Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Chapter 90 – Death and war

He truly feared death, this feeling of fear seemingly tearing him apart from inside, so much so that he did not even dare stay near the front, rather he hid in the middle of the tribe. But in the tribe, all the La Su were people who had lost their families and had all huddled together in the center, they could only rely on the patriarch for survival, for safety, they believed that the patriarch could protect them all. 

But currently, they could all see the patriarch in danger, which they could avoid by simply hiding within the barrier.

At this critical moment, among the youths in the front, there was a pale faced kid, trembling in fear, yet for the first time his eyes filled with frenzy, and blood veins had appeared.

“I know that I have been wasting my life away, just eating my fill without ever contributing to the tribe, I know that that food had been wasted on me, I know that many tribesmen look down on me, even the La Su think I am trash……

…… I know I am trash, I don’t have a Mán-body, I know I am lazy, I don’t have a powerful body, I have been useless…… The only thing I have is the glory my father brought back by hunting wild beasts……

Today, I will let everyone know, although I may be trash, I am still a member of this tribe!!!” That youth’s eyes were crimson as he ran towards the patriarch, roaring as he used his own body to extend a rope of life for the patriarch!

In an instant, this youth’s body shot past the retreating patriarch, the instant he reached the front, an arrow instantly blasted his body apart, instantly killing him.

“Dad…… your La Su, is not trash…” Before he died, he managed a single bitter smile.

Practically the same time the youth ran to his demise, his companions, ten or so other youths too rushed out madly, they choose to use their lives to repay the tribe’s care, to use their lives to regain their family’s glory.

“We may be trash, but we are still the tribe’s trash!!” Those ten or so youths ran out, using their weak bodies, using their blood, they choose to sacrifice themselves for the patriarch, for the tribe, to form a wall of flesh. The two Hei Shan Tribesmen had not expected that the normal people of the Wu Shan Tribe would actually run out at this moment, however, they still viewed them with contempt and disdain, in their eyes these people were simply too weak.

As they roared, these ten or so people were smashed into a bloody mess, yet they were somehow still alive, clinging to life purely with their wills, they pounced onto the Hei Shan Tribesmen, even as their bodies were destroyed, their teeth bit firmly into their enemies.

Today’s conflict will be a great tragedy, numerous lives would be lost, yet even so, these ten or so youths manage to shake the hearts of the Hei Shan Tribe pursuers. They had never expected that these normal tribesmen would be so crazy and persistent, and even able to stall their advance for a while.

The two instants that they bought with their lives were very short, but those two instants had been enough for the patriarch to return from his dangerous predicament, and retreat into the Mán-Totem’s light. His heart ached, although he knew that for his tribe’s future, he must not die so early.

But, looking at the bodies in front of him, looking at the bodies of those youths whom he was helpless against, some of whom he himself disliked, as he looked at these familiar faces now turned into a pile of flesh and blood, this forty or so year old powerful Wu Shan Tribe Patriarch let his tears flow out.

Behind him,  there were even more tribesmen crying, those youths had used their lives to send everyone a message, even if they were trash, they were still members of the tribe, even they were willing to die for the tribe!

Su Ming bit his lips as he continue to exchange blows with the brute in front of him, his entire cultivation condensed into a single blood vein, constantly striking out against that man.

He specialised in speed, while the brute specialised in strength similar to Ye Wang.Their battle extremely conspicuous, Lei Chen saw it, Wu La saw it, even many other tribesmen saw it.

Among the tribesmen was the little girl, her frightened eyes filled with tears as she looked at Su Ming.

At this moment a loud roar came from the distance, the black figures conjured by the Hei Shan Tribe patriarch dissipating into black smoke, as Grandpa walked back with large strides carrying an imposing aura with him.

Grandpa was back!!

He moved quickly, taking three steps in the skies. With a single step, he reached Su Ming’s side, with a single finger to the forehead he caused the brute’s body to tremble as he flew backwards while coughing blood, a bloody hole appearing in his forehead, his expression grim as he eventually succumbed to his demise.

Grandpa did not stop, taking a second step, he appeared by the front of the tribe, appearing beside the black robed man Nan Song was fighting. With a wave of his right hand, that man’s body instantly trembled and collapsed.

A frightening qi emanated from Grandpa’s body, killing with each step he took, causing all the Hei Shan Tribesmen to be filled with fear as they all backed off.

Su Ming’s eyes were filled with emotion, not only him, everyone of the Wu Shan Tribesmen all cried out with emotion only to see Grandpa make a third step, this third step ended with him landing on the wall in front. With a stamp of his feet, the wall shook and broke into several large pieces, with another wave of his sleeves, these fragments flew towards the Hei Shan Tribe Mán-Cultivators.

