Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Lure
“Not necessarily.” Su Qi Qi’s attitude was not cold, it was polite to a degree.
She knew she could not afford to offend this man.
“Ben wang also appreciates you very much.” Mo Wen Chen released the hair in his hands, lightly throwing out this sentence.
Then, as if nothing had happened, he turned sideways to lean against the carriage and take a nap.
Saying it was like a bolt out of the blue was not unfitting at all. Currently Su Qi Qi was truly shocked dumb.
What in the world is this man trying to say? Appreciate? She tugged the corner of her mouth, her heart unexpectedly felt peculiar. To say that she didn’t feel moved would be fooling herself, could it be…..
Just like that she sized up the Mo Wen Chen that had his eyes closed, the highest quality of domineeringness, the facial features that looked as if they were the work of the gods, all these would make women endlessly obsessed. She, Su Qi Qi, was also an ordinary woman. In the bedroom, she also hope for there to be a person that would accompany her for a lifetime, but her start was doomed to have no happiness.
The carriage continued to move forward. Su Qi Qi still forced herself to collect her mood, moving her eyes away.
Telling herself not to overestimate her capabilities, not even mentioning her embarrassing identity, just based on this appearance she was incapable of entering Mo Wen Chen’s eyes. In this world where was there men that didn’t love beauty!
From when she was little she already understood her situation.
They successfully entered Imperial City, Qing City.
Hundreds of officials greeted them outside the palace doors. After all, Mo Wen Chen’s status was exceptional, no one dared to ignore.
And Su Qi Qi’s father Su Shi Chang was also among them, but when he saw his daughter walking beside Mo Wen Chen wearing a red ceremonial robe, an outstanding aura, her facial features delicate and pretty, giving off a clear and cold aura, he gave her a fierce glare.
On the whole journey here, Mo Wen Chen’s each and every move were all一一reported to Mo Wen Xuan’s side.
And their assessment of Su Qi Qi had also soared, already causing her to be described as all-powerful.
Especially outside the Imperial City, using only one needle to take down the foe, a strong move in a desperate crisis. It caused people to endlessly admire.
They all praised that Prime Minister Su had two good daughters.
Just these words, actually made Mo Wen Xuan’s expression become worse and worse. He had experienced Su Qi Qi before, and only knew that she wasn’t as weak as he thought, nor as manipulable.
At least she had a degree of courtesy, causing people to be unable to grasp any weakness and won’t lose face and suffer.
Such a woman, far better than men.
Mo Wen Xuan brought Su Meng Ru and also personally came to welcome them. His dignified face did not lose his smiling expression, just that when he lowered his eyes a smudge of chill flashed through. Finally finished waiting, but it was just unexpected, that they didn’t die on the road here.
But that’s also fine. Dying in Qing City is also the same. Please do not copy.
“We pay our respects. May the king live for ten thousands of glorious years, may the queen live for thousands of blessed years.” Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi both stepped forward to pay their greetings, but did not kowtow.
It was well know that the late emperor declared, Bei Ding Hou significantly assisted with stabilizing the kingdom so he is exempt from kowtowing to the emperor. 

I’m not sure about this line 这是世人皆知的,先皇有言,北定候平藩定国有功,不必向皇上跪拜。 mainly these 4 words 平藩定国. I’m not sure if it’s stabilizing the kingdom or obtaining vassal states or what. I just know that he made some significant contributions to the kingdom.

“No need for imperial younger brother to be so polite. The journey here must have been hard.” Mo Wen Xuan put on a good play of family affection and blood is thicker than water in front of the hundreds of officials. To the common people at the side, it seemed that he was a hard to come by good emperor.
Mo Wen Xuan is an intelligent man. Even though he is ruthless in his actions towards Mo Wen Chen, his methods merciless, wanting wholeheartedly to drive him to his death, but towards the common people and the officials he is extremely benevolent and kind. Please do not copy.
“Many thanks, imperial older brother.” Mo Wen Chen’s attitude was somewhat distant, he did not like to put effort into appearances. Please do not copy.
The officials and the common people’s admiring gazes followed the four as they slowly walked into the palace doors.
Su Meng Ru also had on a gentle smiling expression as she held Su Qi Qi’s hand and refuse to release it. The moment she opened her mouth was jiejie, before she closed it was another jiejie, sounding excessively cordial, causing Su Qi Qi to feel it was a bit unbearable.
From the time she was little until now, this meimei of hers, other than when she was humbling herself in front of other people, seemed to never had called her jiejie before.
Her heart was clear. This time, she’s afraid she’s walked even deeper into a trap. Since she had already come this far, there was no way to retreat, and also could not retreat. She could only walk a step and take it as a step.
“Empress niang niang, this servant doesn’t dare be.” Su Qi Qi intentionally pulled away and put some distance between her and Su Meng Ru: “Our sisterly relationship is already of the past. Now, please call this servant dimei.”

