Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 82

Chapter 82 – Su Ming, Ye Wang!

A person’s life can be long or can be short, there are times of glory and times of anguish, Su Ming did not know much about these things, but the one thing he knew was that he should do everything for his tribe, his home.

As the fist shot out, a crunching sound could be heard coming from Su Ming’s right fist, his bones were clearly unable to withstand the impact as his flesh tore and ruptured. The instant the band sounded out, the room trembled as the snow outside seemed to pause momentarily.

The door began to crumble at a visible rate, transforming into countless bits of shrapnel, like a burst of leaves as it flew outwards.

The current Su Ming stood outside the door-less house, with fragments of the door strewn all about. However there was still an icy screen formed by the totem in front of him, floating in the air, filled with countless cracks, but there nonetheless.

As if the door was just a cover for this invisible screen,  breaking it had only just revealed the true the seal.

The glow coming from the seal was not too bright nor was it dim, apparently still firmly in place.

Su Ming did not reveal any surprise, he had long since expected this, he knew that it would not have been that easy for him to break Grandpa’s seal. At the same time the door fragmented and revealed this light screen, Su Ming had stepped forward as he shot out his fist once more with the single blood vein still brightly glowing.

This fist looked as if it had hit empty space, but in reality it had squarely landed on the light screen which trembled slightly without its glow diminishing the slightest.

Su Ming’s eyes were red as he continued to let out a barrage of punches, as the barrier dimmed to its limit, blood poured out of Su Ming’s mouth as he took a few steps back. Lifting his hand once more, as he gazed at the light screen, he made a slice towards the empty spac.

Triple Vanquishing Strike!!

This technique was one of the strongest Mán-Techniques in the Wu Shan Tribe, rumored to have been handed down by the original Wu Shan Tribe of hundreds of years back.

To use this technique well, the crux lied not in practice. Su Ming had been contemplating this for a long time since obtaining the technique, but as he never had two hundred blood veins, he was never able to use it.

The difficulty of the technique was the stringent cultivation restriction in using it, it required at least two hundred blood veins before the first strike can be used! At the current point in time, Su Ming had two hundred and forty-three blood veins and had reached the seventh level of blood condensation. For the first time after obtaining the technique, Su Ming could finally use it.

Slay the three omens, in the name of the guardian god! The three omens, also known as the three deaths!

From back in the days, no one knew where this technique came from, but after deeper study, revealed the existence of three omens, but these three omens were very special, they were invisible, intangible, its existence perhaps real, or perhaps…… not.

But through the constant research of the originally glorious Wu Shan Tribe, they gradually came to the conclusion that according to the different hours of the day, there were different directions the power existed in, which created the reputed Triple Vanquishing Strike of the Wu Shan Tribe.

The original Wu Shan leaders believed that there were different planes in heaven and earth, the three omens existed in only a certain level, but it definitely exists. All power existed within these planes, once a plane has been accessed, an incredible burst of power can be released.

As for the extent of power, even the old Wu Shan Tribe were unable to figure out, the technique itself was very obscure. Although at times its power can become extremely shocking, occasionally it was extremely normal, though normal it was still enough to kill!

The Triple Vanquishing Strike Technique being passed down was even vaguer, as long as you had enough blood veins you could use it, but there no longer existed any who truly understood the essence of the technique.

This was a power the people in the Wu Shan Tribe could not explain but were able to borrow but unable to truly control. A certain Mán-Elder of the tribe once said, whoever can truly control the three omens, will have the right to control the plane.

The current Su Ming was the same, following the theories of the Triple Vanquishing Strike, at the current time, the plane the three omens existed in was in the north!

Where Su Ming sliced was precisely towards the north! The instant his right hand sliced the space, all the blood veins in his body released a great crimson glow. This crimson light flowed towards his hand, slithering around his arm nine times before shooting out from his hand into the nothingness.

The reason the technique required two hundred blood veins at least was to allow the blood veins the ability to temporarily leave the body for an instant, without sufficient blood veins, it was practically impossible.

In this instant, Su Ming felt a strange sensation coming from his entire right side, as if having completely detached from himself, transforming into a vast void. Throughout this process, his blood veins seemed to transform into a sharp razor, slicing apart the void like it was slicing apart clay.

He had not understood the reason behind this strange feeling, all he knew was how to cause it!

Once the palm struck, the strange feeling completely disappeared as everything returned to normal. But at the same time, the dim barrier in front of him seemed to violently tremble. But in actuality, it was not the light screen shaking, but everything around Su Ming.

Even so, after the light screen finished trembling it remained as before, as if all of Su Ming’s actions had barely affected it at all. This was after all a seal set in place by Grandpa, its strength is not something that can be so easily overcome by some herbs and Mán-Blood.

