Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 74

Chapter 74 – Windfall

Standing in the desolate courtyard, Su Ming’s gaze fell onto the second house with its door shut tight. Slowly he walked towards the door, then without hesitation, he pushed it open.

The instant the door opened, Su Ming heard a muffled growl as a pair of green arms shot forth, carrying with them a thick deathly qi.

Su Ming’s eyes flashed but his expression remained the same, previously when his cultivation was lower he dared to move against him, let alone now when his cultivation has risen greatly while the opponent’s has fallen. What’s more, it was currently nighttime, how could he possibly be afraid now. Practically in the instant the green figure arrived, Su Ming stamped his right foot down on the ground.

A hundred and sixty blood veins erupted out on his body, forming an immense pressure pressing towards the green figure without taking a single step backwards.

The green figure was startled and immediately started to crumble, slowly transforming back into balls of green light illuminating the room.

Wu Sen’s hair was a mess, his complexion extremely pale as he sat cross-legged in the room glaring at Su Ming, fresh blood trickling down his lips. The moment Su Ming arrived he had forcefully used a Mán-Technique against him, but unfortunately, that technique was unable to harm Su Ming and even got shattered, resulting in him suffering from some backlash.

“Mo Su!!” Wu Sen’s eyes revealed a crazy look as he growled.

Su Ming’s expression remained calm as before, as if completely oblivious to Wu Sen’s frenzy, slowly walking into the room, he stopped and glared at Wu Sen several Zhang away from him.

“It seems that you truly have become weak, even your followers who sacrifice their blood for you are nowhere to be seen.” Su Ming spoke unhurriedly.

The veins on Wu Sen’s face bulged bitterly, the sound of the door opening had greatly shocked him as he had only heard that sound and not felt the slightest bit of blood qi, as if the door had opened on its own.

But he could clearly sense a hint of danger as his room’s door was opened, resulting in him ignoring everything and just using a powerful Mán-Technique which was easily shattered. As he was thinking of rushing out, he saw the face of the person awaiting him.

After realising who it was, he gave up running away, since the person he saw was Mo Su, the person he was most suspicious of yet someone he did not dare confront.

Tied with Ye Wang, he knew how much of a terrifying person he was, against such a genius, he, Wu Sen could only painfully endure. But Wu Sen was no fool as well, he was actually a really smart person, he could vaguely guess the reason that person came here, even though he could hardly believe it.

“You snatched away my Origin Corpse Qi, resulting in me weakening every day, I could previously us my identity to suppress them, but if they were to realise I was weakened, that would not benefit me at all!” Wu Sen closed his eyes and took a deep breath, the next time he opened them, the veins on his face had faded and his complexion had recovered.

Seeing Wu Sen’s quick recovery, the lack of rage in his expression, and the way he so truthfully spoke about his weakness made Su Ming look at him with some respect.

“The previous incident, if I have offended you in any way, I hope brother Mo does not take it to heart.” Wu Sen spoke, as he stood up and bowed towards Su Ming.

Su Ming’s expression remained unchanged, but inwardly, his impression of Wu Sen had improved greatly, he stared at Wu Sen as Wu Sen stared at him, the two of them locked gazes for a long time before Su Ming smiled.

“Discussing with a smart person is so much easier, just state your offer.”

Wu Sen could barely hold in his excitement, he had long since given up the thought of trying to find trouble with Mo Su, in his mind, he had long since lost that right to, his cultivation could not be compared to Su Ming, nor could his reputation. Such a person would most likely be picked up by the Mán-Elder to nurture in the Feng Zhen Tribe and Wu Sen did not want to continue being enemies with such a person.

His only remaining dream was to get back his Corpse Qi, allowing his cultivation to recover, after all the next day was the day of the second test, and to him, this test was still very important.

“Could I possibly know what brother Mo is interested in? For Mán-Tools, I only have one, and it happens to only be compatible with my Mán-Technique, it was given to me by Grandpa, and I really don’t think I can use it to trade……” Wu Sen hesitated a while before speaking. To him, that life blood was many times more valuable than the Mán-Tool, but he just did not dare to trade for it with the Mán-Tool, after all the Mán-Tool did not belong to him, but the tribe.

“I don’t want the Mán-Tool, lets just use money to trade, five thousand stones and it is yours.” Su Ming spoke as he retrieved a vial from his robes, the invisible moonlight disappearing from the vial.

