Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 92

Chapter 92 – Blood Moon!!

Su Ming’s heart raced as he looked at Grandpa leave, as he saw Grandpa’s parting gaze, he became afraid of the meaning within.

“Nightwings…… NightWings…… a Fire-Mán Technique” Su Ming stared at the Nightwing formed by the crimson mist, a vague thought surfacing amidst his fear. Although the idea had not fully surfaced, he had the feeling that once it did, it would definitely be greatly beneficial.

The moment a rumble came from the skies, from the cover of the forest, over ten figures shot out with battle cries, these were the third wave of Hei Shan Tribe pursuers, and leading them was the Hei Shan Tribe Patriarch and the gloomy Bi Su!

Practically at the same time as these people appeared, Su Ming unhesitatingly rushed towards them along with the other various cultivators of the Wu Shan Tribe.

All the remaining cultivators except for the Wu Shan Tribe Patriarch and three other people, all rushed forth to fight, to buy time for their tribe’s escape.

Tears could be seen in the Wu Shan Tribe Patriarch’s eyes as he turned to look onwards, leading the tribe forward while under the protection of the Mán-Totem. As the tribesmen escaped, they continued to support each other, unwilling to leave anymore behind. Other than the patriarch, Wu La too remained to protect the people as her cultivation was not very high.

Another who remained behind was Shan Hen, he choose not to go out and do battle and silently protect the tribe, carrying several children who could no longer walk as he followed the tribe.

Su Ming did not look back, he was filled with killing intent as he silently charged to do battle with the ten or so Hei Shan attackers.

He held onto the crimson red spear with his hand which constantly got dyed with even more fresh blood as the sounds of combat resounded around him.

The strongest of the Hei Shan Tribe attackers was the Hei Shan Tribe patriarch who was battling Nan Song. Although his face looked aged, the current powerful blood qi emerging from his body was extremely shocking.

Su Ming’s own blood qi stirred as his two hundred and forty three blood veins condensed into one, filled with killing intent and his frightening speed, Su Ming’s spear shot forth and smashed a Hei Shan Tribesman into bits before meeting a bone knife flying towards his back.

His entire body shook and his right hand became numb from the impact as he was forced a step back, the Hei Shan Tribesmen whose knife met his spear was in no better condition, as blood fell from his lips and he took three steps back.

Without waiting for his opponent to stabilise himself, Su Ming had already rushed towards him without caring for his own injuries, his left hand shooting powerfully towards him.

The Hei Shan Tribesman did not have time to dodge and could only use his knife to try and parry the strike, but Su Ming’s fist did not stop and blood erupted from his fist as he directly smashed through the knife and shattering it with a bang as it could not withstand Su Ming’s overwhelming strength. Seeing this, the Hei Shan Tribesman’s face turned aghast as he retreated with his maximum speed.

Unfortunately, Su Ming was even faster, instantly closing the gap, he prepared to strike against the man. However, at the moment before he struck, he felt a sense of danger closing in on him resulting in him finally choosing to dodge a step away instead. Immediately, he felt a sharp pain from behind as an arrow penetrated his back and exited straight out his right chest.

But as it was escaping his body, Su Ming’s hand grabbed hold of the shaft sticking out his chest and forcefully left the arrow within his body.

Knowing that most of the damage would have been done when the arrow leaves the body, he choose to leave the arrow inside instead to prevent a massive amount of blood loss from the arrow hole, using the arrow as a stopper for the blood.

Furiously turning around, Su Ming saw that in the distance the Hei Shan Tribe Marksmen who was retreated after failing his kill and prepared to nock another arrow only to meet the Wu Shan Tribe Marksmen in combat.

Su Ming retracted his gaze, although the blood moon in the sky was obscured by the bloody mist, the moonlight was still able to pass through. Without anyone’s notice, this moonlight entered Su Ming’s body, the night was after all Su Ming’s domain, it was just too bad that the moon was being obstructed by the bloody mist.

His body flashed forward, with his right hand waving before him, a formless stand of moonlight moved towards the Hei Shan Tribesman who had previously narrowly escaped death. Without even knowing how, his body shook and his head rolled off his neck, and before it even reached the ground Su Ming had stamped it onto the floor, smashing it into a bloody pulp before running to the other Hei Shan Tribesmen.

The current Lei Chen was in a critical situation, he was previously injured and in addition to his ordinary cultivation levels, he was already a spent force at this moment. Whats more, the person he was fighting was an opponent at the sixth level of blood condensation, with a cruel smile he landed another fist on Lei Chen’s chest, causing fresh blood to fly out his mouth.

Excitedly, he prepared to smash Lei Chen’s head, but at this moment, a whistling noise reached his ears as Su Ming’s foot reached his head. The attack was filled with Su Ming’s entire cultivation and instantly sent the man rolling backwards as he coughed out blood.

Lei Chen raised his head as he fell forwards, the moment the Hei Shan Tribesmen fell, he knew that his blood qi was a mess and his life hung by a thread. As such, he choose to bit his own tongue and release one last blood arrow towards Lei Chen. Lei Chen knew he could not dodge, and if he missed this one last chance, and he allowed his opponent to reorganise his blood qi, he would be dead for sure.

