Black-Bellied Dad


Black-Bellied Dad Chapter 10

Black-Bellied Dad Chapter 10

News of Xu He Jun and Huang Shang Rong’s marriage quickly spreads. Originally Huang Shang Rong had only wanted to hold a small ceremony with their close friends and co-workers. But if Xu He Jun’s parents appear everything would be exposed.

So they could only spend a lot of effort to hold two ceremonies. One in Taiwan, where they invited all their colleagues and supervisors at the company, while using their honeymoon to hold a grand ceremony in England, which all the relatives and close friends of the Xu family, as well as the company’s major shareholders and senior staff attended.

Now it didn’t matter who was first or second, they were already husband and wife. Their dominant woman-submissive man pairing was praised throughout the company for a period. Everyone was saying that since marrying, Huang Shang Rong’s bearing and temper had improved immensely, while Xu He Jun was working harder than ever, with his weak and overly affectionate personality became more mature as he aged. But he still hadn’t changed his devious nature. No matter where he went, he would quickly grasp everyone’s weak points.

Aside from that agreeable personality of his, there’s still that awe inspiring —- no no no, that’s to say that respectable other half of his – general manager Huang Shang Rong. Even after marriage, Huang Shang Rong’s fierce style hadn’t changed. Whether it’s a man or a woman, as long as they made a mistake, they’ll be indiscriminately smeared.

The contrast between the two of them, one firm and one flexible, one hard and one soft, some people can’t help but admire Xu He Jun’s soft approach, while others thought he had truly profited the most! Some people even think, with Huang Shang Rong’s abilities, she could easily find a good man. Being with Xu He Jun, and the fact that he even has a kid, is truly too unfortunate for her!

“A better man wouldn’t necessary suit me more.” At the time when her close friends tried to warn her that Xu He Jun wasn’t a good marriage candidate, Huang Shang Rong merely replied like this.

To think so many people have to consider a man’s background as one of the criteria for marriage. Sometimes, she can’t help but think how fortunate she is that she can support herself and easily live on her own. Otherwise, if she didn’t have the skills but still fell for a poor brat, and was determined to be with him, they wouldn’t be able to persist for long. Being together, they’d have to endure a lot of suffering.

Less than half a year into their marriage, her stomach starts to swell. Originally this was a joyous occasion, only they hadn’t expected that it would become something that caused everyone to gawk——

Right after Huang Shang Rong shared her news, it’s strange how the president always comes to the 10th floor for inspection. And even the president’s wife who rarely visits, often runs into the general manager’s office, sometimes with nutritious tonics and sometimes with bird’s nest soup, so Huang Shang Rong always has a lot of unfinished nourishing products beside her. While even the high ranking executives and large shareholders occasionally enquire after her.

The entire company starts to speculate over her affairs. This whole time they hadn’t planned to proceed with the child care plan, but ever since Huang Shang Rong became pregnant, neither she nor Xu He Jun needed to mention it, when the president and several major shareholders took the initiative to pass the plan, letting them draw their own conclusions.

Although everyone had strong suspicions that Huang Shang Rong had a strong benefactor, their thoughts were really too overboard. So in the end no one really knew what was going on, not to mention these types of things, if no one explicitly reveals anything, people normally wouldn’t know what was going on.

It’s fine like this too, since their marriage is already official. Anyway they should just strive to climb higher.

The day of their wedding anniversary, Xu He Jun mysteriously takes half the day off, telling her he’ll be waiting for her at home.

Huang Shang Rong had already expected that he was up to something, yet once she enters the door, she realizes nothing is out of place. Only, Xu He Jun had gone out of his way to prepare a few of her favourite dishes and had also cleaned up their home —– to her, this is already the best gift.

After they’re full, Xu He Jun suddenly runs back into their room in a secretive manner, before coming out with his hand behind his back.

“Darling, this is my gift to you. I had wanted to give it to you earlier, but since I had it ordered overseas, it took 2 months to arrive.”

“You bought something useless again?”

“No no no, this time I didn’t buy random things,” he pulls her into a hug, the palm of his hand placed against her stomach. “This is something I had made especially for you and the little baby.”

“What did you buy? A baby’s walker?” Huang Shang Rong asks with a smile. “It’s fine if we just let her use Hao Hao’s. We don’t need to keep buying them, even though we have money we shouldn’t waste it like this.”

“It’s not a baby’s walker,” He takes out a key from his pocket. “It’s a foreign sedan.”

A black coloured key with four circles imprinted on its head.

“Where did you get so much money? Those cost at least 2 million!”

“From my past savings!”

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t touch those?”

“I said I wouldn’t use it! But I can definitely use it to buy something for you.”

Hateful, he really knows how to twist his words!

“I don’t want it, you’re being too wasteful! My own car is still relatively new, it’s fine if I just exchange it later on.”

