Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Disgrace

Bie Courtyard was still silent as always. Mo Wen Chen was not there, nor was there a trace of his personal bodyguard.

Su Qi Qi looked that this cold and cheerless Bie Courtyard, the uneasiness in her heart growing stronger. It seemed as if it was time for everything to come to an end, yet she didn’t know what the end will be like.

Based on Su Shi Chang’s methods, wanting to fight with Mo Wen Chen was simply a joke. However, Su Shi Chang had a chess piece in his hands, a chess piece she could not refuse to surrender to.

Lifting up the skirt, she treated herself first. There were numerous needles in her knees, some parts were purple and some parts had turned blue-green. They no longer bled anymore, but pulsed with pain that was difficult to bear.

However, this pain didn’t really count as much to Su Qi Qi.

It was just that the hands holding the medicine trembled a bit.

She had promised Su Shi Chang everything. Right now, her heart was still in chaos.

“There was no choice but to agree, isn’t that so……” Su Qi Qi laughed mockingly at herself. If at that time Mo Wen Chen could have appeared, she wouldn’t be in such a difficult situation now.

He clearly knew she was being punished in the praying hall, yet he was completely indifferent. Based on his ability, taking her away from the Empress Dowager’s side shouldn’t be hard.

But he hadn’t done that.

Leaning on the bed frame, Su Qi Qi was a bit exhausted and slowly closed her eyes.

In a deep alley outside the city, Mo Wen Chen and Leng Yan stood in a small courtyard, their expressions ice-cold. Neither of the two spoke and they both carried an air of viciousness and murderous intent. Particularly Mo Wen Chen, those ice-cold pupils could cause the entire world to freeze over.

It was just that, in the depths of those hostile eyes of his, there seemed to be a trace of helplessness.

“Never expected that Castle Master Lei’s whereabouts would be discovered.” Leng Yan lightly sighed. He also had no other choice but to to quickly notify Mo Wen Chen.

Making a fist, Mo Wen Chen did not reply. This time, he knew he was about to fall into Mo Wen Xuan’s hands.

It was only because he was already no longer the Mo Wen Chen of before, because he now had a concern in his heart.

But this concern, he wanted to abandon, yet he actually couldn’t bear to let go.

And now, with this situation he also knew that the person he was concerned about had already fallen into the trap.

He couldn’t do what he promised her to do.

His heart was full of hatred, the veins in his forehead went red with rage. The clenched fist also had protruding veins, his knuckles were even becoming slightly blanched. His face was dark, his pupils deep and serene, yet it was like the calm before a storm. That calmness caused people to feel suffocated.

“Ben wang would like to see if he would be able to be the most absolutely ruthless. If he can’t, then don’t blame ben wang for being heartless.” After a long while, Mo Wen Chen raised his head to look at the sky. The sky was still that blue, clear and clean without impurities, it was his heart that had become incomparably heavy.

He originally did not have the intention to kill Mo Wen Xuan, but he’s been pushed to a dead end.

In that case, he can only disregard flesh and blood family.

“Right now, Castle Master Lei is in their hands. His Majesty…… wants your military power in exchange.” Leng Yan’s voice was steady, but carried a deep worry.

He knew Mo Wen Chen would not abandon his friends.

However to use his military power to exchange, afterwards, what would Mo Wen Chen use to emancipate himself?

He was also extremely upset. If he knew earlier that it would turn out like this, he would have gone with Lei Yu Feng to the Prime Minister fu.

However, this was Mo Wen Chen’s command. He had to obey.

“It’s fine, ben wang will just give him the military power……” Mo Wen Chen smiled, a trace of ruthlessness in the corners of his lips, his eyes a blood-thirsty red.

This time, Mo Wen Xuan has truly cornered him to the point he has become desperate.

“Wang ye……” Leng Yan’s face darkened: “Why not let this subordinate lead some people to seize Castle Master Lei back?”

If Mo Wen Chen no longer had the military power, His Majesty will become even more unbridled. At that time, afraid Mo Wen Chen will die very tragically.

“No need.” Mo Wen Chen waved his hand, still a picture of domineering the entire world without the slightest hint of being in a difficult situation.

The atmosphere was a bit cold. After Mo Wen Chen gave Leng Yan instructions and warned him to be extremely careful, he hurriedly left. He originally wanted to rescue Su Qi Qi and leave the Empress Dowager’s evil clutches, but unexpectedly at this time something suddenly happened to Lei Yu Feng.

