Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 35

BBP’s Consort: Chapter 35
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Chapter 35: No Retreat Routes

Su Qi Qi allowed Xia Xiao Die to tightly grip her hand, yet for a long time she didn’t know how to reply to her. Tears involuntarily fell.

“Promise me, as long as you live it’s fine.” Xia Xiao Die saw Su Qi Qi’s hesitation and seemed to have understood something. So it turns out, the Empress Dowager’s decree that was received today was pretty much a death command.

“Mother, don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you.” After a long while, Su Qi Qi took a deep breath and fiercely lifted her head to look towards the arrogant Empress Dowager standing there: “Say it, what do you want me to do?”

Finally coming to a resolution.

The Empress Dowager clapped her hands and the doors were once again pushed open by someone.

The one who entered was actually Su Shi Chang.

A cold light flashed through Su Qi Qi’s eyes as she looked towards Su Shi Chang with a disbelieving expression. She had already realized, three days ago she had already fallen into Su Meng Ru’s trap.

But no matter what she never thought this was actually all set into place by her own father.

To let his own daughter be punished here, to let his own wife act as bait, how could he do this……?

“Daddy ……” Su Qi Qi still called to him: “How could you treat my mother like this?”

Her voice was gloomy but forceful. Her eyes were also frosty, causing people to be unable to look her straight in the eyes.

Su Shi Chang originally wanted to laugh out loud. He had been made a fool of by his own daughter last time, so he thought he would properly teach this girl a lesson. But unexpectedly, the moment he entered he felt like he didn’t quite have enough confidence.

Is this really his own daughter?

That submissive, only daring to speak with a soft voice, always suffering in silence daughter?

The Empress Dowager looked at Su Shi Chang and gave a soft humph. The hair ornaments on top of her head also softly swayed due to this movement, her face was filled with dissatisfaction.

The three of them have once again assembled together. Things have remained the same, but people have changed.

“Your mother…… Humph, you two really are a good pair of mother and daughter.” Seeing the Empress Dowager’s expression, Su Shi Chang hurriedly corrected his expression and shouted in a deep tone: “Xia Xiao Die, don’t use your hypocritical outer appearance to try and deceive me again. I know everything that happened that year.”

Cold light flickered in the depths of his eyes. It seems that year Xia Xiao Die really did do something wicked beyond redemption.

At this time, Xia Xiao Die had no choice but to suffer in silence, having a mouth and finding it hard to speak. This, she simply couldn’t speak it!

Su Qi Qi once again looked towards her own mother and asked with an anxious expression: “Mom, what exactly happened back then?”

“What happened?” The Empress Dowager fiercely approached and shoved Su Qi Qi aside with one hand while swinging her other palm onto Xia Xiao Die’s face: “That year, your mom put sleeping drugs into my food and had someone place me onto the late Emperor’s bed. Then schemed to have Su Shi Chang see that scene…… Then, with no sense of shame you climbed into Shi Chang’s bed……”

Her voice was full of hate. All this, she had no way to forget. It had already been carved into her heart.

Back then, she had treated Xia Xiao Die as her good sister and trusted her wholeheartedly.

In the end, they actually became enemies because of a man. She even secretly plotted against her, and caused her to become a laughingstock. These past years, her days in the palace were not easy at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was able to rely on the honor of giving birth to a son, she was afraid that she wouldn’t even have lived to today.; don’t even mention becoming the set up on high Empress Dowager.

She hated Xia Xiao Die to death, even if she knew that she never obtained Su Shi Chang’s affections.

“No …… impossible ……” Su Qi Qi didn’t dare to believe and forcefully shook her head. Because of the movement earlier, the needles in the grass had completely pierced into her flesh, but she didn’t care about the pain. She doesn’t believe, she doesn’t believe that her mother would be that type of person.

Ever since she could remember, her mother was gentle and virtuous, but timid as a mouse.

How could someone like this do that kind of thing?

And it was just for someone like Su Shi Chang. Was it worth it?

