Black Bellied Husband's Indulgence: His Wife is not Allowed to Hide


Black Bellied Husband's Indulgence: His Wife is not Allowed to Hide Chapter 4

Chapter 4: An Outrageously Good-looking Face

"This is my house!" Jiang Beihan glanced at her, kindly reminding her.

The man's voice was very pleasant, very magnetic, just like his outrageously good-looking face.

However, she does not know why, whether it was because of his gaze or his voice, but people cannot detect any emotions from him. On the contrary, he gives people a cold feeling.

Song Wenxin remained dumbfounded for a while. Then, her face revealed a puzzled expression. How did she get in this place?

"Someone gave you to me!" The man added.

After such a reminder, Song Wenxin suddenly remembered something…

Shen Jiayu asked her for dinner. After drinking a glass of water, she felt that something was wrong… She thought of leaving the restaurant, however, before she even got out of the private room, she fainted.

"Was it Shen Jiayu?"  Song Wenxin gritted her teeth and gripped the quilt tightly.

The man let out a sneer, and then suddenly leaned over, "You seem to focus on the wrong thing!"

The point now is not on who gave her to him but rather… She's in his bed right now!

In the past, regardless of who sent the woman, that woman will always end up being thrown out!

However, when he saw her, he changed his mind.

"What do you want?!" Song Wenxin became scared. She hurriedly pulled the quilt around herself and then shrank towards the side of the bed.

"What do you think?" The man glanced at her.

"I'm warning you…  Do not do anything reckless, or I will call the police!" Song Wenxin panicky reached out towards her body, but did not find her mobile phone.

Oh… The man sneered again.

He suddenly reached from his coat pocket, found a black mobile phone and then handed it to her.

She was dumbfounded and gave him a puzzled look. What does he mean?

"Call the police!" He said.

"……" Song Wenxin for a moment thought she heard it wrong.

He actually gave her his mobile phone so she could call the police?

She widened her eyes, stared at him vigilantly, wondering if this could be a trap.

Or….. Maybe, he is just so arrogant to the point that he is not afraid of anyone.

After a careful thought, she gritted her teeth and decided to reach for the phone.

However, at this point, the man actually took back his hand.

"I gave you a chance, but you've missed it."

"You!" Song Wenxin clenched her jaw, she felt a bit of anger rising in her heart. Is he playing with her? Bastard!

"What's wrong with me?" The man looked at her coldly and asked.

"You… certainly, is not a bad guy, right?" Song Wenxin suppressed her anger, then suddenly put on a bright smile, and smiled at him broadly.

The change in her facial expression was so sudden that even Jiang Beihan could not help but be stunned.

"I'm sure you are definitely a good man. You will let me go, won't you?" Song Wenxin continued to smile, and strive hard to speak good words: "Generally, good-looking men have good hearts. And for such a handsome man like you, your heart must especially be good!" She praised him against her conscience. She do admits that he is really good looking, but whether he has a good heart, she was unsure of it.

At this moment, she is facing a lofty and imposing man. And this is his territory. Aside from pretending to be terrified and flaunting her smiles, there seems to be no better way.

That bastard Shen Jiayu! She will definitely not allow his evil scheme to succeed!

"What if I do not let you go?"