Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 78

Chapter 78 – Who laments this date?

Snow continued to fall onto the earth like a beautiful silver screen connecting the skies and the earth, a truly unforgettable scene. The snow danced as it landed on Su Ming before once more being brought into the skies by the winds.

There were even some snowflakes dancing by Bai Ling, passing through her bone earrings before landing on her neck covered by thick clothes and melting away.

Hearing Bai Ling’s gentle whispers, the warmth in Su Ming’s heart permeated his entire body, transforming into a peculiar feeling, this feeling had a certain name, and it was happiness.

A beautiful night, with beautiful snow and a happy couple..

Su Ming smiled, a happy smile filled with the innocence of youth. Halting his footsteps, he turned towards Bai Ling, the girl in the snow had transformed into an eternal image, and become deeply etched into his mind for eternity.

Snow white snow and a snow white dress, a girl as beautiful a snow, along with the whispers along the wind.

Bai Ling was very beautiful, her eyelashes quivering as ice condensed over them. To Su Ming, everything else had vanished, under the heavens, all that remains was him and her.

After some time, Bai Ling started to blush once more as she noticed Su Ming staring at her. Su Ming raised his right hand, and removed the longest ivory fang he had on his necklace and handed it over to Bai Ling.

This fang was pure white, and curved like the moon. Two words were carved onto this fang, Su Ming. The entire fang seemingly exuding a powerful aura.

“This fang was given to me when I was seven by Grandpa when I first joined the tribe, it is something I truly treasure greatly. But now…… I am giving it to you.” Su Ming’s face revealed a slight smile, as his heart grew nervous, in a tribe, giving a gift like this, had a certain special meaning.

Bai Ling clenched her jaws as her face turned even redder, her heartbeat racing like Su Ming’s, the thumping of her heart made everything but Su Ming disappear from her sights.

After a long time, Bai Ling slowly raised her hand as she accepted that fang, the moment she touched it her fingers seemed to tremble as she lightly hold it.

Su Ming’s face was filled with nervousness, as he stood there seeing Bai Ling not moving, he unconsciously scratched his head, knocking loose a lot of the snow in his hair.

Bai Ling looked at Su Ming, seeing the silly look on his face, she could not help but smile, a certain shyness remained in her eyes along with a certain tenderness.

“This…… eh, aren’t you forgetting something?” After being made fun of by Bai Ling, Su Ming too started to blush.

“What it it?” Bai Ling was smiling all the way, an utterly beautiful smile, a truly unforgettable sight under this snowstorm, and the snowflakes.

Su Ming’s face turned red, but he quickly grit his teeth and took a deep breath as he stared at Bai Ling before seriously speaking: “ Bai Ling, I am after all your savior…… I ……”

“I know you saved my life, but what has it got to do with what i forgot?” Bai Ling asked while blinking her eyes.

“Of course it has something to do, uh……. Let’s not talk about that, eh, your earring is really nice, why not take it off and let me have a look.” Su Ming’s eyes refocused as he hurriedly spoke.

Bai Ling’s smile grew even wider, like a cunning wolf, she raised her hands and gently rubbed the pure white earring by her left ear, as she gazed at Su Ming.

“This was left behind by my mother, I…… won’t give it to you.” Bai Ling smiled as she saw Su Ming’s eyes widen as he seemed ready to pounce for it, Immediately she ran into the distance, her laughter brought even further by the wind like a pleasant wind chime.

However, although she had said this, the bone fang given to her by Su Ming was being tightly clutched in her hand, it truly was really precious.

Su Ming was momentarily stunned, feeling unjust, he hurriedly chased after her, the two of them smiling, laughing in this snowy winter night. The bone earring was never given to Su Ming yet even so, Su Ming could feel that the tenderness in her eyes was slightly different.

“Su Ming, in ten years time, what do you think we be like…… will we still be able to be this free from worries……” The exhausted Bai Ling sat on the snowy plains as she softly spoke while gazing towards the heavens.

With his hands behind his head, he lied down by Bai Ling’s side on the soft snow, as he gazed at the skies, listening to Bai Ling’s words.

“Still angry?” Bai Ling turned with fluttering eyes, as she smilingly looked at Su Ming.

“Don’t be mad already.”

“I am not mad.” Su Ming grunted, but as he saw Bai Ling gazing at himself while smiling.

“Ten years from now, we will still definitely be without worry…… and by that time, my cultivation would be extremely high, it will definitely be powerful!” Su Ming spoke with eyes filled with anticipation.

