Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – I can see the tribe……

With this swipe, the skies shook and a chain of ripples appeared in the space between it and the nine people. Shi Hai and company’s bodies all shook as a powerful wave collided with their bodies, their qi’s all instantly becoming a mess, coughing out blood as they were sent rolling around the ground, all unable to get up.

“They actually survived? Even though the blood-line has been so diluted, I guess i still can’t look down on them after all. It is still your blood, even after so many generations some of it still exists……” That ghastly voice once more resounded out, as it continued whatever it was doing in the fog, causing the strange beast to roar out in pain.

“Just a sealed Peng,  you are nothing…… this seal has already restricted half your strength, I really want to see how you will resist me!” The ghastly voice spoke once more with a hint of playfulness.

At the same time, a low roar came from the distance.

“Thieving brat, you have guts, damaging my sacred mountain!!” As the voice approached, the angry Feng Zhen Tribe’s Mán-Elder Jing Nan flew over along with a beautiful purple robed lady, although she had already reached past her prime, her beauty did not wane the slightest, yet her eyes contained the same anger and killing intent.

After the two of them arrived, they did not hesitate the slightest before rushing into the spatial tear, into the black fog area of the the Feng Zhen Tribe Mountain, shortly after more earth shaking bangs could be heard alongside Jing Nan’s angry growls.


Su Ming was completely oblivious to whatever was going on in the Feng Zhen Mountains, even if he did know, he wouldn’t care. What he cared most now was to return back to the tribe as fast as possible.

He want to go back to see whether the tribe…… was still there……

He wanted to see if his tribesmen……. Were still well……

His worry, anxiety and madness had turned into just silence. On this boundless earth, he just silently ran on the snow. He knew that a lot of time had already passed from the time Grandpa left, and given the speed of the Wu Python, they had probably long since reached the tribe.

“Nothing must have happened to them……” Su Ming continued to run at his maximum speed on the snowy earth.

With his speed, in a blink of an eye, he could disappear from right in front of you into the boundless horizon. Without caring about anything else, he ran, forgetting about his own fatigue as he ran, running faster and faster. His two hundred and forty-three blood veins constantly exploded with power, allowing him to continue running.

By the time the skies brightened and the sun shone overhead, sunlight bathed the lands as the snowy plains shone with a silver luster, Su Ming ran out of the great plains surrounding the Feng Zhen Tribe, rushing into the jungle near the bazaar he previously visited.

This distance would have been hard to achieve in half a day given his original speed, however currently, as he silently ran on, only two hours had passed.

This kind of speed was already extremely fast and unbelievable to others, but to Su Ming, it was still too slow.

He did not scream or shout, he merely ran through the dense forest as innumerable veins bulged from his legs. As he ran, Su Ming’s body slowly became covered in sweat, not only was his legs in pain, his entire body was filled with agony.

Time slowly trickled away, and it was already afternoon. The snow had long since stopped falling, the skies above were a clear expanse of blue, while inside the boundless jungle, a single figure continued to silently run, sweat instantly flying off him as it appeared.

What kept Su Ming afloat was a powerful desire, a firm determination, his concern about his tribe’s safety, his worry of his tribesmen’s lives. This kind of indescribable feeling made him feel empty, all that existed was his will to keep on running.

As he got closer and closer to the tribe, his heartbeat got louder, and his anxiety became even greater, he truly feared that when he reached the tribe, all he sees is a sea of corpses.

He was scared, but his speed did not falter.

When the outline of the Wu Shan Tribe appeared in his sights, Su Ming’s body trembled slightly as tears started rolling down his face.

From the distance, it could be seen that the main gates had been destroyed, the fences fragmented, and even a faint black smoke can be seen as if there was a huge fire earlier.

Inside the tribe, things were not silent, there was a congregation of a large number of tribesman.

Seeing his Tribesman still safe, Su Ming was filled with a sudden sense of familial warmth, but in an instant, a sense of blood lust for those who harmed the tribe rose within him as well.