“Qi Qi……” Seeing the blood from Su Qi Qi’s knees flow nonstop, Xia Xiao Die also panicked: “Don’t move…… don’t move…… Everything was wrongs that Mother committed back then, the debts owed eventually have to be repaid……”

Speaking to here, the depths of her eyes seemed to have gathered determination. She lifted her head and for the first time boldly looked towards Su Shi Chang and also towards the Empress Dowager: “One person committed the act, one person will take responsibility. What exactly do you two want? I won’t have a single word of complaint, please don’t make things difficult for my daughter.”

Su Qi Qi looked towards Xia Xiao Die, stunned. Is this really her mother?

Su Shi Chang glanced at Su Qi Qi and didn’t say anything. It was true, Su Qi Qi was his flesh and blood daughter. But because of Xia Xiao Die, for this reason, he did not like this daughter at all.

Furthermore, with wealth and power before him, he would rather sacrifice his daughter before he would sacrifice himself.

At this time, a trace of a smile flashed across his face. That smile was a few parts treacherous, and even more parts cold.

“No matter what we have also been husband and wife for an episode. One day as husband and wife is a hundred days of grace, isn’t it so?” Su Shi Chang put in effort to act out a gentle appearance. Even though he was already middle-aged, but his facial features were still extraordinary and full of righteousness. It can been seen that when he was young he was also an elegant beautiful gongzi, a beautiful youth of the mortal world.

No wonder the two women would fight like this over him.

However, in Su Qi Qi’s eyes, a Su Shi Chang like this was actually frightening.

She had always been able to see things the clearest. At this time, she could also tell that this will definitely be related to Mo Wen Chen.

It was just that at this moment and time, did she even have any roads to retreat to?

If Mo Wen Chen doesn’t appear, she and her mother are caught in a dead end.

While praying from the heart that Mo Wen Chen would appear and rescued her from here, she also told herself to persevere. She, Su Qi Qi, must rely on herself. Rather than relying on someone else, relying on herself was best.

Because Mo Wen Chen had already let her down too many times.

To still harbor hope at this sort of time, it would only be if she was a fool.

Vigilantly staring at Su Shi Chang, Su Qi Qi also had on a calm expression: “Daddy, don’t hesitate to speak. As long as you don’t make things difficult for my mother, daughter will do whatever you wish.”

All the things that had happened these few days were simply just for this sentence.

“Qi Qi…… I ……” Xia Xiao Die also understood everything and looked at her daughter with an expression full of guilt. She actually dragged her own daughter down……

Su Qi Qi still knelt there without moving, because moving would cause a bone-piercing pain to come from her knees, so she didn’t dare to randomly move about. Her forehead was already filled with cold sweat as she tried hard to persevere. Gritting her teeth, she shook her head: “Mother, nothing will happen. Daddy is just having me…… do something that only needs as much effort as lifting a hand….. it won’t be difficult.”

Hearing what Su Qi Qi said, Su Shi Chang and the Empress Dowager shared a gaze and both smiled, satisfied.

At this time they were actually very satisfied with Su Qi Qi’s performance. Dealing with smart people is great.

Right now, how could Su Qi Qi not know that even if she did do what they ask, it still didn’t necessarily mean that this Empress Dowager will let them off. But, for the sake of protecting what was in front of her now, she could only agree.

She can only try to think of some way to protect her mother again.

“Very good.” Su Shi Chang walked forward and helped Su Qi Qi up: “You sure are my good daughter.”

Smothering a cry of pain, Su Qi Qi didn’t show any reaction. Under Su Shi Chang’s strength she slowly stood up and looked towards the Empress Dowager: “Empress Dowager niang niang, regarding the things that happened in the past. Don’t know how Empress Dowager…… plans to handle it?”

Smiling, the Empress Dowager actually had an amiable looking expression on her face. Glancing at Su Shi Chang, she shook her head: “Forget it, forget it. It’s already past. Just give ai jia an apology!”

In regards to the Empress Dowager’s change, Xia Xiao Die and Su Qi Qi were both stunned for a moment. This women is really fickle.

Su Shi Chang arranged for someone to send Xia Xiao Die back to the Prime Minister’s fu and Su Qi Qi returned to Bie Courtyard alone. Today, she felt her heart was very tired, very exhausted. In the end, she still wasn’t able to wait until the arrival of that person.

It was a loss of hope, but even more, was actually sorrow.