Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 26

BBP’s Consort: Chapter 26
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Chapter 26: While the Green Hills Last, There’ll be Wood to Burn
With one slash taking down one bandit, the coldness in Mo Wen Chen’s bloodthirsty pupils condensed. Holding the blade, he looked directly at Su Qi Qi who was in Hua Chi’s clutch.
At this time Su Qi Qi’s expression was not abnormal but was same as usual, a face of  tranquility. That tranquility was a type of indifference, a type of detachment that saw everything clearly.
A Su Qi Qi like this actually made Mo Wen Chen stunned for a moment, This woman truly understood her situation well.
Su Qi Qi naturally knew that at this time Mo Wen Chen definitely would not choose to abandon his own brothers for the sake of saving her. So, she won’t hold the unreasonable hope that this person would save her.
She didn’t say a word and also didn’t look at Mo Wen Chen, but looked towards the distance.
“Bei Ding Hou wang ye, your wang fei is in my hands.” Currently, Hua Chi also seemed indifferent, without any particular mood expression.
One hand held a folding fan. The fan was not opened but pressed against Su Qi Qi’s throat.
That cold feeling reminded Su Qi Qi that this fan was definitely no less sharp compared to the blade in Mo Wen Chen’s hand.
This seemingly gentle man was actually the head of the bandits, so he certainty would not compassionately relent.
“So what?” Mo Wen Chen cut down another bandit, his whole body covered with blood. The sword in his hand was also dripping with blood, drop after drop dripping onto the soil!
“Nothing much, just trade your life.” Hua Chi spoke very gently, his cyan robe swayed in the wind. If the killing intent and viciousness in his eyes were overlooked, looking at his face, he would just be a refined, gentle scholar.
Su Qi Qi slightly lifted her head and coldly smiled for a moment. That smile was directed towards Hua Chi.
This actually made Hua Zhi freeze for a moment. What kind of woman is this, from the time he captured her until now, she didn’t cry in alarm, didn’t beg for help and didn’t panic at all.
She truly deserved to be called Bei Ding Hou Mo Wen Chen’s wang fei.
Mo Wen Chen wanted to say something, but also saw Su Qi Qi’s cold smile and his heart also pulsed for a moment. This woman always seemed to know what course he was going to take.
Such a Su Qi Qi actually made his heart slightly ache.
But he was Mo Wen Chen, and so, Su Qi Qi was inevitably destined to be a dispensable existence.
“Hahaha.” Immediately after Mo Wen Chen laughed towards the sky, he lifted the sword in his hands: “Why don’t I help you take care of her with one slash?”
Even though she clearly know that Mo Wen Chen wouldn’t save her, but she still hasn’t thought he would say such a thing. The frail body still couldn’t help but tremble for a moment.
Hua Chi’s expression also changed, finally showing some anger: “Mo Wen Chen, you can even throw away the life of your own wang fei?”
“It’s only an undeserved reputation.” Mo Wen Chen had never acknowledged Su Qi Qi as his wang fei.
“I would rather do it myself.” At this time, Su Qi Qi seriously could not bear continuing to listen. Even though that time when she had saved Mo Wen Chen she harbored some small thoughts, but later making the antidote was also something she was cornered into, yet she had still hoped Mo Wen Chen would change his attitude towards her.
But now she knows that some things will never be able to change.
Like her own identity, which will forever be Mo Wen Chen’s disgrace.
Undeserved reputation…… Su Qi Qi smiled bleakly, but it still carried that air of arrogance.
Hua Chi once again was struck dumb. He just held the fan like that, looking straight at Su Qi Qi as if he had completely forgotten what he was supposed to do. This woman said she wanted to do it herself!
Was it that she really didn’t want to implicate Mo Wen Chen? Or?
He felt like he was about to go mad. All these years as Hua Chi traveled extensively with his brothers, establishing the Hua Sha Gang, he had experienced numerous things, but had never seen a woman strange as this.
Not looking at Mo Wen Chen, Su Qi Qi took out the acupuncture needle from her sleeve and clamped it between her fingers while piercing towards her own neck. She was very aware of the acupuncture points. If this needle pierced its target, she would undoubtedly die.
Originally she used the acupuncture needles to save people, but now she was using the needles to commit suicide.
How laughable.
The winter sunlight was a bit cold, glinting off the needles was a bit eye piercing.
Mo Wen Chen also rigidly fixed his attention on the needles in Su Qi Qi’s hands. The grip on the sword became tighter and tighter, tighter and tighter, the veins on the back of his hands became extremely prominent. Suddenly with a loud shout, he slashed towards a bandit that charged up.
Blood flowers scattered. In the light of the sun, seemed somewhat beautiful.
Everyone seemed to have gone into a daze for a moment, when everyone snapped back to their senses, they looked at Su Qi Qi again.
But actually discovered that she hadn’t fallen. Hua Chi who was still holding Su Qi Qi hostage a moment ago currently had a small needle pressed against the base of his neck.
That frail body of Su Qi Qi was slightly shaking, but her face actually had a trace of a smile: “Leader Hua Chi, please have your subordinates retreat.”
“Never.” Hua Chi’s mouth pinched, a bit of murderous intent spilled from his eyes, overpowering the scholarly aura of his appearance.
With a bit of strength in her fingers, the needle pressed against Hua Chi’s neck already drew a bit of blood from his strikingly white skin.
The second and third in command that were currently fighting with Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng both feinted and one after another retreated back, anxiously shouting: “Boss! Boss!”

