Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 83

Chapter 83 – The change on Feng Zhen Mountain

Su Ming’s right hand shot up as a red light flashed, the blood red Scaled Blood Spear appearing in his hands as a powerful qi rushed forth. On Su Ming’s body a qi like the Feng Zhen Mountains poured forth, without speaking he silently gazed at Ye Wang.

“You……” Ye Wang’s eyes narrowed, he could clearly feel the qi emanating from Su Ming’s body which exhibited a trace of familiarity. He would never forget this familiar qi, in his eyes, this young man’s figure slowly changed into another person, someone who could make his breathing unstable, someone who was qualified to be his own rival!

 “You are Mo Su!!” Ye Wang was no normal person, in addition to the fact that the Mán-Elder personally had him guard this area, he had quickly understood something.

“My Wu Shan Tribe is in danger, I need to return, If you block me, you will become I, Su Ming’s enemy!” Su Ming glanced at Ye Wang before turning to leave, he had already decided that none shall be allowed to stop him.

Seeing Su Ming run into the distance in an instant, Ye Wang’s eyes flashed with a hint of hesitation, the current changes occurring in the chlorite city had made him worried, this worry and hesitation lasted only an instant before being replaced with a strong urge to battle!

If it was someone else, perhaps Ye Wang would not feel like fighting, but to him no one amongst those of his generation were worthy to be his rival. After the first test, in Ye Wang’s heart, the only person worthy of that was this Mo Su!

In the first test, he may have been tied with Mo Su, but in his heart he knew he had lost, after all, when he returned to the plaza, he was unconscious, whereas Su Ming was completely awake.

Ye Wang had looked forward to competing with Mo Su in the Second and Third test, he wanted to prove that he was the number one of the generation. Even though he could guess that because the original Mo Su did not have a very high level of cultivation, he did not participate in the second and third tests. But, Ye Wang was a proud individual after all, he would not purposely use his cultivation just to bully someone.

“Mo Su!” Ye Wang fiercely lifted his head, as he coldly shouted into the distance. With a single step, he shot forwards like an arrow, flying towards Su Ming in an instant.

“You cannot leave!” Ye Wang’s red robe was like a blazing flame, as his body shot forth, in the space covered in snow, he became the most eye-catching thing in the vicinity.

His cultivation could already reached the eighth level of blood condensation, but it had been forcefully suppressed by him at the seventh level of blood condensation, his pride made it such that even if he were to fight, he must utterly defeat his opponent before it could be considered a victory.

Cracking sounds came from Ye Wang’s body the instant his seventh level of blood condensation was released. Quickly he reached about ten Zhang from Su Ming, with his right hand in front of him, he clawed towards Su Ming.

As he clawed, Ye Wang’s body suddenly became ablaze, his skin instantly turned red, even his hair turned red like a blazing ocean, ahead of him, a huge fiery hand shot towards Su Ming.

With the flaming hand in front, Ye Wang rushed towards Su Ming.

Su Ming’s footsteps instantly stopped, the snow beneath his feet instantly transforming into water, then once more instantly vaporizing into a white cloud as a warm sensation wrapped around Su Ming’s body. The instant he stopped, Su Ming’s thrust his right leg towards the ground as he left the ground and turned around, looking at the huge menacing fiery hand less than three Zhang from him, seeming as if it wanted to burn Su Ming into ashes.

“Fire?” The Su Ming in mid-air looked at the fiery hand heading his way, and the Ye Wang running behind it. Just as the fiery plam was about to reach him, Su Ming bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood.

This blood, was not released in desperation, rather it was part of the requirement for his Mán-Technique. As the blood was released, Su Ming’s two hundred and forty-three blood veins appeared on his body, forming a strange looking tattoo, instantly blowing the clump of blood into a bloody mist!

This was the Wu Blood Dust, which transformed blood into a mist, bursting forth with blood qi, the instant it collided with the bloody hand, the blood instantly burnt up in a huge inferno!

From the distance, the blood mist no longer existed, all that was left was that blazing red inferno.

Fighting fire with Fire!

After kindling his blood flame for the third time, Su Ming’s body had already undergone earth-shaking changes, most significantly, in his blood was a fiery burning sensation!

Beneath the skies, the blazing inferno approached the huge fiery palm. In the instant they collided, a terrifying bang resounded. The fiery hand continued to pass into the inferno before being turned around and flying back towards Ye Wang.

It looked liked the burning flames of the heavens, devouring all things!