Su Ming’s body flashed as he continued running towards the tribe, before he even got near, he had been spotted by the tribe’s hunting party. Their faces were originally filled with ferocity, but as they realised it was Su Ming, their expressions gradually softened, and their exhaustion became more apparent.

Su Ming returned to the tribe with tearful eyes, walking past the shattered main gates as he looked at the lethargic hunters, and the tens of corpses in the middle of the tribe.

All of those corpses were people Su Ming was familiar with, they were all his fellow tribesman. By the sides of those bodies, there were people crying, the cries of their families reverberating about the tribe, filled Su Ming’s heart with a piercing pain.

He saw that those normal tribesmen were all filled with grief, terror and anxiety, quickly packing up as they headed towards where the tribe was gathering.

He saw those young La Su, their innocent faces filled with tears, horror and fear, tightly clutching onto their mother’s hands, as if the moment they let go, would be the last time they meet.

Within the tribe, the numerous huts were wrecked, the ground was a mess, random bloodstains were scattered all over the place, as if a major battle had just taken place.

As he saw more and more, Su Ming’s fists became clenched even tighter and tighter, his eyes became filled with hatred, this kind of hatred and killing intent was truly something that should not be seen coming from a seventeen year old.

Tears constantly fell out of Su Ming’s eyes as he gazed at the mother that took care of him as he grew up, sitting there dazedly by her own hut, no one by her side…… her children deceased, her husband dead…… leaving her alone, sitting there in despair.

As Su Ming watched, he could clearly feel a great pain growing within him.

“Hei Shan Tribe!!” Su Ming fiercely grit his teeth as he thought to himself. Looking towards Lei Chen, he saw that Lei Chen was exhausted as well as he was helping gather the tribesman, helping various people organise their things.

Lei Chen did not notice Su Ming, currently he was already exhausted.

Su Ming saw Wu La as well, this girl who looked at him with contempt, but had a crush on Mo Su, had so quickly grown up, carrying a large bow, she consoled the people as she too helped them with their stuff.

There was Chen Xi as well, within the crowd, she appeared weak and delicate, but her eyes were filled with a firm determination, it too represented the fact that she has matured.

Su Ming did not see the Patriarch, the Marksman, Shan Hen nor Bei Ling, as well as a few other people of the seventh level of blood condensation who were nowhere to be seen.

But Su Ming saw Grandpa.

In the distance, Grandpa’s face was pale, his face much more aged than before, as if in this one night he lost tens of years of his lifespan. The current grandpa was treating a Mán-Cultivator’s mangled left leg, that person was a twenty-seven year old flute player that Su Ming recognised.

He normally did not interact much with the other people, a funny looking object with multiple holes made of bone hung by his waist.

But Su Ming knew what it was, it was an ocarina, an instrument which few people in the tribe could play, yet frequently it could be heard playing in the tribe.

(TLN: Idk if its really an ocarina, but it is similar, just more egg shaped.http://music.chinesecio.com/image/attachement/jpg/site2/20091030/0023aeaa687b0c54a2a508.jpg)

On his face was no pain, only a fierce determination.

Su Ming’s eyes were filled with tears as he slowly walked forwards, everything that he saw after coming back to the tribe, filled him with rage that slowly transformed into a killing intent. He wanted to fight for his tribe!

“Grandpa…… don’t bother about me, my legs are already useless, but I can still fight…… I ……” As Su Ming approached, he heard the tribesman grandpa was treating speak.

Grandpa’s gaze grew dim with sorrow as he slightly nodded, before noticing Su Ming approach as he raised his head.

The instant he saw Su Ming, Grandpa’s entire body shook, his expression was filled with shock and surprise. He knew the strength of the seal he used was definitely not something that could so easily be overcome, the instant he saw Su Ming he fell into some sort of a confused trance.

For the first time ever did Grandpa make this expression in front of Su Ming, He was just unable to understand how Su Ming broke apart the seal by himself and then so quickly return to the tribe.

At this moment, not only Grandpa noticed Su Ming, Lei Chen too realised he had returned. With eyes wide, filled with disbelief as at the same time Wu La too accidentally noticed that Su Ming had appeared by Grandpa.