They actually call him big brother, but in context, it’s like boss.

The people surrounding Mo Wen Chen also retreated back. They were not afraid of death, but were afraid their leader would really meet a sudden death.
Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng were a bit confused as to what happened.
Just a moment ago they found the time to see that it was Su Qi Qi that had restricted Hua Chi. In a blink’s time worth of effort, everything was changed.
“Don’t come over, kill Mo Wen Chen.” Hua Chi shouted. There were not many opportunities to kill Mo Wen Chen so he didn’t want to lose this one.
No one moved.
Even if it’s for revenge, they cannot sacrifice Leader.
Even though they knew that in Su Qi Qi’s hand was just a small needle, but their boss was the taboo.
“While the green hills last, there’ll be wood to burn.” Su Qi Qi tiptoed and softly spoke next to Hua Chi’s ear.
At this time Su Qi Qi was only acting for the sake of preserving her own life. She no longer held the slightest hope towards Mo Wen Chen.
And she did not want to kill Hua Chi at all.
At this time Hua Chi was thoroughly astonished. He didn’t understand the woman in front of him, this considerably delicate and pretty reluctant face, this flexible and unpredictable personality, these ordinary facial features, yet it made him feel it was breathtaking. 
Then he immediately narrowed his eyes, looking towards the second and third in command: “Have everyone retreat.”
From the moment they encountered Hua Chi until now, there were too much things that made people shocked; Su Qi Qi’s counterattack, Hua Chi’s transformation, it was too unbelievable.
Mo Wen Chen originally wanted to have Su Qi Qi dispose of Hua Chi but was afraid to lose a team of Blood Troops again, and he still had to keep some strength for going to the Imperial City so he restrained himself.
Until several people retreated to a safe range, only then was Hua Chi allowed to leave.
Before leaving, Hua Chi actually lightly clapped his fan: “Wang fei niang niang, we shall meet again.”

“We shall meet again” is more translated to there will be a date for us to encounter each other again in the future and has the connotation of wanting to meet again.

With a flash, he disappeared from before everyone’s eyes.
His qing gong seemed to be a level higher than Mo Wen Chen’s.
The carriage continued to move forward, it was just that the atmosphere inside the carriage was a bit abnormal.
Su Qi Qi slightly lowered her eyes, her supple long hair hung down on her chest. She didn’t look at Mo Wen Chen at all, carrying a faint air of arrogance.
“What did you say to him?” Mo Wen Chen suddenly spoke.
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“While the green hills last, there’ll be wood to burn.” Su Qi Qi also didn’t attempt to conceal it. Her heart had already thoroughly turned cold, she would never dare to harbor any trace of extravagant hope towards Mo Wen Chen again.

“While the green hills last, there’ll be wood to burn” means while there is life there is hope.

Unless she, Su Qi Qi, was a fool.
His finger softly stroked across Su Qi Qi’s hair. Mo Wen Chen was also shocked for a moment, this action was something he involuntarily did, then he smiled: “Indeed.”
Towards the sudden action of Mo Wen Chen’s, Su Qi Qi was also slightly uncomfortable and lightly knitted her brows.
She didn’t want, during this time as her hopes died, to have anymore hopes, but what was this man doing……
The long hair was like first-rate silk, softly sliding between the fingers. Mo Wen Chen lightly pulled with his slightly coarse fingers, grasping a strand of beautiful hair in his palm: “We shall meet again. Looks like, he really appreciates you.”