Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 13

Chapter 13: To Break the Calm
“It’s a pity, why must she be Su Qi Qi.” Lei Yu Feng shook his head as if he found it inconceivable, but when he looked at Mo Wen Chen he gave an evil smirk.
“Get lost, smirk somewhere else.” Mo Wen Chen’s face was gloomy and he glared at Lei Yu Feng in a bad mood.
At the side Leng Yan’s cheeks also twitched. He wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to.
This wang fei was indeed not ordinary, her only fault was that she was Su Qi Qi.
Otherwise, she was actually extremely compatible with his house’s wang ye.
Su Qi Qi asked the steward for some books relating to the medical field. Although Wang fu didn’t have any secret collections, it wasn’t short on normal medical texts.
Here Su Qi Qi had just opened her mouth and from the other side came the people the steward had sent, carrying ten or so books.
Because Su Qi Qi had to give Mo Wen Chen medical treatment, she was moved out of the Laundry Department and lived next door to Mo Wen Chen. This was also Su Qi Qi’s request.
To figure out how the fundamental characteristics of the medicine combined and such, Su Qi Qi had to first get Mo Wen Chen’s poison prescription from Lei Yu Feng.
She couldn’t help but admire Lei Clan residence’s information network. Even though they couldn’t find an antidote, they were still able gather this poison’s prescription without even half a word missing.
Since it was in the great Yan Imperial Palace, this was quite an achievement.
While compounding the antidote she also continued to give acupuncture to Mo Wen Chen to stop the spread of poison in his body.
Facing that cold expressionless appearance everyday, with eyes whose depths were ungaugable, Su Qi Qi actually gradually got used to it.
At least this face is still extremely attractive, if it were possible to get rid of his coldness, he would also be a Zhuo Shi Jia gongzi1, an elegant beautiful youth.

(1) 浊世佳公子 – “Zhuo Shi Jia gongzi” I think, is a character from a poem written by Nalan Xingde, a Manchu ethic Qing dynasty poet. Basically the character is described as an elegant beautiful youth. “gongzi” which will probably be used in the future is a way of saying and addressing young man, typically used towards nobles.

Never speaking more than necessary, Su Qi Qi only focused on compounding the antidote and giving Mo Wen Chen acupuncture with an indifferent expression.
As for Mo Wen Chen, he continued just like he had in the past, not even sparing her a glance.
When she heard that Su Qi Qi already moved back to the Wang fu main courtyard from the Laundry Department, Hua Qian Zi nearly tore her own courtyard apart. She beat the yatou that served at her side until her entire body was covered with wounds but it still wasn’t enough to disperse her anger.
But seeing that Mo Wen Chen was here in the fu, she didn’t dare to be too impudent.
In the lists of medicines Su Qi Qi wrote, there would often be rare items and Lei Yu Feng was in charge the task of finding these items.
He was actually quite happy to do this job.
It seems that the Lei clan residence didn’t need him to personally manage the tasks at all. Of course, this was only Su Qi Qi’s suspicion seeing that he never had anything to do.
And in regards to that night in which he gave her medicine, neither of the two ever brought it up. When they encountered each other in the courtyard, they would only give a greeting and didn’t speak any excessive words.
Trying to neutralize the poison is not an easy task and wasn’t a task that could be completed overnight. Towards this point, Mo Wen Chen was actually quite patient.
Won’t make things intentionally difficult for Su Qi Qi.
Nowadays, everyone knew that great Yan’s arrogant Mo Wen Chen had already became a useless person.
Thus, with this, Wang fu quieted down a lot.
In the past assassins would continuously break into the fu, but now it was no longer of interest to anyone.
This actually made it more convenient for Mo Wen Chen to recover from his injuries and suppress the poison.
It’s just that the good scenery didn’t last long.
On this day, Su Qi Qi was currently testing the medicine. When coming up with the antidote, she would also use some extreme poison. Although Su Qi Qi had prepared the antidote for the poison, but the process of being poisoned was still extremely painful.
Su Qi Qi who had just used the antidote was deathly pale as paper and covered with a white garment, it made her entire body look even more unhealthily thin.
“Wang Fei niang niang.” Leng Yan stood next to the door and softly called.
Wiping away the sweat on her forehead, Su Qi Qi quickly tidied up the herbal medicines near her, then got up to open the door.
“Wang ye requested for you.” Leng Yan was still like a block of ice, his words were also stiff and to the point.
Su Qi Qi didn’t dare to neglect and so soon headed out.
Following Leng Yan to where the steward was. At this moment the steward had brought several servants and was currently waiting in the lounge.
So it was because the Emperor and Empress had came out to “observe” the circumstances of the people, and just happened to come to the Magnetic capital administrated by Bei Ding Hou.
Su Qi Qi knew, the Emperor and Empress came with the intention to humiliate Mo Wen Chen, second was to verify if the information that they heard was true or not. If Mo Wen Chen had really became a useless person, then he would no longer be a threat to the throne of the Emperor.
She gave a silent sigh in her heart, looks like her hopes of staying away from the quarrels is really going to be hard.
Even if she was Mo Wen Chen’s savior right now what does it matter. As if that sort of coldblooded person would even keep it in mind, not to mention, right now someone was coming to remind him how she was married to him at that time.
This is just adding frost over the snow, rubbing salt on wounds. And with Mo Wen Chen’s type of personality, how could he possibly endure this humiliation.
While facing the mirror and grooming herself, she thought about how to get through this in one piece.
But now Su Qi Qi calmed down again. She couldn’t come up with any ideas, so could only take things step by step.