Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Situation Changed

Translated by Chiyomira

Marble white appeared along the sky, Su Qi Qi was actually woken up with a start by a burst of noise.

Opening her eyes, she saw that Mo Wen Chen who was lying on the chair had already woken up way earlier. He sent a signal towards her with his eyes, telling her not to make any noise and continue to sleep, meanwhile he flipped over, got up and walked to the bed, laying down on the bedside.

The two were lying down face to face and Mo Wen Chen even lightly wrapped an arm around Su Qi Qi’s waist.

“……” Su Qi Qi’s expression stiffened, her whole body also stiffened for a moment, but she didn’t dare to open her eyes.

Feeling Su Qi Qi stiffen, Mo Wen Chen’s lips twitched and hooked into a trace of a smile. His eyes softly opened, and in that close range looked at Su Qi Qi.

A delicate mien that can’t be described as beautiful and even less cannot be compared with good looks capable of causing the downfall of a city. Su Qi Qi, indeed was incapable of controlling people with her looks, but she has intelligence, has courage and furthermore, has strategy.

A woman like this, compared to those woman with matchless beauty, entered Mo Wen Chen’s eyes more easily.

Although her eyes were closed, Su Qi Qi still felt the scorching gaze from Mo Wen Chen and couldn’t help feeling that her cheeks were a bit hot. Her heart become even more soft, and as her emotions were moved she was also whispering in her heart, Mo Wen Chen, this type of tenderness I will believe as real…… I really will……

She just hoped this wasn’t just an act.

At the same time as there was joy, there was also a touch of bitterness.

What she doesn’t dare to request was precisely Mo Wen Chen’s love.

The noise gradually grew far away. Don’t know if it’s because Mo Wen Xuan changed his mind or something else happened, unexpectedly he didn’t come to search Bie courtyard according to plan.

After quite a good while, Su Qi Qi suddenly opened her eyes and met Mo Wen Chen’s eyes head-on. She was stunned for a moment, then quickly shifted away her gaze and rapidly got up: “They…… left.”

Watching Su Qi Qi’s extremely flustered actions, Mo Wen Chen’s smile became even deeper.

Not making things difficult for her any longer, he also got up and left the bedside: “Looks like, the situation changed.”

Nodding, Su Qi Qi also understood. A problem definitely has occurred, but she was actually worried about her own mother.

It can be seen that for the sake of power, Su Shi Chang is willing to do anything.

While straightening her clothing, she spoke a bit hesitantly: “I want…… to go see my mom once more.”

From the time she left the prime minister’s residence yesterday, her heart had been feeling uneasy.

“I’ll send someone to go.” Mo Wen Chen understood Su Qi Qi’s frame of mind, but, he was still a bit unhappy. It seems this woman only cared about her mother.

Hearing his voice that was a bit gloomy, Su Qi Qi didn’t say anymore. She has already chosen to stand at Mo Wen Chen’s side now, there’s no turning back. So, she also won’t blame and complain about anything.

Just pray that her mother would be perfectly fine.

Study Room

Mo Wen Xuan’s face was overcast and sinister. Kneeling below, Su Shi Chang was slightly trembling and just had his head lowered.

“You’ve really raised a wonderful daughter.” Mo Wen Xuan fiercely threw the memorial in his hand and bellowed. Even the ink stone at the same side was overturned, ink directly spilled all over Su Shi Chang’s head and face.

His whole body cutting a sorry figure, Su Shi Chang didn’t even dare to twitch and kneeled, trembling with fear and trepidation. He was extremely angry but didn’t dare to show it, in his heart he was already longing to cut Su Qi Qi into ten thousand pieces.

Indeed, he was raised a good daughter, a daughter he had never been able to read.

Didn’t think that yesterday she agreed so nicely, yet she immediately went back on her word.

“This matter, do as you see fit.” After a long while, Mo Wen Xuan finally eased back from his fury. He got up, straightened his chang pao and expressionlessly turned away and left.

Dealing with Mo Wen Chen, he really didn’t want to directly make a move. Instead by borrowing the use of Su Shi Chang, no matter if it’s a success or a failure, he would be able to escape unscathed.

