Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 19

Su Qi Qi didn’t have martial arts, and could only expend a great deal of effort following behind Lei Yu Feng. Though the former already showed a lot of consideration for her, moving slowly, but it still tired Su Qi Qi out to the point that her forehead was covered with sweat.
“The appearance of a millennium shadow lingzhi mushroom is no different from an ordinary mushroom, but as it has lived for a millennium, so it’s already no longer an ordinary herb and can move about.” Su Qi Qi was introduced to it through a herbal medicine book as well. Right now they had to split up to search.
They must hurry back to Wang fu before dusk falls.
Hearing what Su Qi Qi said, Lei Yu Feng didn’t feel if it was strange. Millennium ginseng also can walk, this is very normal.
“Take note, once we get to the mountain top don’t wander off randomly, if you discover a shadow lingzhi mushroom……” Lei Yu Feng paused for a moment, taking out a whistle about the size of a finger from his chest, but it wasn’t like a whistle. It was white, as if it was carved from bone, and very sleek, without any design decoration. He placed it in Su Qi Qi’s hand: “Remember to blow this whistle to call me.”
Immediately receiving it, Su Qi Qi didn’t examine it further and directly placed it inside her sleeve, nodding with some vigor.
Of course she’s not stupid. She definitely won’t go to a dangerous place.
In the hundred li1 wide mountain searching for a type of herb, how could such a thing be easy. Su Qi Qi was tired to the point that she felt dizzy and disoriented. Even though it was winter, she was still burned by the sun to the point that it was hard to endure.

(1) 里 – ‘li’ chinese unit of measurement, approximately 500 meters

The mountain didn’t have much green and herb gatherers were extremely rare as well.
It’s a good thing that there’s no snow, otherwise, wanting to find a shadow lingzhi mushroom would be even more difficult than it already was.
Two hours passed, Su Qi Qi raised her head to look at the sky as she softly gave a sigh.
She already didn’t have time to sigh about her own fate, she’s just a bit impatient, perhaps this mountain didn’t have any shadow lingzhi mushrooms in the first place.
But as long as there was a gleam of hope they couldn’t give up.
Step by step walking towards the mountaintop, Su Qi Qi combed over searching bit by bit. Originally, below was a wide wide expanse of weeds, but once reaching the mountain peak it actually became an expanse of forest. This made Su Qi Qi a bit puzzled.
But, she didn’t mule over it, just diligently searched for shadow lingzhi mushrooms.
Suddenly seeing a white mushroom right beneath her feet, Su Qi Qi was first shocked, then immediately became excited, reached out to pick that mushroom. It really was a shadow lingzhi mushroom, unexpectedly she was actually able to run into it.
Just as she picked it, she didn’t hold it steady enough and the shadow lingzhi mushroom almost escaped. Su Qi Qi hurriedly put it inside the sandalwood case that had been prepared in advance. Only this box could trap this little thing.
Softly letting out a breath of relief, as she sighed that the trip had not been made in vain, she suddenly felt a penetrating chill against her neck.
Lifting her eyes to look, unexpectedly there was a black clothed masked person and a sword thoroughly covered with a chill!
That sword was currently pressed against her neck: “Don’t move.”
The black clothed man coldly spoke.
While pulling up Su Qi Qi by her arm, he started moving towards the mountain peak.
“Who are you?” Su Qi Qi didn’t dare to make any sudden movements, her first thoughts were that this person was here to snatch the shadow lingzhi mushroom.
But seeing that he had not made a move even now and only dragged her towards the mountain peak, she felt it didn’t really fit.
Looks like, this person is after her life.
She wanted to take out that whistle to blow but the black clothed person didn’t give her the chance. Just a tiny bit of movement and the sword on her neck would press down, right now she was pretty sure her own neck was already bleeding.
“Wait until you get to the underworld and you can go ask the king of hell.” The black clothed man coldly said.
While quickly taking a few steps, gathering strength, he fiercely shoved Su Qi Qi outward. A few steps away was precisely the ten thousand foot abyss……
Without screaming in alarm, the body slide down against the mountain. Su Qi Qi desperately grabbed on to the things near here, even if it was just a strand of rice straw she didn’t want to give up.
Just happening to grab on to a protruding piece of rock on the mountain side, Su Qi Qi’s body relied on the strength of one hand to keep her suspended midair, the other hand reached into her sleeve to look for the whistle.
She had always persevered with all her strength, even until the last moment she would not give up.
The black clothed man who was about to turn to leave was startled. Then fiercely advance and lifted his foot to stomp on Su Qi Qi’s hand, practically crushing her fingers.
Pain, only left with pain. But Su Qi Qi still didn’t let go, because if she let go, there was only death waiting.
In the next second, the black clothed man who was stomping on Su Qi Qi’s fingers flew straight out, dropping into the ten thousand feet abyss……