Su Ming’s body trembled, this was the first time he used the triple vanquishing strike, given his cultivation, he could only use a single strike, the might of which already shocking himself. But as he gazed at the light screen, despair slowly grew within him, he had already used all the methods he had to try and break apart the seal, yet the light screen remained firm like the boundary between heaven and earth, clearly visible yet insurmountable.

Su Ming’s face paled as he powerlessly fell back step by step.

At the same time he stepped back, his expression suddenly changed, he could clearly feel the earth trembling beneath him.

On the sealed mountain far away in the distance from the Feng Zhen Tribe, from within the shroud of darkness, a certain beast’s angry roar reverberated through the skies. At the same time, the sealed realm suddenly shook as a huge tear was torn in the space outside, revealing the towering Feng Zhen Mountains within.

“Didn’t you see, even from inside, this old me managed to break out!” from within the beast’s roar, a ghastly voice appeared.

As the mountain was exposed, along with the space tearing and the seal breaking, a powerful gust of wind and debris flew towards the Feng Zhen Tribe as the earth trembled.

The place where the chlorite city was built was connected to the seal on the Feng Zhen Mountain, as such, when the seal was forcefully broken apart, the city too would shake, startling the minds of its inhabitants.

As the city shook, even Su Ming could clearly feel it while in the house as it slowly grew more and more intense, until finally, even Grandpa’s seals started showing signs of dimming down!

His expression changed as he let out a low growl, the image of the moon in his eyes becoming clearly visible even though the moon was completely obscured at the moment.

At the same time he completed his visualisation, Su Ming rushed forwards towards the light screen, smashing into it time after time as the ground shook, slowly the light screen got gradually dimmer and dimmer.

After a short time, the trembling of the earth had reached its peak as the chlorite city looked like it was on the verge of collapse. Cracks had abruptly appeared on more than half the surface of the light screen as it became extremely dim, as if it was going to break at anytime. Su Ming felt empty but, he still managed to condense all his blood veins into a single red line on his right arm once more as he stuck against the seal.

On his right hand, the Blood Scale Spear appeared as it transformed into a giant eagle and crashed against the light screen.

Upon collision, a frighteningly loud bang could be heard, as the light screen trembled and instantly shattered into pieces, the snowy totem also completely scattering into snowflakes as a shattering noise spread into the surroundings.

Su Ming had broken the seal!

His body shook as he coughed out even more blood, landing onto the ground in a frightening mess. The two hundred and forty-three blood veins on his body lost their light as they slowly faded back into his body.

Su Ming’s expression was wretched, his entire body covered with blood, his hair disheveled, yet his eyes shone brightly with a firm determination.

“I broke out!! I need to head back to the tribe quickly!! Su Ming let out a sigh of relief, he knew that him breaking out today was mainly due to the mysterious force causing the earthquake, but rather than continue wondering about that, he very quickly ran in the direction of his tribe.

Su Ming’s greatest strength was speed, even when he wasn’t a Mán-Cultivator, he was extremely nimble, after reaching the seventh level of blood condensation, his speed had already reached a terrifying level.

He rushed out of the residence for the Wu Shan Tribe, through the roads and over the city walls of the Feng Zhen Tribe, his heart burning with anxiety as he silently prayed to go faster and faster!!

Under his outburst, and the forceful absorption of the Mán-Blood and the large amounts of sieved cloud leaves, the Mán-Technique cast on Su Ming by Grandpa was starting to fall apart, making his cultivation spill out and unable to be hidden any longer.

The snowfall had greatly weakened, as snowflakes gently fell, the moon in the skies slowly becoming revealed.

The entire plains were dyed silver, but in this silent night, the sight was not beautiful, rather it seemed to exude a certain murderous feel…… in the distant sky, a white outline could be seen as a new day approached.

Only who knows when the darkness of the night will fade away.

The chlorite city was abuzz, as the various tribesman all walked out with fright and horror, they truly did not know what had happened. Even though, everything had settled back down as if nothing had happened previously.

Su Ming did not bother about these things, he only madly ran, only after jumping over the city walls did a sense of danger suddenly come over him.

“You cannot leave!” A cold voice spoke, as a person walked out of the darkness.

He was dressed in a fiery red robe, a certain cool pride seeping out from within, this person was Ye Wang!

“As per Mam-Elder’s orders, tonight, no Feng Zhen Tribesmen are allowed to leave! You may be strong, but your Qi is a mess, this area is under my watch, you…… are not my match.” Ye Wang calmly spoke towards Su Ming.

Su Ming turned around and stared at Ye Wang, his eyes bloodshot, revealing a ferocious insanity.

As their gazes met, Ye Wang’s heart seemed to throb, this gaze was somewhat familiar……