Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 29

Chapter 29: What Should She Do

With one look Su Qi Qi found her mother kneeling towards her in the crowd, her nose stung a bit. What kind of age is this that her own mother had to kneel to her, yet Su Meng Ru who was standing to one side actually seemed to be enjoying it.

In the crowd, Su Shi Chang’s face was bright and red, his expression seeming completely content with his achievements.

However, when he saw Su Qi Qi and Su Meng Ru getting off the carriage, his gaze conspicuously changed a bit.

The gaze with which he looked at Su Qi Qi contained incomprehension, misgivings, and badwill.

If not for this eldest daughter of his, His Majesty would not be so angry.

And would not have schemed and arranged this show.

Seeing the animus in her father’s expression, Su Qi Qi lowered her head. She will avoid coming in contact with him as much as possible. The reason she came back was to visit her own mother. These past years, this father had not fulfilled his duty as a father at all.

She did not hate him, but she did not miss him either.

Su Meng Ru helped her mother up, Su Qi Qi also helped her own mother up and the pairs walked towards the fu.

Xiao Die looked at Su Qi Qi, her eyes filled with gratification as she allowed her daughter to support her and they walked towards the back courtyard. All these past years, even though her status was that of the rightful first wife, she had lived in the back courtyard. Yet she had never uttered half a sentence of complaint.

“Qi Qi, you’ve finally come back. Mother thought she would never see you again in this lifetime.” Xiao Die had a delicate temperament. At this time, her eyes were also red and swollen. During the time Su Qi Qi was not on the fu, she probably passed the days washing her face with tears.

Lifting a hand to wipe away the tears at the corners of Xiao Die’s eyes, Su Qi Qi also felt full of pain: “Mother, isn’t Qi Qi here to come visit you now? Don’t cry, your eyes are almost swollen shut from crying.”

“I heard your Second Mother say…… that the Bei Ding Hou Prince had a ruthless disposition, that he’s cold-blooded and heartless……” As Xiao Die spoke tears started falling again.

Looks like it was not because there were people making things difficult for her, but because she worried everyday that her daughter might suffer hardships and have to endure torments after being married out, that’s why she was this depressed.

“Mom, don’t listen to what Second Mother says. I’m living really well in Wang fuwang ye also treats me very considerately. Look at me, didn’t I come back perfectly fine?” Su Qi Qi tried hard to make herself smile a bit sweeter, trying hard to act like she felt very blessed.

Do I feel blessed? After last night’s incident, Su Qi Qi actually felt a little moved.

A man like Mo Wen Chen did not belong to the category that cared about raising children and fostering affections after all, so being able to get to the way things are now, Su Qi Qi was already very satisfied. At least she isn’t as miserable as she was when she first got to Wang fu.

Xiao Die looked her daughter up and down. While crying, she smiled and nodded firmly: “En. You’re just a bit skinnier, but your spirits are pretty good.”

Looks like this woman was very simple and honest. She completely believed all of Su Qi Qi’s words.

Taking out a jade bracelet from her chest, a trace of a smile appeared on Su Qi Qi’s face. That smile came from the heart as she grasped Xiao Die’s wrist: “Mother, this is something wang ye personally gave me before we left the palace. It’s a present for you since he said he wasn’t able to personally come to greet you.”
This was also something Su Qi Qi had not expected at the start.

Of course, when Mo Wen Chen gave her this jade bracelet he had one more thing to say.

“No matter what it is that Su Shi Chang asks you to do, you must agree without conditions.”

And this sentence, when Mo Wen Chen said it, his eyes were shining with a dangerous light..

With Su Qi Qi’s intelligence, of course she understood. Her father and His Majesty are on the same side. His Majesty thought up every possible method in order to trick the two of them to come here from the Magnetic Capital, this definitely won’t end with something as simple as simply letting her see her family.

Xiao Die looked at the jade bracelet on her wrist, her eyes were also filled with luster. Now, she truly believed that her daughter was living really well in the Wang fu, not suffering like the way Second Madam described.

In a moment she also became much more spirited, even the crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes seemed to have smoothed out.

Looking at the sparkling and translucent jade bracelet that was obviously worth quite a bit, Xiao Die’s excited face actually started gradually turning a bit gloomy, so much that it became pale. She severely bit her lips, as if wanting to say something, but hesitating.