From the start till the end, Su Ming remained silent, his eyes bloodshot, his body rushing alongside the blazing inferno as he raised his right hand, the Blood Scale Spear in his hand letting out a red glow before he threw it forward.

A sharp whistling noise appeared as the spear flew ahead like a crimson streak of lightning, piercing through the blazing inferno, transforming into a large red condor, rushing towards extremely shocked Ye Wang along with the flames.

Ye Wang’s mind shook as his pupils contracted, he had never expected this Mo Su to be this strong, if he were to continue suppressing his cultivation, he definitely could not win!

Without hesitation, his body instantly shot backwards, he no longer held back his cultivation as four hundred and thirty-five blood veins appeared, his true cultivation bursting forth.

At the same time, his right hand shot forwards in the shape of a fist. On his right hand, a bright light shone as a black leather glove appear on his hand, the glove emanating an awe-inspiring aura, it clearly was a Mán-Tool.

When his fist shot out, a bang could be heard as a black gale appeared in front of Ye Wang. Along with the punch, it formed a black hurricane which collided with the spear and the flames. With a bang, Su Ming flew back about seven or eight steps, while Ye Wang too took four or five steps back, his posture still extremely dignified.

Ye Wang did not pause, as he instantly leapt towards Su Ming once more, Su Ming similarly rushed forth with his maximum speed, like a blur, he engaged Ye Wang in a head-on fight.

From the distance, it would seem as if in front of Ye Wang, there were many Su Mings attacking, with another loud collision, blood leaked out of Ye Wang’s mouth as he flew back over ten Zhang. Lifting his head, he too saw Su Ming cough out blood as he similarly was sent flying over ten Zhang.

“What terrifying speed…… his cultivation is not higher than mine, but with his speed, I was only able to strike him once, yet he was able to hit me many times…… this person is truly one worthy of challenging me as the number one genius of the generation!” Ye Wang was truly shocked, but his will to fight only grew stronger as he raised his left hand and pointed a single finger towards the skies.

“Mo Su, take this, I am going to go all out!” Ye Wang had just finished speaking, but at this instant, something no one expected happened.

From within the Feng Zhen Tribe, from the tall central altar, a sudden angry roar was released!

“Thieving brat, you have guts, damaging my sacred mountain!!” That voice belonged to Jing Nan, as he appeared in mid-air, flying towards the Feng Zhen Mountains. At the same time, from within the chlorite city, a powerful qi radiated outwards, flying towards the Feng Zhen Mountains alongside Jing Nan. This second awakened level qi actually came from a lady, an extremely pretty middle-aged lady!

Ye Wang was stunned, his mind shook. Su Ming’s eyes flashed as he retreated without hesitation, running into the distance, fighting with Ye Wang made him all the more anxious, he did not want to fight, he just wanted to rush back to his tribe as soon as possible!

Using this opportunity and Su Ming’s great speed, he traversed over ten Zhang in an instant.

Ye Wang’s expression changed as he no longer bothered about the Su Ming who was running away. Quickly, he rushed back towards the tribe, he did not know what happened, but it still left him with an uneasy feeling.

Currently outside the Feng Zhen Tribe, by the luscious plains, huge terrifying changes had appeared on the Feng Zhen Mountains hidden behind the Feng Zhen Tribe’s Seal.

By the base of the mountain, the group of nine people including Shi Hai’s expression was filled with horror as they stared dazedly at the space in front of them, their eyes filled with disbelief.

Right in their faces, the space in front constantly rippled and twisted as a large hand tore through the space, causing a huge crack which reached the height of the skies to appear.

From that crack, the Feng Zhen Mountain was completely revealed, the black mist rolled out as a fierce monster’s roar could be heard from within.

At the same time, alongside the monster’s roar, a ghastly laughter could be heard.

“What a good Peng from the Fire-Mán! Even just a shred of divine sense still has such power, it was not a waste for me to have spend so much time searching for traces of the Fire-Mán!”

That voice was completely unfamiliar to She Hai and company, but the instant they heard the words of the voice, their expression changed. After exchanging a few glances, they rushed towards the Feng Zhen Mountains without hesitation. They were after all members of the Feng Zhen Tribe, when some stranger breaked into their sacred mountains, they definitely could not back down.

But as the nine of them leapt towards the spatial tear, they heard a cold harrumph spread out from the mountains as a huge purple arm over tens of Zhang long appeared from within the fog, swiping towards the nine of these elders.