water. Tears fell drop by drop, like a broken string of beads.

Ceaselessly dropping down.

Tightening his arms: “Qi Qi, if anything happens, we can face it together…… alright?”

Gentleness that Mo Wen Chen has never had before, with precisely this sort of gentleness he looked at Su Qi Qi as he lifted his hand to help her straighten the mussed hair on her forehead, then used his sleeve to wipe dry her tears.

His finger streaked across her cheek, cool as water.

At this time Su Qi Qi needed a broad shoulder to lean on, and Mo Wen Chen provided it.

Su Qi Qi whose heart was as dead as ash still felt a bit of warmth. She understood that Xia Xiao Die’s choice was for the sake of letting her live better.

Without Xia Xiao Die to tie her down, Su Qi Qi would no longer have any family worries obstructing her actions.

Ever since she was little she had always been protecting her mother, now, in the end it was her mother who had used her own life to protect her.

Using her fingers to pick out the jade pendant on her neck, Su Qi Qi tightly held it in her palm. Even more tears spilled out. Mother had said so before, she must protect this jade pendant!

Although she never understood why Xia Xiao Die would care about this pendant so much, but she will always keep her mother’s words in mind. 

In this lifetime, there had only been mother who loved her, pampered her. Right now, the sole person that loved her is already gone……

How can she face it?

The carriage stopped in front of Prime Minister fu.

Su Qi Qi did not get off the carriage for a long time. The fire was still burning, the entire Xiang fu was hazy from the smoke. All the servants were rushing around putting out the fire. At some unknown time Su Shi Chang had already rushed back and was currently loudly shouting.

He wanted to rush into the fire to rescue Xia Xiao Die out, this was the only chess piece he had at the moment. But he didn’t have that courage.

Since when did it start, when had he started being fed up with this woman? Once he also had unwavering deep affection for her.

The Second Madam and the other Madams were all standing at one side, their faces did not show much expression change. There were some that wanted to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, but didn’t dare to show it. All these years, even though Xia Xiao Die was not favored, she was still occupying the Big Madam’s position.

Second Madam already could not tolerate her.

Now, finally things can become peaceful and quiet.

Moving his wrist, Mo Wen Chen lightly sat up and gently gave Su Qi Qi who was currently soaking in sadness a shake: “Qi Qi, we’re here. We must at least personally bury your mother.”

This time, Xia Xiao Die also made her choice because of him, Mo Wen Chen.

After hearing Mo Wen Chen’s words, even more tears spilled out from Su Qi Qi’s eyes. The fire had already been burning for a full two hours. She had known, even if she came she wouldn’t be able to see anything.

But she still came.

The flames shone on Su Qi Qi’s face, lighting up her desolate eyes.

The moment she got off the carriage, she pushed aside Mo Wen Chen and rushed into the fire.

Causing all the surrounding people to gasp.

“Qi Qi……” Mo Wen Chen loudly shouted and also hurriedly rushed inside.

He didn’t think Su Qi Qi would have such strength. When he was able to react Su Qi Qi had already disappeared inside the sea of flames without a trace.

Even Su Shi Chang who was standing outside froze.

Thick smoke surged and flames raged towards the sky. Su Qi Qi coughed as she recklessly charged inside. She had grown up here, towards this courtyard, she couldn’t be more familiar.

Even with her eyes closed she would be able to feel her way to her mother’s small courtyard, which was also once her small courtyard.

The fire started from the small courtyard, it had already been burnt beyond recognition.

She didn’t care that flames were starting to ignite on her body, nor did she care about the painfully scorching burns. She wholehearted simply wanted to see her mother.

The wood beams on the roof had already fell one by one. In the open space, a burnt black corpse laid horizontally on the floor. Su Qi Qi’s long hair was already starting catch flame. She slapped the flames as she moved up to tightly hug the corpse on the ground.

At this moment, she had already ran out of tears.

Mo Wen Chen who was following her did not pull Su Qi Qi away out of the fire but followed her the entire way here.

He knew that the current Su Qi Qi would not listen to anything, so just let her go. As long as he was by her side and he didn’t let anything happen to her, it was fine.

Seeing Su Qi Qi tightly hugging Xia Xiao Die’s corpse, Mo Wen Chen lightly turned his face away. The fire continued to burn, a bit ferociously as if it wanted to swallow up everything. The scorching breath wrapped around his entire body, yet Mo Wen Chen did not move and stayed like that, staring across the flames to the distance.

The depths of his eyes reflected the flames, yet they were bloodthirsty and cold.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Scullyhahn