Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – Hei Shan’s Bi Tu!

It is already late night, the snowy ground lightly glowing under the faint moonlight as the Wu Shan Tribe’s footsteps lightly crushing the snow beneath them.

The surroundings were quiet other than the sounds of snow being trampled, the Wu Shan Tribesmen were all quiet, regardless of their age or gender, they were all silent.

It has already been a few hours after the large battle, but the brutality of it had still been carved deeply into their memories, it had become something they would never forget.

Before they left, the Wu Shan Tribe had over thirty Mán-Cultivators, but currently they had only fourteen left. These fourteen people were all covered in dried blood, and sorrowful expressions, and a silent killing intent as they watched over the tribe.

They had lost ten over people, but the Hei Shan Tribe had lost even more, although this had to do with their lower cultivation, it was also because the Hei Shan Tribe did not attack with the same determination, they did not have the same things to protect. Time after time, the people’s self destruction struck into the minds of the Hei Shan Tribesmen…… striking fear into their hearts.

Although the Wu Shan Tribe was weak, hidden within this weakness was a great strength!

Su Ming silently advanced, since the earlier fight, they all had not spoken at all, this normally cheerful youth had become silent.

Su Ming knew that from this day forth, his innocence left his body, from this day forth, his cheerful character had been lost from his blood, his tears have become replaced by a cold silence.

Time flowed on and a new day quickly approached, these worn out tribesmen had walked the whole night without stop, bearing their fatigue, the encouraged each other as they hurriedly migrated.

When day broke, they could no longer continuously travel, only after taking a hour long break could they carry on.

All the way till the night of the second day and the moonlight once more illuminated the lands, the Wu Shan Tribesmen had continued to hurriedly advance in silence.

“Big brother Su Ming……” A fragile voice reached Su Ming’s ears, turning his head, he looked towards the little girl carried by another tribesman.

Seeing her clear eyes, Su Ming forced out a smile, but his expression coupled with his bloodied face made him look scary nonetheless.

But the little girl was not afraid, her eyes wide open as she stared at Su Ming, after hesitating slightly, she raised her little hands and wiped some of the dry blood on Su Ming’s face.

Feeling the little girl’s soft hands rubbing on his face, from Su Ming’s aching heart, a certain warmth was born from within.

“Big Brother Su Ming is not afraid…… so Tong Tong is not afraid as well……” The little girl withdrew her hands which were slightly stained with blood as she continued to gaze at Su Ming her eyes shining brightly with a determination a child should not have.

Su Ming rubbed this little girl’s head without replying, only looking back ahead towards the path obscured within the forest.

Lei Chen was in the group on the other side, walking with clenched fists, the blood on his back already dry, already numb to the pain, his eyes tinted with bloodlust, but even more so by sorrow. He will never forget that night’s battle, if not for another elder cultivator detonating his blood veins just before he died and saving his life, his corpse would probably have been left behind back there as well.

In front of him was Wu La, her face was pale as she carried an exhausted expression, her right arm stained with dry blood and seemed as if it could no longer be used. Her face covered in blood and flesh, her original good looks no longer visible.

But in her eyes, you can see that she had not given up, she still carried the staunch determine of the Wu Shan Tribesmen.

At the back, while guarding the tribe, Bei Ling and Chen Xin held hands, as if unwilling to ever let go.

Grandpa too remained at the back as before, his white hair and wrinkly face made Su Ming’s heart ache, he could see that Grandpa too was exhausted.

On the second night, the moon was not curved, and slowly becoming more complete, although it was still not a full moon night, perhaps tomorrow or the day after would be.

As the tribe advanced, occasionally a Mán-Cultivator would return from the distance. There were not many of them, only four in fact, these people were acting as scouts for the tribe, risking their lives to watch for any changes in the surrounding areas, only occasionally returning to make periodic reports.

And if they do not come back, it would mean that they have run into the enemy.

Time flowed on and another two hours passed, the skies remained dark as if it was watching over the Wu Shan Tribe with a terrifying gaze.

At this time, of the four forward scouts, only three returned. The one who was responsible for scouting the rear did not appear. Su Ming felt goosebumps as his eyes let out a ferocious glint, his footsteps stopped as he turned around, some others who noticed similarly did the same thing. Grandpa’s eyes flashed as he tightened the grip on his bone staff.

All of a sudden, a weak cry came from behind, when this voice entered their ears, it made them feel a tinge of sorrow.

He knew that that was the sound of self detonation.

He knew that the Hei Shan Tribe’s attacks have once more arrived!

