Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 17

BBP’s Consort: Chapter 17
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Chapter 17: Testing Medicine
Regarding Su Qi Qi’s two word explanation ‘testing medicine’, Lei Yu Feng still couldn’t comprehend. He shook his head, it would be best if he just acted as if he didn’t know anything..
In any case, even the man before him believes her so it’s useless even if he has doubts. What’s more, there’s no one else that could save Mo Wen Chen.
Mo Wen Chen had already magnanimously extended his wrist towards Su Qi Qi, not in the least concerned.
She took out a dagger and before Su Qi Qi could even move Lei Yu Feng already had his sword pressed up against Su Qi Qi’s neck: “What are you planning to do?”
Giving an indifferent glance to the sword pressed against her neck, Su Qi Qi, without batting an eyelid, said: “Don’t worry, I don’t wish to die.”
“Yu Feng.” Mo Wen Chen quietly said.
Glancing at the two people’s expressions, Lei Yu Feng suddenly was struck with the feeling that Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen truly were a perfect match. Putting away his sword, he stood to one side. Leng Yan who had been guarding next to the door also walked over.
If Su Qi Qi made even the slightest indication of suspicious movement, it would be her neck that had the bloody wound.
She cut into Mo Wen Chen’s vein and collected a small half bowl of blood. Afterwards she turned around, without sparing a glance at anyone, straightened her back and walked out, step by step, in an unhurried and unperturbed manner, looking calm as ever.
Rubbing his nose, Lei Yu Feng felt a bit embarrassed and shrugged his shoulders.
Tilting her head back, she drank all the blood that she had gotten from Mo Wen Chen in one gulp, then, in the same breath, took the newly made antidote as well. Afterwards, she sat down calmly, waiting for the result.
Su Qi Qi’s blood rapidly heated up like boiling water. Both her hands clenched rigidly onto the bed posts. Her room had not been assigned servants, so there was no one that knew of her current situation.
Unexpectedly, it was Lei Yu Fen, who had wanted to know what Su Qi Qi was up to, that had stood outside the door silently listening. With his nei gong, he would be able to clearly catch any little sound that came from the inside.
Suddenly he heard the sound of porcelain shattering on the floor, followed by an enduring soft groan.
A burst of unease flooded his heart, without thinking much about it, he pushed open the door and charged in. Upon seeing Su Qi Qi lying on the floor with her face pale as paper, Lei Yu Feng was a bit bewildered.
He stood there, at a loss, not knowing what to do.
“Medicine, medicine, medicine……” Su Qi Qi, seeing that someone had come in, gathered her strength and pointed towards a medicine bowl on the cabinet. Her lips were already slowly turning blue.
Carrying the medicine and moving forward, he crouched down to pull Su Qi Qi into his embrace, then Lei Yu Feng immediately set about feeding the medicine to Su Qi Qi.
Afterwards he stared worriedly at her.
Until he saw that Su Qi Qi’s lip color didn’t continue to deepen, then finally let out a deep breath of relief.
Swiping off the beads of sweat on her forehead, Su Qi Qi stood up unsteadily but with a smile, cool and calm as before: “Many thanks.”
Right now Lei Yu Feng didn’t have on his usual subtly pondering smile. He stood up to look at Su Qi Qi: “Don’t misunderstand, it’s just that if you died who else would cure the poison for Wen Chen.”
“I know.” Naturally Su Qi Qi didn’t hope for anything.
This answer she could accept, but, what passed through her face was the trace of a joy: “I found the antidote.”
Originally turning away to leave, Lei Yu Feng’s body stiffened, then abruptly turned back. He seized Su Qi Qi’s shoulders with both hands and forcefully shook her: “Is that true……”
Then started laughing foolishly: “Great, that’s great……”
“But, there’s two types of drugs that the fu doesn’t have.” A flash of excitement also showed in Su Qi Qi’s face.
As long as they got the antidote, in a month, Mo Wen Chen definitely can recover to the way he was before.
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“What are they.” Lei Yu Feng quickly returned to a calm and collected expression in which he didn’t show happiness or anger. But even at most his expression was an impish smile, causing people to feel that he was really a rascal.
“Millennium Shadow Lingzhi Mushroom and Rootless Fruit.” When Su Qi Qi said this, she felt a bit awkward.
These two things were the hardest drugs to find in the world, even if it’s available, it’s still priceless and extremely difficult to buy.
“You…… Just then didn’t you already cure the poison in your body? Why did you still need these two ingredients?” Lei Yu Feng didn’t quite understand. He knew Su Qi Qi definitely drank Mo Wen Chen’s blood, like this, the poison in her was the same as that in Mo Wen Chen. She had already in good condition, then giving the same antidote for Mo Wen Chen to drink, would the effect have any difference?