In an instant, their tragic screams could be heard.

After these three steps, Grandpa’s face turned sickly red but very quickly recovered, raising his head, he calmly shouted.

“Don’t stop, let’s move!!”

As he spoke those words, the severely injured Hei Shan Tribesmen did not dare stall them any further, following the patriarch’s lead, the Wu Shan Tribesmen quickly hurried into the distance, the dying Liu Di by the large tree also being propped away.

Very quickly, silence filled the battlefield, only the bloody remains remained.

The group where Su Ming was, were covered in blood as they slowly advanced. The girl being carried by another tribesmen no longer cried, a certain determination growing in her eyes.

Although she was still young and did not understand many things, she had grown up in this single night.

Moonlight enveloped the lands as these homeless Wu Shan Tribesmen continued to walk onwards, no longer confused and helpless as the moonlight lead their way.

“Patriarch, Mán-Elder…… let the few of us old people stay here, don’t let having to take care of us affect the tribe’s travelling speed……”

As they were migrating, at practically the same time, the normal old people of the tribe seemingly all blurted out. They were all really old, and could no longer keep up, rather than affecting the entire Tribe’s travelling speed, why not just stay behind instead.

“Let the young ones go, we can stay here…… originally we really should have just stayed back at the tribe…… sigh.” Another old man stopped moving.

Very quickly, after some consideration almost all the old people in the tribe walked out, forming a group of forty or so people, they were determined to stay behind, although their remaining lives were unable to really help the tribe advance further, at the very least, they did not want to burden the tribe.

“You all…… “ The Wu Shan Tribe Patriarch was stunned as he shut his eyes, before once more opening them and deeply bowing towards this group of old people.

“Jest go…… we are already tired……” These old men gently smiled as they waved towards the remaining tribesmen, their loved ones remaining in the crowd, tears falling out uncontrollably, some youths too wanted to stay and take care of them but were denied.

“Mán-Elder, is there any methods that us old men can use to detonate our bodies like those men earlier? If there is, please do tell us.” Among the old men, one of them gently smiled at the Grandpa as he asked.

Grandpa silently thought for a moment before walking up towards that old man and handed him an object, while lightly patting his shoulder. He knew that this was not the time to be soft-hearted, in order for the rest of the tribe to migrate quickly, he hurriedly turned back.

“The remaining tribesmen, let’s quickly move!”

As tribesmen tearfully turned their eyes towards them, these old men all smiled lovingly towards them before sitting down and talking about their youths.

For the main party, without these old men, their speeds increased fairly significantly.

After a long time the skies in the distance gradually brightened, and their backs got further and further from the Wu Shan Tribe which will eventually transform into ruins.

Without any life, in the coming years it will slowly crumble, eventually perhaps vegetation would take over that space, merging it together with the jungle, becoming but a memory.

As the wind blew, as if lamenting, the snow tumbled across the lands, sweeping through the tribesmen homes, their belongings rustling across the grounds with a desolate chime.

Among these things were the La Su’s toys, the various bits of hide left behind, various extinguished fire pits, random  bits of scattered herbs, as well as broken bits of pots and plates.

Other than the sounds of wind, the tribe was entirely silent, but as one of the leather huts collapsed, a certain small and round fluffy little animal’s head burrowed its way out. This little beast was very cute, although it was originally entirely white it was not a dusty grey. It’s eyes were frightened as it shivered in the snow.

A loud cry came from its little mouth as it was seemingly calling for its owner. It’s name was PiPi, and was the little girl’s pet.

But this cry could not be heard by its owner…… it was left alone in this tribe’s ruins, unwilling to stray too far from the collapsed hut, because it was after all its home.

As it cried out, this little beast slowly retreated, it could not bear the cold, just as it was about to retreat into the hut, footsteps could be heard as ten plus people walked over from the main gates of the tribe.

The one leading them was a powerful looking man, only his expression was extremely gloomy, if Su Ming were here, he would have recognised this person as the Hei Shan Tribe Patriarch.

Following behind him was a similarly gloomy looking youth who licked his lips, smiling at the surroundings cruelly. He was Bi Su!

“They really ran quickly! Hurry up and chase, Grandpa is about to arrive. This time, other than the girls, not one of the Wu Shan Tribesmen would remain!” The Hei Shan Patriarch slowly spoke as he walked into the tribe.

Bi Su looked at the surroundings as he prepared to leave, but all of a sudden he saw the shivering little beast, with a smile he waved his hand towards the animal.

The little animal trembled before its eyes dimmed, a green qi emerging from its corpse which Bi Su grabbed and placed into his forehead before revealing a cruel gaze.

“Ah so you are called PiPi…… since you miss your owner so much, let me reunite the two of you.”