“Grandpa told me yesterday that I will stay in the Feng Zhen Tribe in the future like Ye Wang, to be personally guided by the Feng Zhen Tribe’s Man-Elder…… perhaps in ten years I would reach the awakened realm.” Su Ming spoke while smiling.

Hearing Su Ming’s words, Bai Ling’s eyes were too filled with expectation, her face covered with joy, with Su Ming here with her on this snowy winter night, she would never run out of words.

Time always passes quickly when you are enjoying yourself, and just like this, time flew by as it slowly trickled away. Although it was still a little while before daybreak, things still had to come to an end, Bai Ling too had to return back to the tribe’s residence, as such, the two of them returned to the Chlorite city.

“Let me send you back home.” Su Ming squatted down once more, beckoning for Bai Ling to get on.

Bai Ling face was filled with happiness as she obediently climbed onto Su Ming’s back, feeling Su Ming’s heart beat which in turn made her blush.

“You silly……” Bai Ling lightly whispered as she laid on Su Ming’s back as he ran.

As he ran, under the cover of the dark blizzard, Su Ming entered the chlorite city through a remote corner of the tribe, his appearance already reverted back into Mo Su. He had only stopped after reaching the Wu Long Tribe residence, letting the unwilling Bai Ling slowly get off his back.

While gazing at Su Ming, she looked at this man whose appearance was unfamiliar, however she could never mistake his pair of eyes.

Su Ming similarly gazed at Bai Ling, the two of them locking gazed on this winter’s night.

“Okay, don’t be mad.” Bai Ling lifted her hands, just like the last time before they parted ways, he helped him sweep off the snow on his clothes, her faced filled with a smiling tenderness.

“The bone earring on your ear, it truly is pretty.” Su Ming spoke while giggling.

Seeing Su Ming in that state, Bai Ling once more laughed for a long while before deeply looking at Su Ming, before bashfully lowering her gaze.

“Su Ming…… Seven days later, is a very important day for me…… I have always spent that day with grandmother…… this year I hope that you…… okay?” Bai Ling mustered her courage as she weakly spoke. However, it was all heard by Su Ming, whose eyes flashed with delight as he seriously nodded at Bai Ling.

“Then it’s a date……:” Bai Ling shyly laughed as she gazed at Su Ming’s eyes/

“En, then it is decided, seven days later, regardless of where I am, regardless of what I am doing, I will definitely go to you……” Su Ming determinedly spoke.

Snow continued to fall, bearing witness to these two people and their date…… which could possibly be perfect or perhaps…… fall into despair.

“En, that day, I will be waiting for you in my tribe…… this earring, at that time, I will give it to you……” Bai Ling softly spoke while rubbing the earring as even her ears turned red.

“I will definitely go!” Su Ming smiled extremely happily, extremely happily……

Bai Ling bit her lips, as she shyly turned around and walked back towards her tribe’s residence. As she opened the doors and walked it, she turned around one last time, taking one last glance at Su Ming before disappearing inside.

Su Ming remained standing there, his heart filled with joy and anticipation towards the appointed date seven days later.

“Seven days……” Su Ming happily smiled as he turned and ran with the wind, back towards where the other tribes stayed at.

The falling snowflakes seeming aware of his joy, twirled around by his side as they floated in between the heavens and the earth.

Su Ming ran really quickly, his heart filled with happiness which transformed into a warmth enveloping his entire being, allowing him to forget his frustrations, forget his worries, very quickly he had reached back at where the Wu Shan Tribe stays.

As he returned, Su Ming had changed his appearance of Mo Su back to his original appearance. Seeing the Wu Shan Tribe’s house in the distance, Su Ming took a deep breath, as he walked towards the house.

Inside the house was pure silence, although it was night, and snow filled the skies, it was still not pitch black. Under the storm, the Wu Shan Tribe’s house’s door was closed shut of an invisible force, which Su Ming felt as he got nearer.

Especially the instant he opened the door and clearly seen the scene in the house, his body shook, the infinite joy he was experiencing vanished in an instant, what remained was only shock and panic!

In the yard, the Marksman, Shan Hen, Bei Ling, Si Kong, Wu La were all present, their complexions a mess revealing fear and anxiety. In front of them, was a pale faced Grandpa sitting cross-legged, heavily panting, on the white snow in front of him was a horrifying huge patch of black blood.

The instant Su Ming opened the doors, all eyes fell on him.

“Grandpa!!” Su Ming’s mind was blank as he ran ahead in a frenzy towards Grandpa, staring at Grandpa’s pale complexion, black blood stained the snow and Grandpa’s hemp robes, his body trembled as he saw grandpa in this weak state.