Seeing Xiao Die looked off, Su Qi Qi lightly knitted her brows. Her heart also sank. She seemed to have understood something, but it was difficult to accept: “Mom…… Does Father have something he wants you to tell me?”

Towards her own mother, Su Qi Qi would not act too subtle. If there was something to say she would say it straight out.

Pausing, stunned for a moment, Xiao Die looked towards Su Qi Qi, this daughter that she worried about from day to night, this daughter that she could never stop being concerned about: “How do you know?”

In regards to her mother’s reaction, Su Qi Qi only gave a faint smile: “Of course daughter knows. If there’s something, then Mother should go ahead and speak without hesitation.”

Although in this fu the walls have ears, she believed this matter would definitely not have an influence on her.

After hesitating for a moment, Xiao Die still gave a sigh: “Forget it, it’s nothing.”

She only wanted to let her daughter live a happy and blessed life. Seeing her happy expression now, she made the decisions to bear some things by herself.

Su Qi Qi also became worried now. This matter was already within Mo Wen Chen’s calculations. She believes in Mo Wen Chen’s capability, so she’s not worried about anything. However, at this time, her mother actually refuse to tell her, so she became a bit anxious: “Mom, if Father da ren has any orders, you should just say it. Daughter will definitely do as instructed.”

Her tone was a bit urgent.

“Qi Qi, your father…… he just wants you……. to help him with something.” Xiao Die looked at Su Qi Qi’s earnest expression and her tone also weakened. She never really had definite opinions of her own from the start, at this time, she also didn’t know how to keep it in the dark anymore.

Not to mention, even if she kept it secret, Su Shi Chang still would not let her off.

Yet she didn’t want to make things difficult for her daughter.

So, the current Xiao Die was pressed from both side, in a hard-to-explain dilemma.

“Mom……” Su Qi Qi drew out the word, then helpless shook her head: “If you won’t tell me, I’ll go look for father myself.”
Having said that, she lifted her legs and walked off.

Indeed, regarding this matter, personally going to find Su Shi Chang herself was also good, in order to avoid implicating her mother. After these few days she still has to leave this place and return to Wang fu, at that time, if Mo Wen Chen really got on the winning side, then the days her mother will spend in this fu definitely won’t be pleasant.

In fact, at this time Su Qi Qi was very torn.

Thought she wanted to help Mo Wen Chen, she didn’t want to make things difficult for her mother.

“Qi Qi……” Xiao Die wanted to chase after her, but in the end she sighed and sat back down. Lifting her head to look towards the sky, her eyes were unfocused: “Madam…… What should Xiao Die do?”

I’m not quite sure who she’s addressing, but my first impression was that this might be hinting that Xiao Die wasn’t actually Qi Qi’s birth mother.

Su Shi Chang was in the main hall sipping tea, his eyes were smiling to the point they squinted into a line. When looking at Su Meng Ru, he looked very satisfied and proud.

“Daddy.” Su Qi Qi, just like in the past, walked very carefully to the entrance, her voice quiet.

When he lifted his head and saw Su Qi Qi, the smile on Su Shi Cheng’s face instantly disappeared. From the depths of his eyes a few traces of fury flowed out, but was forcefully contained.

Even if this daughter is not favored in Wang fu, she was still a legitimate wang fei, a madam of the highest rank. He didn’t dare to truly get angry at her.

“Qi Qi ah.”

Heaping on a fake smile, Su Shi Chang beckoned: “Why didn’t you chat a little longer with your mother.”

Even though he was clearly aware why Su Qi Qi had come.

Su Qi Qi slowly walked over to him, but didn’t sit down. She stood straight in front of him: “Daddy, I heard Mother say that you’re looking for me for something.”

Somewhat taken aback, Su Shi Chang glanced at the screen Su Meng Ru and Second Madam were behind and nodded: “What, your mother didn’t tell you? Then, Daddy will personally tell you.”

While speaking he turned and walked out of the main hall. Walking past the long corridor, he arrived at the side hall.

Following tightly behind, Su Qi Qi was a bit nervous, but on the outside she still appeared very calm.

She must remain calm. Between Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan she could only stand on Mo Wen Chen’s side, no matter what reasons it stemmed from.

“It is said that wang ye banished you to the Laundry Department, is this true?” As Su Shi Chang said this, he squeezed out a trace of a heart aching expression: “It’s all because Daddy’s influence isn’t strong enough, that’s why you’ve had to suffer such grievances.”