He knew that this was Mo Wen Xuan’s trick and also knew he probably wouldn’t make  it in time to save Su Qi Qi at this point.

“Let ben wang believe in you this once.” Mo Wen Chen said softly, looking at the deeply asleep Su Qi QI. He also felt a bit drained.

Coming to the Imperial City this time was definitely dangerous. He had already made preparations early on.

It was just that as soon as they arrive he had already fallen into a disadvantageous position, causing him to be a bit frustrated.

However, he was Mo Wen Chen. Even though he was frustrated, his heart was still calm and unperturbed as before. He will not permit himself to lose too tragically. At least, on the road to the Yellow Springs he would still drag a sacrificial victim with him.

Su Qi Qi did not sleep peacefully. Her brows knitted tightly, the pain from her body caused her to feel uneasy inside her dreams.

And it was coupled with the chill in her heart. Even though she repeatedly told herself she must not hold any hope towards Mo Wen Chen, but when it really got to this point, she still felt despair.

Still felt heartache.

Gently leaning over, Mo Wen Chen raised his hand to lightly smooth out Su Qi Qi’s uneasy, knitted brows. His fingers were a bit rough but his movements were actually very gentle.

He told himself, no matter what Su Qi Qi does, he shouldn’t blame her. This time, it was his fault.

Ceremonial Hall.

Behind the screen, Su Shi Chang was currently in a tangle with the Empress Dowager. Muffled gasps could be heard, causing several palace maids to lower their heads. They had already gotten used to it.

“Xiao Min, that year if you had married me, I would not feel so empty and lonely this lifetime.” Su Shi Chang’s hand wandered on the Empress Dowager’s body. The person had already reached middle-age, but her skin was still white and smooth, causing Su Shi Chang to love it too much to part with it.

“You’re not lonely right now though……” The Empress Dowager’s coquettish eyes were like silk, her arms were wrapped around Su Shi Chang’s neck. In this life, she only loved this one man. But due to an accident arising from many causes, they had been separated for half their lives.

Until the old Emperor passed away and the new Emperor ascended the throne. Only then was she able to change her fate, and only then did she dare to do these clearly improper matters with Su Shi Chang.

She was originally an magnanimous woman, but due to the twenty years of struggles inside the palace, she had become treacherous and murderous, narrow-minded and petty. It was because she bore grudges against the Xia Xiao Die back then that she would have Su Qi Qi and Su Meng Ru switch grooms.

All this was personally brought about by her own hands.

That year, Su Shi Chang also did not object, obeying all that this woman arranged.

Flipping over and pressed the Empress Dowager down, Su Shi Chang vigorously said: “You’re not lonely anymore either, right? Hahaha……”

The sound of low moans and shallow breaths came again.

And there was even the sound of the Empress Dowager protesting coquettishly.

Outside the hall, Mo Wen Xuan’s entire face was frost. His fingers rigidly slammed onto the table, his eyes dark black and his murderous intent intense.

He had already endured it for a long time. But, he had no way to expose all of this.

She is his birth mother.

It was just that recently they seemed to have become even more unrestrained. Su Shi Chang practically stayed in the Ceremonial Hall the entire day. The two brazenly tangled, not even bothering to hide it from the outside palace maids and eunuchs.

Causing him, the Emperor, to lose face.

Thus, all along, he had always seen Su Shi Chang as a needle in his eye, a thorn in his side.

And always wanted to borrow his hand to push Mo Wen Chen to death. On the other hand, that way he could also borrow Mo Wen Chen’s hand to kill Su Shi Chang.

A disgrace like this, he could no longer endure anymore.

Flinging back his sleeves, he strode away from the Ceremonial Hall with large steps. Mo Wen Xuan turned to head towards the study. He must make sure that this time he puts Mo Wen Chen into his grave, causing him to never be able to change his fortunes again.

A person like this, as long as there comes a day he(MWC) could change his fortunes, that would be the day of his(MWX) tragic death.

“Su Qi Qi has already agreed, all that’s left is the last step.” A white bearded old man calmly sat behind the screen in the study. His face was filled with wrinkles, but his eyes were bright and full of spirit.

“Yes, from what teacher sees, this time, what are the odds of success?” Towards this old man, Mo Wen Xuan acted very respectfully. His face already no longer had the anger and coldness of just now.

“Reporting to His Majesty…… An accident has happened at the Prime Minister fu.…..” Just as Mo Wen Xuan was still about to say something, a voice transmitted into the study from outside.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Scullyhahn