Most importantly, Su Shi Chang could manipulate Su Qi Qi.

This point, is enough.

Until Mo Wen Xuan’s figure disappeared behind the study room, Su Shi Chang finally dared to lift his sleeve to wipe the ink on his face. His mouth hooked and evoked a touch of chill. Both hands tightly clenched into fists. His face was a little sinister, with the addition of that ink, actually seemed like a malicious spirit.

The sight of it would cause people to shiver all over though not cold.

If it weren’t for that the people sent to secretly monitor Su Qi Qi saw each and every move of hers, this morning Mo Wen Xuan would have rushed at empty air. But not only would he have rushed at empty air, if he search Bie Courtyard and didn’t find anything, it would be very hard to explain to Mo Wen Chen.

And they would end up being the ones falsely countercharged against.

This move, is fierce enough, curt enough.

It must be known, Mo Wen Xuan was still a bit afraid of truly falling out and becoming hostile with Mo Wen Chen.

Even in the palace, he must be somewhat careful.

These vexing days, Mo Wen Xuan has had enough of them.

So, no matter what, he must put Mo Wen Chen to death, at any price, through any methods. He didn’t care about the consequences after nor would he care about offending even more people.

Because even if he offended these hundred officials and ministers, they all didn’t dare to do anything to him.

Because they are not Mo Wen Chen, they do not have the ability to oppose him.

The palace was quiet for a few days. Mo Wen Chen sent Lei Yu Feng to personally go to Xiang fu. When he saw that Xiao Qi was safe and unharmed, he finally felt relieved about one thing.

Su Qi Qi stayed inside Bie Courtyard everyday, not going anywhere. Occasionally Su Meng Ru would come here, pretending to be very concerned about her older sister, asking long asking short, asking this asking that.

Several times she wanted to fish the words from Su Qi Qi’s mouth but each time Su Qi Qi cleverly bypassed it.

Towards this sister, Su Qi Qi didn’t have any enmity towards her. It was just that their position were different, that’s all. From when they were little to now it had always been that way. In Xiang fu, Su Qi Qi wanted to protect her mother, and Su Meng Ru worked hard to fight for status for the sake of her own mother.

It was just, even though Su Qi Qi was first born daughter of the legitimate main wife, she could never compare with Su Meng Ru.

This point, Su Qi Qi had never been able to understand and she also didn’t her mother to feel hurt so she did not show anything.

Now, Su Qi Qi was Mo Wen Chen’s wang fei, and Su Meng Ru was Mo Wen Xuan’s empress.

It seems they are forever enemies.

Today, Su Qi Qi was pulled by Su Meng Ru to where the empress dowager was. Mo Wen Chen left the Imperial Palace alone.

Shaking off the guards that were following him, he walked into an alley in the city.

The alley was very deep. At the end, in a not very large courtyard, Lei Yu Feng was currently performing a sword dance.

The sword energy raised pelts of wind.

“Good sword-play.” Mo Wen Chen came wordlessly and suddenly shouted a call of applause.

The sword tip fiercely turned and pressed against the vital point on Mo wen Chen’s body, but after he heard, Lei Yu Feng unhappily pulled back the sword, twirled it, and sheathed it: “Why are you here?”

Here, they had to be careful and still even more careful. He didn’t expect Mo Wen Chen actually left the Imperial Palace and came here.

“These few days, I’m afraid something big will happen. Send some people to protect Su Qi Qi’s mother.” Mo Wen Chen’s smile controlled itself, then, in deadly earnest, he asked: “Has Leng Yan prepared everything?”

Coming here was dangerous, the road back they must open up themselves.

“En, he’s finished preparing everything. We believe that based on Mo Wen Xuan’s people, like the time when we were coming, they are all practice dummies for us.” Lei Yu Feng nodded, then maliciously smiled.

“Mo Wen, your charm isn’t capable huh. No even being able to take care of one little Su Qi Qi.” Lei Yu Feng said as he sat down on the imperial consort’s chair while picking his eye and ridiculing.

Mo Wen Chen who was lying on the bed irritably shot Lei Yu Feng a glare: “What do you mean?”