“Don’t stop and move more quickly, all the remaining Mán-Cultivators focus on defense, continue to retreat as we fight!” Grandpa smashed his bone staff onto the ground, as he waved his right hand towards the tribe, the skies above the tribesmen once more distorting, the Wu Shan Tribe Totem once more appearing, enveloping the tribesmen in its protective light.

It floated along as the Tribesmen advanced, with its protection, as long as it was not broken, the tribesmen would be safe.

Practically as the Mán-totem appeared, Grandpa raised his head revealing a never before seen serious expression, as he stared at the black skies.

The skies suddenly transformed as a red glow shot out, melding with the darkness and like a blood spurt, it had quickly covered the skies.

A husky voice came from the skies, spreading out in all directions.

“Mo Sang……” As the voice approached, a immense pressure crashed down from the skies, immediately pressing down on the vast lands, all the tribesmen could feel it as even the Wu Shan Tribe Mán-Totem trembled.

Su Ming’s heart raced, this kind of pressure was something he only felt from the Feng Zhen Tribe’s Mán-Elder Jing Nan, this pressure originated of an awakened cultivator!!

This was an absolute force coming from the awakened realm towards one at the blood condensation stage, under this pressure, the blood condensation cultivator would feel as if their entire blood qi was out of control.

But, as this pressure appeared with the crimson streak in the skies and the moon in the sky too seemingly transformed into the blood moon, Su Ming could feel an indescribable feeling growing inside only him.

This feeling was as if his blood was kindling as he gazed at the blood moon, he felt as if there was a giant NightWing hiding behind the skies.

This was a hard to believe sensation which made Su Ming’s expression falter. Closely following this, a figure slowly walked out from the crimson skies.

This person was skinny and wore a black robe, his appearance was very gloomy as he walked with his hands behind his back. Before standing in the skies as if he was looking over the vast earth.

On his forehead was a tattoo of a NightWing, the tattoo seemed to have a life of its own and was extremely lifelike occasionally flashing with a red glow..

Bi Tu!

The Hei Shan Tribe’s Mán-Elder, Bi Tu!!

“Mo Sang, you don’t have to wait for Jing Nan and Wen Yuan anymore, they…… can barely protect themselves now, let alone care about your Wu Shan Tribe’s survival!” Bi Tu deeply smiled as he looked at Grandpa who stood behind the tribe.

Grandpa silently thought, he truly was waiting for Jing Nan to show up, yet he had not. In his heart he too started to realise, perhaps something had truly happened in the Feng Zhen Tribe.

“Nan Song, that year, you and Mo Sang escaped to the Wu Shan Tribe, but you still remained the trash you are, so many years later, I once more start to recall your dad’s expression when he died, i remember him begging me to leave you a way out. Originally I did not want to agree to him, but you still somehow managed to escape, the former Hei Shan Tribe Mán-Child, we finally meet once more.” Bi Tu smile slowly grew into a strange laughter.

The white-haired Nan Song gazed at Bi Tu who stood in the skies, and was not overcome with an indescribable rage, rather he lightly sighed as if he had seen through everything.

“Compared to poisoning the Hei Shan Tribe Mán-Elder, and then hunting down the Mán-Child, then sacrificing over half the lives of the tribe to trade for that evil Mán-Technique, I truly am inferior to you……” Nan Song calmly spoke, as the number of wrinkles on his face seemed to have increased.

“The resentment from back them shall be resolved today, Mo Sang, Nan Song, I will give the two of you a chance fight me one-on-one!” Bi Tu laughed as he waved his hand. The skies instantly trembling as a bloody mist condensed from behind the skies, transforming into a gigantic NightWing.

The NightWing spread its wings which covered the skies and obscured the moon.

“Nan Song, leave Bi Tu to me…… I will hold him back, as for the tribe…… I will leave it in your hands!” Grandpa Mo Sang took a deep breath, his gaze swept past his tribesmen as if trying to find the traitor one last time. But eventually he just let out a sigh, every one of them were exhausted and covered in blood, how could he bring himself to suspect these people, seeing the sorrow in the Marksman’s eyes, seeing the numerous injuries on Shan Hen.

“Perhaps, there truly isn’t a traitor……” Grandpa withdrew his gaze as he threw one last look towards Su Ming before flying into the skies, the image of a giant black python shot upwards like a shooting star with him.

A rumble shook the earth as Grandpa approached, as Bi Tu widely smiled a crimson mist enveloped the two of them, hiding whatever was going on inside. However the sounds which escaped from within were just too terrifying.