Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Threatened
“I’ve already found out, the person who poisoned you was sent by the emperor. This poison was manufactured by one of the nation masters. The toxicity and medical nature haven’t even been specifically identified, when wang ye, you became a test subject.” As Lei Yu Feng said these words, he didn’t look at Mo Wen Chen.
This incident really is hard for people to accept.
“Imperial elder brother……” Mo Wen Chen firmly clenched his fist. Even though he had already faintly guessed it, but hearing it now still made his heart ache. Looks like, out of the two of them, only one can live on……
Each step that Mo Wen Chen, himself conceded, he actually closed in step by step.
Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng both lowered their heads, not speaking a word.
Right now was not the time to speak.
“Understood. Leng Yan, go call Su Qi Qi over.” After a moment’s effort, Mo Wen Chen restored an air of cold indifference.
Lei Yu Feng also moved to hide behind the screen.
He wanted to know what Mo Wen Chen will do, and how Su Qi Qi will react to such an unreasonable Mo Wen Chen?
That day when he gave her the medicine in the forest, it was just a sudden whim.
He didn’t have any particular thoughts regarding Su Qi Qi.
“Wang ye.” Seeing that Mo Wen Chen had woken up, Su Qi Qi’s heart seemed to have released a breath of tension, but also became several degrees more nervous.
“You have ruined ben wang.” Mo Wen Chen’s voice was like coming face to face with a basin of cold water from the ice world.
It made Su Qi Qi’s mood immediately change, she at once lowered her head: “Qie 1 is guilty.”

(1) 妾 – “qie” concubine; this consort

She laughed bitterly in her heart, looks like she really did something stupid again. How could someone like Mo Wen Chen ever feel grateful to her.
She used acupuncture techniques to allow him to wake up, but because she couldn’t force the poison out of his internal organs, right now Mo Wen Chen was no different from an invalid, and could only lie on the bed.
In a blink, Su Qi Qi’s entire body was already flung up into the air, then fell back on the floor.
Pain, seeming to penetrate from everywhere, but besides giving a bitter smile, Su Qi Qi did not show any other reaction.
She knew, this person in front of her had already acted with mercy. On her body, besides pain, there was no other unwell feeling, no broken ribs, and no harm was done to her internal organs and she didn’t puke blood.
But her body was already completely covered with bruises, this one strike, it was bit impossible for her body to stand.
Raising her head and seeing Mo Wen Chen’s cold expression, Su Qi Qi clenched her teeth, with both hands pushed herself and stood up with great effort: “Thank wang ye for his mercy and not killing.”
“Ben wang does not want to lower himself to bicker with a woman.” When Mo Wen Chen saw Su Qi Qi’s indifferent expression earlier, he also felt slightly moved.
But when he spoke his words were still harsh.
“Wang ye‘s great mercy, Su Qi Qi will remember as long as she lives.” Speaking each word seriously, Su Qi Qi straightened her waist.
In her heart she was coldly smiling, no matter how patiently she waited, she still wouldn’t be able to exchange for what she desired.
“Since this is the case, then ben wang will give you one chance, cure ben wang, what ever medical materials you need just ask for from the steward.” Mo Wen Chen said it passingly. He was also gambling. All the famous doctors in the country had been called but no one was able to neutralize the poison in his body.
At present, he could only entrust all his hopes to Su Qi Qi.
“Wang ye……” Su Qi Qi was startled.
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“If you cannot cure ben wang, then you can just wait for the coffin that ben wang will prepare for you.” Mo Wen Chen’s expression was already resolute, not giving Su Qi Qi a single chance.
Telling her, this was a command.
“Yes.” Su Qi Qi could only lower her head and accept it.
Whether she could save him or not, even Su Qi Qi was not certain. Although her medical expertise was exceptional, she didn’t have much experience. In Xiang fu, she was too low-key, no one even knew that she had such a skill.
Giving Mo Wen Chen acupuncture to suppress his poison also only temporarily postponed the effect of the toxins, preserving his life by preventing the poison from spreading to the five viscera and six bowels.
“Could you give me a few days?” Su Qi Qi immediately calmed down, right now whether she wanted to save him or not she still had to save him. She can only try her best, her own life was still in her own hands.
“Of course.” Mo Wen Chen’s reply was also very straightforward.
“Then qie shall withdraw first.” Su Qi Qi gave a curtsy and turned to leave. Her back was perfectly straight, showing some solidarity. Right now Su Qi Qi only used that pitiful arrogance to cover up her disappointment and unwillingness.
Watching as Su Qi Qi disappeared from his line of sight, Mo Wen Chen tugged at the corner of his mouth: “Unconcerned about reputation and willing to bow and submit when the situation demands it yet still knowing when to stand tall, it truly is such a pity.”