弟妹 – “dimei” younger brother’s wife

It was arranged in the other courtyard for there only to be Su Qi Qi and Su Meng Ru. In regards to Su Meng Ru’s cordiality, Su Qi Qi had been on guard against it from the start and also spoke to make their intimate relationship more distant.
“When there are no servants around, we should still treat each other like sisters. This way, when da niang sees, she’ll be pleased.” Su Meng Ru laughed very gently, but there were words within her words.
“My mother…… is she still well?” When her mother was mentioned, Su Qi Qi’s calmness lessened by several degrees.
A look of anxiety. Please do not copy.
She was excited that she was able to walk alive into the Imperial City, Qing City this time. She could finally see her mother again. Their parting was numerous months again, every time she could not persevere anymore, she was always thinking that she could not let her mother be sad. Only then did she straighten up and find the courage to live again.
Su Meng Ru’s expression slightly changed for a moment, then she patted Su Qi Qi’s arm: “Of course da niang is well, it’s just……” Please do not copy.
It was just the last sentence that was deliberately drawn out and not finished.
“What’s wrong with my mother?” This time Su Qi Qi was really anxious. The sole support she had in this life was her mother. If something happened to her mother, she didn’t know how she was going to be able to bear it.
Seeing Su Qi Qi’s tense expression, Su Meng Ru smiled with satisfaction, except the smile was very brief, in a blink of an eye it died and she put on a trace of tenderness again: “Jiejie need not worry. With meimei here, could I even let da niang suffer? Da niang just misses you too much so these days she fell seriously ill. As a matter of fact, this is why his majesty ordered you and Ding Bei Hou to come back and visit.”
These words let Su Qi Qi’s heart lift a little again. She powerlessly grasped Su Meng Ru’s arm: “How is my mother right now?” Please do not copy.
“Tomorrow meimei will also return to the fu to visit mother. Jiejie doesn’t need to worry, tomorrow you’ll soon be able to see da niang.” Su Meng Ru was currently probing her out intentionally. All these years, she has never understood this same father but different mother jiejie of hers.
Now, his majesty needs to use this chess piece so naturally she must properly understand her.
Seeing radiance flash through Su Meng Ru’s eyes, Su Qi Qi knew her own reaction was too obvious. Evidently, Mo Wen Xuan wanted to defeat Mo Wen Chen so she herself would also be a chess piece on the board.
So, to control her, of course they needed to find a weakness.
Thinking like this, she actually tugged at the corners of her mouth. She smiled, a bit powerlessly.
Perhaps, the world doesn’t know, but Su Qi Qi herself understood the best. Even if she died in front of Mo Wen Chen’s eyes, he still won’t give a single blink. She really doesn’t understand what Mo Wen Xuan is thinking.
However, like the tree that wishes to stop yet the wind incessantly blows, Su Qi Qi could only walk a step and count it as a step.
That evening Mo Wen Xuan held a welcoming dinner for Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi in Joyous Harmony Hall, it was very lively.
During the banquet, there were even several gui fei and shu fei. Please do not copy.
As the saying goes, three women are enough for a drama.
“Empress niang niang is a person of many talents. If she admits that her skill in the four arts are second best, no one would dare call themselves first. Presumably wang fei niang niang is also not to be outdone.” Chen gui fei’s expression was that of looking forward to seeing a good show as she directed this attack towards Su Qi Qi.
She was determined to curry favor with the Empress niang niang Su Meng Ru.
“I apologize for letting gui fei niang niang be disappointed. In the four arts, this qie is not a master in any, only knowing a bit.” Su Qi Qi’s expression did not change as she calmly replied.
She didn’t feel the slightest discomfort from the following mocking laughs. Please do not copy.
And still remained calm and poised.
Mo Wen Chen swept a glance towards this side, causing the Chen gui fei that had just given the provocation to tremble.
That imposing manner, that chill, it was three times stronger than that of even his majesty Mo Wen Xuan’s.