As the black bloody arrow approached him, he used his left hand to block it causing the blood to splatter everywhere, an unimaginable pain spreading from his arm as black blood pierced it and some of it also landed onto his right eye. However, his body had sufficiently neared the Hei Shan Tribesmen who cried out in fear as Lei Chen’s right fist landed on the person’s head, fist after fist, the person’s entire body was smashed.

While bitterly smiling, Lei Chen’s right eye could no longer see, however he held no regrets, all he did was bitterly smile with determination.

With his left eye, he saw that two more Hei Shan Tribesmen were approaching him, Lei Chen smiled as he thought to himself.

“A little closer, just a little closer, and I will use my own flesh and blood to drag you along with me so I won’t be lonely on the way to the yellow springs!” Just as Lei Chen prepared to detonate his own blood veins, a figure shot past him, that figure was Su Ming!

Su Ming’s eyes were red, he wanted to rescue Lei Chen, but in doing so he aggravated his own injury causing more blood flowed from it. Su Ming’s hand shot towards the enemies and a strand of moonlight flew towards one of the Hei Shan Tribesmen by Lei Chen’s side who was about to cut of Lei Chen’s head. But seeing Lei Chen’s expression, he hurriedly wanted to back off, only to feel his body wracked with pain as his eyes blurred. He had actually been sliced into several pieces.

The moment he died, Su Ming arrived, without caring about the Hei Shan Tribesman who ran away after seeing Lei Chen’s expression, he stomped on Lei Chen’s expanding blood veins which were about to explode.

Given that his cultivation was sufficiently above Lei Chen, this strike managed to suppress Lei Chen’s expanding blood qi, preventing it from detonating. Without pause, he then hurriedly threw Lei Chen onto his back, fastening him there using a strand of moonlight as rope.


“Don’t speak, if you want to die, at least wait for me to die together!” Su Ming spoke as he turned around with killing intent.

Lei Chen’s tears rolled down his cheeks as he gazed at Su Ming’s face without speaking, tightly holding the bone axe Su Ming gave him, he prepared to fight alongside Su Ming.

Compared to where Su Ming was, the battlefield Nan Song was at was even more frightening, Nan Song was not only single handedly fighting the Hei Shan Tribe Patriarch, he was also fighting the group of five Bi Su was in at the same time.

However, the most tragic battle was still where the Wu Shan Tribe and Hei Shan Tribe Marksmen were battling it out!

Arrows whistled as they flew with terrifying speed as the two shot numerous arrows at each other. Bei Ling’s father fought desperately as he knew he definitely had to kill this other Marksmen, for if he lived, the damage he could cause was just too great.

At the end, the Wu Shan Tribe Marksmen lost his legs in exchange for a single arrow through the Hei Shan Tribe Marksmen’s chest! As his opponent finally fell, the Wu Shan Tribe Marksmen finally let out a weak smile.

Though the battle had barely started, it had already claimed several casualties, of the nine Wu Shan Tribe cultivators, only six remained, these six lead by Nan Song constantly fought as they slowly retreated.

Bei Ling was gravely injured, and seeing his father lose his legs, he too carried his father as he staggered to keep up, however he himself was too not far from his end.

The Hei Shan Tribe too had several corpses, they were currently left with nine people, and even the Hei Shan Tribe Patriarch himself was injured with blood flowing down his lips as he stared at Nan Song, he had never expected Nan Song to actually be that strong.

But he had to be decisive right now, under his lead they had already chased all the way here. In Bi Su’s eyes, he had too noticed Su Ming’s existence and his terrifying cultivation, he knew that in the Wu Shan Tribe, amongst the juniors of the tribe, there was no such person.

He looked at Su Ming retreating as he carried Lei Chen, and as he looked at those eyes, a certain sense of familiarity slowly emerged, seeing that fighting spirit, he wondered, how on earth did the Hei Shan Tribe fail to discover such a fellow!

“Mo Su!! You are Mo Su!!” Bi Su’s eyes widened as he suddenly shouted while pointing at Su Ming.

His words did not have much of an effect on the majority of the people, but the Hei Shan Patriarch and Nan Song suddenly paused for a moment as they glanced at Su Ming with a fierce glint in their eyes.

“Whoever slays him will be granted ten women from the Wu Shan Tribe!” The Hei Shan Tribe patriarch immediately shouted. The moment those words were spoken, the other pursuing tribesmen gazes all focused onto Su Ming.

At this moment, the battle in the skies waged on as terrifying tremors emerged from within the rumbling blood mist. This movement of the bloody mist had actually ended up revealing a large majority of the moon.

And at this moment, the moon was at its peak!

The moment the mist moved, a large amount of moonlight fell from the heavens and surrounded Su Ming, causing his body to quickly recover and at the same time, the reflection of a blood moon could be seen in his eyes! It was not blurry in the slightest and extremely clear as it seemed to replace his pupils.

At the same time, the five mountain peaks of the Wu Mountain Range trembled! From within the peaks an innumerable number of NightWings were crying out, and almost about to rush out in a frenzy.

Although tonight was not a full moon night, it was not far from it! The moonlight condensed and in an instant, an indescribable force emerged from within Su Ming’s body.

The first one to feel it was Lei Chen, shortly after the Wu Shan Tribesmen nearby all felt it along with the Hei Shan Tribesmen staring at Su Ming in shock as they saw the Blood Moon in his eyes.

“What the hell is that…… what’s that thing in his eyes!”

“Moon…… it’s the Blood Moon!!”

“The Blood Moon actually appeared in his eyes!!”