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Biblia v3: Miss Shioriko and the Lasting Bonds – Progress:100%
Tsukumodo Antique Shop v5 – Progress: 59%

Hey, guys! My name’s hikaslap, and I’m happy to introduce to you our translation of Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou, or Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files, by Mikami En. erebea, your wonderful translator, graduated from our first ND Academy program in 2015. As for the book itself, well, the titular Biblia is a bookstore run by one Shinokawa Shioriko. But “Case Files?” What does that mean?

This is a mystery novel. There are mysteries and puzzles to solve in every chapter – but we don’t solve crimes here. With Shioriko’s help, we solve mysteries about books, and especially mysteries about the people who own them or used to, because you see, Biblia is also a book about books. Love for literature is enshrined in every page – whether it be Natsume Soseki’s books or A Clockwork Orange. (But mostly Japanese literature.) Why don’t you come into the bookstore and see what Shioriko can do for you?

If you like this story, make sure you’re grateful to Mikami-sensei first of all. But then you can also be thankful to Erebea for his hard work – it is certainly a learning experience for him.

-hikaslap, Biblia supervisor

PS. We didn’t translate Volume 1; Erebea only started at Volume 2. It was translated by TehPing at . However, the version you’re reading here has had rather extensive edits made by me, Erebea, and Zanzaroo, making it an ND-Ping collaboration!

Improper fractions, yo.

The last three parts of chapter 3, along with the epilogue and afterword are up,  meaning this volume is officially done. Click to start from chapter 3.

Although I’m the one who posts most of the updates, I want to take a moment to thank Amy and Hikaslap whose excellent work make Biblia and this site what it is today. This is by no means a solo effort.

I also want to thank all the people who read and comment on the translations. Really makes me happy to see people enjoy the story as much as I do 😀

Next up is Tsukumodo volume 5, chapter 3. I don’t know when it’ll be done yet, but I am working on it.


The next chapter of Biblia is now up, as promised.  I translated parts 1-6 this time. The next update will have the rest of chapter 3 along with the epilogue and afterword. Look forward to it!

Read the new chapter .


My name is erebea and I have a translation problem.

See, this announcement isn’t for Biblia, or even Tsukumodo. It’s for an entirely different series that I did on a whim so that the Side Projects page could have something in it. This side project is also a big part of the reason Biblia is delayed ehehehe….

But before you start throwing tomatoes, let me continue.

I still plan on finishing volume 3 by the end of the month. Chapter 3 parts 1-5 should be ready by the end of this week, and the rest of the volume will be completed after that.

I’ll finish Tsukumodo volume 5 after that. No more distractions, I promise.

Anyway, now to the main event. I translated the prologue for the first volume of Read or Die. I say prologue, but it’s really a 40-odd page short story.  It’s something that even people with 0 experience with the series can enjoy.

and let me know what you think. Also tell me if you see any weird typos.


As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been moving some stuff around here.

1. Biblia and Tsukumodo both have their own headers. Tsukumodo will no longer be posted under the “Side Projects” page.

2. I’m uploading volumes 1-4 of Tsukumodo here. This is just a rehost of the original translation on Baka-tsuki (taken with permission) and will not be edited in any way.

There’s a ton of text to move and reformat, so don’t expect everything to be up until at least the end of the month–I’m doing this one volume at a time. Let me know if you see any broken links/strange stuff.

3. I’m halfway through translating the next Biblia chapter. ETA is maybe early to mid June.

Couple things this month.

1. Biblia v3 Chapter 2 is now complete, . I’m currently translating chapter 3

2. I posted a teaser for . I’m only working on it from time to time now, but will focus on it seriously once this Biblia volume is done.

3. We got a new banner for Tsukumodo. You’ll likely see a few more in the upcoming month.


Thank you Miki for finishing these, they look great!

I’m going to be deliberately mysterious and not mention what banner we’re talking about. (They’re all related to something that starts with “Tsu”!) It’s been less of a side project and more of a co-main project for awhile now.

Also, we don’t have more than one of these banners yet at this point in time (May 1st 2017), but gradually you’ll see them.


I’ve been abnormally busy this past month, and unfortunately wasn’t able to complete the chapter. I posted half of the chapter since that’s already been translated. Read it .

ebooks have finally been released. Check them out

goes back to translating.

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