“If you think it’s a pity, I’ll drive yours and you can take this one.”

“It’s too expensive!”

“But this has high class imported steel plating, it’s really sturdy!” He raises his thumb. “I wanted both mother and child to stay safe!”

This brat, saying these types of things without even blushing or faltering!

“It’s fine like this. We should live in a way that matches our background.”

“You’re the mother of my children, my unparalleled treasure, so of course I want to leave the best for you.” As he speaks, he takes out his bank book. “This is my salary for the month; as well as everything I have to offer, the bank book for my past savings, shares, funds, fixed assets and property, soon it’ll all be yours.”

Listening to him, Huang Shang Rong’s heart is moved. She’s not used to receiving gifts or affection from others, usually she’s the one giving them out. After marriage, suddenly their roles are reversed and she’s still unaccustomed to it.

She hesitantly takes the key, but after reflecting, she still thinks the gift is too precious. While she’s delighted it has nothing to do with how expensive the gift is. What makes her happy is his intention.

“But just because you bought me such an expensive gift, it won’t make me love you more.”

“I know, you’re not the type of woman who values a gift based on its price.”

Xu He Jun reaches over to hug her, holding her close to him, before carrying her up like a child.

“I only wanted you to have the best, to be carefree and to be happy. As your husband, I should give my all to look after you, just like how you want to give our children the best environment, and I want to treasure you, just like how you want to treasure our children.”

“He Jun…” Huang Shang Rong bites her lip, reaching her hand to stroke his cheek, feeling the prickles of his stubble, before lightly kissing his lips, filled with affection. “I love you.”

He knows. Looking in her watery eyes, he sees the most sincere devotion, “I will love you more and more each day.”

She obediently accepts his kisses, when Xu He Jun suddenly thinks of something, raising his head to ask her.

“Shang Rong, I want to ask you something, and I want you to answer me honestly.”


“That day…. that is, that day when I was dead drunk, why did you climb into my bed?”

“Eh…..” She gulps, as the thick, honeyed atmosphere between them suddenly disperses.

“I thought and deliberated over it for a long time, but I still couldn’t figure out why! Did I force myself on you? But with your strong personality, you would have kicked me apart! So why didn’t you?”

How hateful, she had lived too long like a normal person that she had forgotten the spiritual phenomena that had harassed her for decades had only improved because of He Jun. Not to mention Hao Hao is a boy filled with strong Yang energy and is always crawling around beside her, while since entering the family registry, the Xu family’s divine guardians had also busied themselves with protecting her, so those oppressive situations haven’t occurred since.

Only, should she confess everything to him?

No, once she recalls his excessive actions, keeping such an important think from her for so long, how could she just tell him so readily that at the time, because her own physique was weak, she had crawled next to him to ‘extract warmth’…..

Not to mention he might not even believe her, and take her as a Yang absorbing witch!

She definitely won’t tell him! This brat, his skin is already so thick, if he knew how much she loved each of his kisses and caresses, he’ll definitely hold it over her for the rest of their lives!

Sometimes it’s good for lovers to have some secrets between them.

“Actually, it’s because….” Secretly trying to come up with an excuse, the normally upright and honest Huang Shang Rong still can’t think of a good explanation after a while. “That is….nnn….”

Watching her hesitate, Xu He Jun can roughly guess, “You couldn’t have… already eyed me for a long time, and took the opportunity while I was drunk to climb into my bed!”

“Gah?” Huang Shang Rong blanks. This brat, his skin really is thick!

“So that’s how it is.” Looking at her reaction, he knows it’s pretty close. “I knew it, that time out of all the assistants, why did you choose me to enter your department? I knew it, I was exactly your type! Actually I had wanted to ask you about it for a long time, but I was a little embarrassed. But since we’re husband and wife now, we shouldn’t fuss over such a small matter!”

“…” Under the heavens, there really aren’t many people like him left.

After being with him for so long, she’s more or less learnt how to ‘overcome strength through adopting a soft approach’. Recalling how he had wanted her to moderate her imposing personality, right now it’ll really come in handy! Didn’t he want her to act like a bar hostess, and to speak more fawningly? Men all care about their pride! Good, then he, Xu He Jun will remain ignorant to the end!

Following his words, Huang Shang Rong purses her lips provocatively.

“Right, you found out. I had ‘eyed’ you for a while, so that night I couldn’t hold back anymore. The one that forced themselves on the other was me, not you.”

He hadn’t thought someone so blunt would say something so tender and bewitching, Xu He Jun is truly shocked. To think his charisma is so strong that even the female Emperor couldn’t resist!

“Oh Shang Rong, my darling.”

Good good, being a little more flattering truly gets you results. She, Huang Shang Rong has now learnt.