Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 11

Chapter 11: No Cure
“No way, you already woke up yet you didn’t send anyone to notify me, making me worry about you this whole time.” The moment he entered, Lei Yu Feng started resentfully lamenting and being noisy.
Mo Wen Chen shot him a glare: “You have eyes but can’t see?”
Lei Yu Feng grudgingly sat down, shaking his head: “Who would have thought? Your wang fei sure isn’t simple. All those brilliant famous Jiang Hu doctors shook their heads and said to prepare for your funeral arrangements, but all she did was jab a few needles and your life was snatched back.”
He spoke in a casual, unconcerned tone.
Listening to this, Mo Wen Chen knitted his brows and looked at Leng Yan: “What have you found?”
Leng Yan was distracted for a moment: “Wang fei was ordinary and mediocre since the time she was small. She wasn’t favored in Xiang fu. Her mother is just a timid woman that’s afraid of trouble.”
Giving a nod, Mo Wen Chen pondered over it for a moment: “What happened to her yesterday? Her acupuncture strength today was insufficient.”
Lei Yu Feng smiled, but didn’t speak.
In his heart he replied that of course there wasn’t enough strength, receiving that kind of heavy injury yet still being able to to give you acupuncture was already pretty amazing.
“Not enough strength?” Leng Yan was also absentminded for a moment. He did feel that something was off about wang fei today, but he didn’t pay much attention.
“That’s right.” A flicker of suspicion also flitted through Mo Wen Chen’s eyes: “But, forget it. What wang ye really wants to know right now is why she would decide to take the initiative to help cure ben wang‘s poison.”
“Do you even need to ask, of course she wants to change her fortune and control her fate. You put her, the great honorable daughter of Xiang fu, the highest rank legitimate Imperial Consort, in the Laundry Department, letting her endure this unbearable humiliation.” Lei bao zhu showed an expression as if he completely understood everything.
“Has a point.” Leng Yan also gave a sentence of agreement.
But Mo Wen Chen didn’t nod. After a long while, he said: “Won’t eliminate this possibility, but these two months she didn’t do anything, why would she suddenly decided to now……”
Shrugging his shoulders, Lei bao zhu indicated that he didn’t know.
Leng Yan also shook his head.
“Since it’s like this……” The corner of Mo Wen Chen’s mouth lifted into a smile that carried degrees of ruthlessness and ice.
Shivering, Lei Yu Feng shook his head: “For this Su Qi Qi to encounter you, how unfortunate.”
Actually, Leng Yan also wanted to agree, but seeing his own wang ye‘s dark gaze, he restrained himself.
Ferociously shooting Lei Yu Feng a glare, Mo Wen Chen redirected his line of sight: “Tomorrow, spread the new that ben wang has woken.”
Su Qi Qi was supported back to the Laundry Department. On the way, the steward questioned her several times because her facial color was already starting to pale, but Su Qi Qi did not say it, from start to end, and just said she was a bit tired.
The little yatous sharing the room with her also worriedly asked this and that, but Su Qi Qi would also only smile and reply that she was fine.
She knew, Hua Qian Zi would definitely not just stop here.
Things were only getting started.
If she know Mo Wen Chen was almost about to wake up, who knows if she would, in a moment of desperation, really send people to kill her.
She raised her head to look at the sky that was adrifted with fragments of snowflakes again. The medicine Lei Yu Feng gave was really effective. In just one day, the pain had significantly eased, but the pain in her heart she will have to rely on herself to cure.
She didn’t want to sit and wait for death, so, Su Qi Qi must come up with a plan.
The last day of acupuncture, Su Qi Qi’s hand strength stabilized quite a lot. She must grasp this opportunity and let herself cast off this laundry maid identity.
Until she finished piercing all the acupuncture points, Su Qi Qi gazed at Mo Wen Chen, that face which brought forth the envies of men and admirations of women, the unconscious him made it seem to have human warmth instead of that grim, emotionless, ruthless nature.
This is her own husband, her own reliance, but what had he given her……
Giving a bitter smile, and what she brought him……
Should she blame her appearance for not being extraordinary? Su Qi Qi had never cared about her own appearance.
It wasn’t until Leng Yan softly gave a cough that Su Qi Qi finally regained awareness.
Putting away the acupuncture needles, with only a tiny bit of hesitation, she turned and left.
Su Qi Qi had just left when Lei Yu Feng turned and arrived.
And Mo Wen Chen had also already opened his eyes, the depths of his eyes flashed cold. When he saw Lei Yu Feng, it returned to normal: “Have you found the whereabouts of the antidote?”
Originally his face carried seven parts smile, but hearing this, Lei Yu Feng turned rigid for a moment, then helplessly shook his head: “The antidote for this poison has yet to exist.”
“What does that mean?” Leng Yan pressed.
In contrast, Mo Wen Chen’s facial color didn’t change. He just stared at Lei Yu Feng waiting for his next words.