Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Conspiracy

In response to Su Shi Chang’s question, Su Qi Qi nodded firmly. Indeed, this was all true.

She was also doing this in order to get Su Shi Chang to speak.

“In this case, Qi Qi, have you thought about leaving that place before?” Su Shi Chang looked straight at Su Qi Qi, at this daughter even he didn’t understand: “Back then, when you were married at the Magnetic Capital, Daddy was also helpless ah.”

A hint of a sneer flashed through the depths of Su Qi Qi’s eyes, but her head was lowered, covering up her state of mind so Su Shi Chang did not see.

“Daughter knows.” Su Qi Qi was forever submissive in front of Su Shi Cheng, seeming to completely conform with the norms of society. Her voice even carried a few hints of grievances.

Her performance was profound.

But Su Shi Chang did not immediately say anything. He seized up Su Qi Qi with a glance: “Qi Qi, I heard that the poison in wang ye‘s body was cured personally by you?”

Her heart tightened. Su Qi Qi’s brows slightly knitted and her gaze slightly turned: “It was only luck. Daddy knows that daughter doesn’t have the slightest bit of status in Wang fu, so daughter could only obey Mo Wen Chen.”

In regards to this matter, other than the people in the Wang fu, no one else knows the concrete facts. At this time, she also gave an ambivalent answer with a negative connotation.

Lifting his head and stroking the beard on his lower chin, Su Shi Chang’s eyes narrowed. He did not speak for a long time.

Su Qi Qi also stood there quietly. The expression on her face was very gentle and agreeable, as meekly submissive as she was before she married.

“Do you wish to return to your mother’s side?” Su Shi Chang asked again.

“I do.” Su Qi Qi replied very simply.

This point, Su Shi Chang would not suspect about. This daughter, from the time when she was little until now, for the sake of protecting her mother was willing to do anything.

“Good, then just listen to Daddy.” A hint of a devious smile flashed through Su Shi Chang’s eyes which turned even more cold, but in less than a moment passed.

He won’t think about the future of this daughter. Right now, he just wanted to prevent His Majesty from flying into a rage again. If it continues on like this, afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep this prime minister seat of his anymore.

Su Qi Qi nodded.

He pulled out a letter from his chest and carefully and secretively put it in Su Qi Qi’s hand: “I just want you to hide this letter under Mo Wen Chen’s pillow, or on his body will suffice.”

Taking the letter, Su Qi Qi’s lips slightly twitched. Never would have thought that the grand ‘Son of Heaven’ could also think of such low-classed cheap tricks. But, on second thought, perhaps it was her father’s idea.

Putting it into her sleeve, Su Qi Qi calmly nodded.

Not waiting for her to turn to leave, Su Shi Chang actually whispered a sentence: “If you want your mother to stay good and well, you best not try anything funny.” In regards to this daughter, he actually was a bit afraid of her.

Because he couldn’t understand her, so, he couldn’t feel the bottom.

Her shoulders stiffened for a moment. Su Qi Qi then slowly turned back: “Daddy, rest assured.”

That manner indeed made people feel assured.

And as Su Qi Qi left, even though she walked very steadily, her heart was thrown into a lump of chaos. She suddenly didn’t know what she should do anymore. Mo Wen Chen was already aware of everything, she did not have any roads to retreat to.

But thinking of what Su Shi Chang said, Su Qi Qi, for no solid reason, started to worry about her mother again.

When it came time to leave Xiang fu, the sun had already set over the western hills. The jade carriage from the Imperial Palace impatiently waited outside the fu.

Only meeting for a short day, Su Qi Qi was a bit reluctant to part as she hugged Xiao Die. Don’t know how long this parting will last. Not to mention, right now whether she will live or die is hard to tell, everything is hanging in the balance.

“Child, don’t cry anymore.” Xiao Die also hugged Su Qi Qi, wanting to say something several times but stopped each time. Drawing her hand closer with force she said: “Remember, you must live well.”

Nodding firmly, Su Qi Qi also helped Xiao Die wipe away the tears in the corners of Xiao Die’s eyes.

At this time she felt that she was really useless, not being able to properly protect her mother.

“Qi Qi, do you still have the jade pendant?” Xiao Die suddenly asked: “Remember, you must not lose it no matter what.”

Su Qi Qi pressed her chest and agreed unreservedly.

Her heart for some reason kept feeling uneasy, yet she didn’t know how to comfort Xiao Die.