Staring at that small vial, Wu Sen’s heart started beating rapidly, but after hearing Su Ming’s words, he could only bitterly smile/

“Brother Mo, I…… I only have three thousand plus stones……”

Su Ming did not speak, he only continued gazing at Wu Sen, after some time, he once more put the small vial away and slowly spoke.

“If that is the case, then you can come find me when you have enough money.”

Wu Sen’s expression immediately turned anxious, if he somehow managed to recover his lifeblood today, he still has a chance for tomorrow’s test, if not, his reputation is certain to greatly fall.

Adding on to the fact that he had no idea where to find this mysterious Su Ming, once he left, even if he somehow managed to get enough money, it would be hard for him to trade for his lifeblood back.

“Brother Mo…… please hold on, what do you think of this, you just wait here for me a little while as I go out to get some stone coins, I will be back in no more than two hours, you…… can you wait two hours for me?” Wu Sen hurriedly spoke.

Su Ming frowned as he took one more glance at Wu Sen before turning around to leave, he could not silly just wait here. He could not be certain whether this Wu Sen had some other intentions in mind anyway.

“Brother Mo, please wait!! I truly only have three thousand three hundred stone coins at this moment, how about this, let me add this thing as well, what do you think?” Wu Sen hurriedly took a few steps forward as he grit his teeth and retrieved a wooden case from the room.

Bringing it to Su Ming, he unhappily opened it up, inside the wooden case was a green seven leaf grass.

This plant was truly mysterious, each leaf had seven offshoots, extremely orderly, giving off a strange sense of vexation.

“This seven-heart grass is extremely rare, and is something i obtained accidentally, it’s value is several thousand stone coins!” Wu Sen gazed at Su Ming as he shoved the case over.

The instant Su Ming saw the herb, his heart started rapidly beating, as he slowly inspected it, he was certain that this herb is one of the two herbs did not know about yet were required in refining the Southerner’s Pill!

Su Ming’s expression remained calm as he took over the case, gazing suspiciously at Wu Sen.

Wu Sen on the other hand, was extremely nervous, after seeing Su Ming nod, he could no longer hide the excitement on his face, he quickly took out sufficient white stone coins each worth a hundred stone coins and stuffed them into a pouch before respectfully handing it over to Su Ming.

Su Ming inspected it and only after making sure everything was correct, did he once more withdraw the vial and handed it to Wu Sen.

“Your lifeblood is very expensive, don’t lose it again.” Su Ming deeply stared at Wu Sen as he spoke before turning around and leaving the room, fading into the darkness of the night.

Wu Sen held onto the vial as he stared at Su Ming disappear into the distance, his expression a mix of emotions. Only after a long time did he let out a sigh, completely giving up the idea of finding trouble with Mo Su.


In the Wu Shan Tribe house, Su Ming stared at the thirty plus white stone coins excitedly, he had never seen so much money in his life, seeing each stone coin coloured so beautifully white, Su Ming could not help but stare at them one by one. The feeling of obtaining such a windfall was even better than being the center of people’s attention.

From being almost broke, to suddenly obtaining so many stone coins gave Su Ming the feeling of wealth. After all, this was the most money he had ever held in his life so far.

“If I were to let Lei Chen know that I have so many stone coins, he will definitely be in disbelief.” Su Ming face revealed a youthful expression. The main point was that this sum of money was obtained without having to put out much effort, the feeling was completely different compared to when he originally sold the Awakening pill which only brought him one hundred stone coins.

“It’s great that Wu Sen is rich, as one of the geniuses of the Feng Zhen Tribe, having this kind of savings is not too surprising, but I guess he must be running out.” Su Ming did not truly believe that Wu Sen only had this much stone coins,f but he believed that he should not have much left.

As for troubles that might arise, Su Ming had already considered about it. Firstly, Su Ming’s cultivation is superior to Wu Sen, such that he is no trouble even if he runs into him in the day, more importantly, Wu Sen also does not know that Su Ming was Mo Su, and thus would not be able to track him down anyway, as long as Su Ming’s identity was not revealed, he would be safe.

Anyways, whether Wu Sen wanted to find trouble was another matter. Wu Sen might very well just endure it and not try to provoke Su Ming, as he is no fool after all, he knows when to advance and when to retreat.