Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort


Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort Chapter 10

BBP’s Consort: Chapter 10
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Chapter 10: Encountering Again

Su Qi Qi knew that Hua Qian Zi was trying to avoid getting in trouble with Mo Wen Chen, but so what if Mo Wen Chen knew, would he punish Hua Qian Zi for injuring her?
Su Qi Qi knew the answer herself, so, she could only endure it.
“Hold on.”
Not waiting for Su Qi Qi to walk out of the forest, the person up in the tree had already jumped over.
Calmly turning around, without the least bit of fear, Su Qi Qi indifferently glanced at the person: “You are?”
Covering up the pain in her eyes.
“Who I am, you don’t need to know. But, just remember that I saved you once.” The person said casually. His facial features were handsome and youthful, exposed degrees of confidence and ease, causal, but not outstanding.
Lifted corners of mouth gave off the impression of friendliness.
But it only made Su Qi Qi warier. It was so late at night, having an unfamiliar man appear in the Wang fu, of course she had to be careful.
Listening to his words, Su Qi Qi immediately understood, that cat cry just now was precisely this person’s masterpiece.
“Many thanks for this favor of saving my life, Qi Qi will remember.” Su Qi Qi’s expression did not change because of this.
Just slightly gave a bow.
Expression didn’t show the slightest change.
The person smiled as he nodded, seeming to be extremely satisfied with Su Qi Qi’s response. He even took out a porcelain bottle from his bosom, tossed it through the air, which unmistakably accurately landed on the ground in front of Su Qi Qi: “This is Golden Wound Medicine, it can help alleviate some of your pain.”
After the words fell, he leaped off, disappearing into the night.
Looking in the direction that the person disappeared in, Su Qi Qi could no longer maintain her expression. The tears in the rim of her eyes trembled, but didn’t spill. Reaching out to grasp the porcelain bottle, she softly sighed: “Mother, enduring the way you taught, will it really allow me live whether it be wide seas or open skies1……”

(1) The saying basically translates to “wide sea and open sky”, so there’s two ways to interpret it. The one I chose is ‘by enduring you can survive anywhere’. The other possibility, less likely though in my opinion, is ‘by enduring you will eventually live to be set free’.

She took her head, then started walking step by step towards the Laundry Department……
Once the day brightened, the steward personally came to get Su Qi Qi.
But today Su Qi Qi wasn’t waiting at the door like she usually was.
The old steward winkled his brows, but patiently waited.
He was grateful to Su Qi Qi, afterall she at least saved Mo Wen Chen.
After dealing with the bloodstained unlined garment and using ice water to wash her face in order to make it look less haggard, Su Qi Qi pushed opened the door to walk out, smiling slightly: “Apologies for making uncle wait.”
In regards Su Qi Qi’s good upbringing, uncle steward was very approving of it.
“Wang fei, please.” The steward also gave a smile, not noticing Su Qi Qi’s abnormality.
Although Su Qi Qi used all her strength to conceal the injuries on her body, her movements had still slowed down a lot. Tightly holding the needle in her sleeve, Su Qi Qi gritted her teeth, forcing herself to endure.
Only two more days. After these two days, everything will start anew.
Of course, this is only what Su Qi Qi believed.
But in reality, what will happen to Su Qi Qi after Mo Wen Chen woke up will be hard to tell.
Concentrating hard while giving acupuncture to Mo Wen Chen, Su Qi Qi’s forehead became covered with sweat.
Leng Yan slightly frowned, apparently he felt that there was something wrong with Su Qi Qi, but he couldn’t tell what it was.
Anyways, he still remembered Mo Wen Chen’s instructions, to investigate Su Qi Qi’s past, and find out exactly what her goal was.
After wiping the needle, Su Qi Qi rose and prepared to leave, only to see the person walking in from the front and freeze, stunned. This person was precisely the one that presented the medicine yesterday.
A black colored robe, attractive facial features, corner of the mouth holding a slight smile, confident mischievous pair of eyes. It made Su Qi Qi a bit lost. Who exactly was this person, he could actually walk freely in the Wang fu.
Towards Su Qi Qi’s distracted stare, that person didn’t pay attention at all, not even glancing at Su Qi Qi as if pretending she wasn’t there.
“Lei bao zhu.” Leng Yan already stepped up to give greetings.
“How is wang ye‘s condition?” Lei bao zhu, Lei Clan residence’s newly-appointed bao zhu Lei Yu Feng, asked, worry flashing through his face.
Leng Yan glanced at Su Qi Qi’s leaving figure and did not reply.
The moment Su Qi Qi left, Mo Wen Chen opened his eyes, his eyes completely cold, devoid of emotion, but still contained strength and power.