Before leaving, she just said one sentence: “You must be careful.”

Inside the Imperial Palace.

Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan were drinking together. Both of them looked very spirited. They hunted for sport an entire day, the harvest was abundant.

Furthermore, Mo Wen Chen purposefully yielded a few beasts to Mo Wen Xuan, allowing Mo Wen Xuan’s mood to settle somewhat.

But even so, his eyes still cannot tolerate this imperial younger brother, this legend in the people’s hearts. As long as he exists for a day, he, as the magnificent great Yan nation’s emperor, will be shorter in comparison.

If there wasn’t Mo Wen Chen, he, Mo Wen Xuan, would also be a legend-like existence.

Unfortunately, Mo Wen Chen always existed.

Seeing Su Meng Ru and Su Qi Qi approaching, the ministers all started to discuss spiritedly, but their voices were very quiet.

Lifting his eyes to look. Mo Wen Chen’s gaze stopped on the pair of eyes that have evidently cried on Su Qi Qi’s face. Lightly shaking his head, he secretly clenched his fist, his heart actually feeling a trace of heartache.

However, very soon he pushed down the emotion in his heart. What he wanted wasn’t a weak woman like this that would collapse at the first blow. A woman that can stand at his side must be able to bear things that ordinary people cannot bear to endure.

After the banquet, Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen returned to Bie Courtyard. Neither of the two spoke, it was quiet.

In the flickering candlelight, flickering between light and dark, Su Qi Qi’s face was a bit gloomy. From the moment she left Su fu, she hadn’t said a word. She kept feeling that her heart was sinking heavily.

She doesn’t want to become enemies with Mo Wen Chen, but she was also afraid her mother would be implicated.

But even if she really gave Mo Wen Chen a helping hand, would it definitely mean that she and her mother continue living? She felt extremely conflicted, her palm was full of sweat.

It was the depths of the winter season, yet she felt extremely hot.

Mo Wen Chen who was sitting to the side was a face of indifference. His facial features exuded a slight atmosphere of cold and detachment, no expression could really be seen. His pupils were serene and deep, his lips pinched. Without a word and without looking at Su Qi Qi, he just leaned at the head of the bed like that.

Just by lifting her head up she could see Mo Wen Chen’s remarkably beautiful face, kneaded keenly and bright at the same time.

Her hand slowly reached into her sleeve. Su Qi Qi softly closed her eyes. A long while later, she opened her eyes again. She knows, she simply didn’t have the means to go against Mo Wen Chen. Not mentioning her own each and every move, probably everything Mo Wen Xuan wants to do, he is also very clear about.

A man like this, who would dare to be his enemy!

Not to mention her own heart has always wanted to help him.

Finally taking that letter from her sleeves, she got up, lightly walked to Mo Wen Chen’s front and placed it in his hand.

At this time, Mo Wen Chen finally hooked his lips, seeming to be smiling, just that the smile was a bit cold.

Causing Su Qi Qi’s heart to sink and sink again.

“Rest assured, I will protect the safety of your mother.” Mo Wen Chen opened the letter, put it on the candle flame and burnt it to ashes. Finally, he slowly opened his mouth, at least giving Su Qi Qi a promise.

Covering the candle flame, an unchanging black chang pao, a slender tall body figure, cold expressionless eyes; this Mo Wen Chen was frightening, carrying an inauspicious and vicious air.

Perhaps he did think of Mo Wen Xuan’s strategy, but when he really saw it, his heart would still hurt.

After all, they blood related brothers with the same father but different mothers.

Cooking beans burning beanstalks, the beans in the cauldron sob.  They were originally born of the same root, why must they cook so urgently.

This is a 7 steps poem. Expanded paraphrase of the poem is “putting beans into the cauldron to cook, the fuel that’s being burned below are bean stalks. The beans in the cauldron are very sad, they were originally both born of the same root, why must they rush to kill each other? It is an allusion to brothers hurting one another, one trying to harm the other, the other being harmed.

A stone on Su Qi Qi’s heart finally fell down. She believed Mo Wen Chen can carry out what he said and also believes he has this power.

She collected up all the emotions and set up the bed. Su Qi Qi prepared to rest on the chair but when she lifted her head, she saw that Mo Wen Chen had already laid down on the long chair, his eyes lightly closed.

Her heart gradually cleared, an inexplicable excitement rose in her heart. It was also a night of good sleep.