Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – Persevere, persevere!!

The plaza was devoid of people’s voices, everyone present were deeply gasping, looking at the nine statues, there was a single remaining name which had not turned gray.

Mo Su was only five steps away from the first place!!

The current Ye Wang had slowly managed to open his eyes with the assistance of Shi Hai, his eyes bloodshot as he stared at the rankings on the statue with complicated emotions.

Shi Hai whispered some words to Ye Wang, but Ye Wang did not notice, as he remained completely focused on the ranking on the statue.

Shi Hai’s brows furrowed as he turned away, letting out an inaudible sigh.

“I am Ye Wang…… I definitely cannot lose!! Let alone having to resort to such petty tricks!” Ye Wang clenched his fists, the current him was no longer the high and mighty genius of the generation, but rather an ordinary person who had put all his efforts to step onto the nine hundred and fifth step, but end up forced to leave from injuries. He was extremely nervous, many times more so than the other people here. But even so, he still had his pride, his own arrogance, as for Shi Hai’s suggestion, it was just too much of a disgrace!”

In the silence, the sounds of people’s breathing became increasingly clear, especially those who had previously looked down on Su Ming, their minds were now blank with shock.

They had personally witnessed a miracle, they had saw him rising, they had seen his crazy speed! Such a person was unprecedented, walking from the last position to the top!

This unprecedented individual had surpassed Wu Sen, surpassed Bi Su, surpassed Chen Chong. Even more so unprecedented was that this person had actually managed to injure Ye Wang to this extent, forcing him to even leave the mountain. And on this mountain, there currently only remained a single person, Mo Su!

Among the group of top fifty people, they were at a loss of words as well. They just stared at name of Mo Su on the nine statues, they expression filled with a complicated mix of emotions, jealousy, envy, anticipation etc. but also certainty.

As for those various tribal leaders, they were the same, this Mo So had already obtained a high significance in their hearts, people like him were bound to stir up a storm when he returns.

There were just too many people who wanted to know just who he is…… just how he looked like…… but the previous Su Ming looked just too plain and normal, before the test, there was just no one who took note of his existence.

Even the person who had dragged him to pay respects to Chen Chong was staring at the ranking statues, with his eyes filled with anticipation and excitement.

There was only the monkey-faced old man who stood among the crowd, with shock filling his face. He was certain that he was able to notice every single person who had dropped out of the test, and yet among the huge number of people who had returned to the plaza, there was a certain little brat missing.

“It can’t be……” He muttered with his back hunched, staring at the two words Su Ming, he was filled with disbelief.

“Don’t tell me…… it really is him!!”

In a corner, Grandpa Mo Sang and Feng Zhen Jing Nan did not exchange any words, silently contemplating as they stared at the statues, Mo Sang’s expression looked normal, but inside he was actually extremely shocked.

As for Jing Nan, he had witnessed the entire process of Su Ming’s rise. Currently, his expression was filled with shock that he could not hide, he had never imagined that an ant which he thought would never amount to anything, who would have to rely on luck to even enter the top fifty, would actually exceed his expectations time and time again, giving him so many surprised and shock.

Regarding Su Ming’s background, Jing Nan was extremely suspicious, the words he exchanged with Mo Sang the day before only served to make him more hesitant.

After a long time, as the crowd waiting seemingly without a shred of impatience and the skies filled with the bright of morning, Su Ming who stood on the nine hundredth step finally opened his eyes, on his body remained a single blood vein, when his eyes fully opened, even that last blood vein faded away.

Raising his head and looking towards the mountain peak, the mountain was shrouded with more fog than the night before…… Su Ming silently pondered as he glanced at the ranking tablet in his hands.

“Nine hundred and five……” Su Ming sighed.

“Since I already got here…… let us have this last competition!!” Su Ming looked forward determinedly, after taking a deep breath of the cool morning air, he lifted his leg and headed onto the nine hundred and first step.

But currently, it was the day and there was no moonlight, resulting in Su Ming feeling the full pressure, however this pressure was greatly decreased due to it being the day, as such, the actual pressure on Su Ming was about the same as before.

But even so, this was past the nine hundredth step and was extremely near the mountain peak, the pressure here was still enough to squeeze a person’s life out of them.

Even taking a single step here could be comparable to tens of steps in the lower levels!

The moment Su Ming’s right leg landed, his body shook as a hundred and fifty six blood veins appeared on his body fighting back against this insane pressure.

Su Ming moved!!

The moment he moved, in the plaza outside, the people who had been silently waiting a long time suddenly burst out in an uproar following Su Ming’s move

“Nine hundred and one!!”

“He got onto the nine hundred and first step!!”

The countless gazes of people all rested on the single remaining name on the statue which had not been grayed out, in their minds they had forgotten everything else, all that remained was this name.

Chen Chong’s body shook, as he gasped as he intently stared. This sight was so much more intense than the previous great tests and he just did not want to miss any of it.

Bi Su tightly clutched his fists, his eyes filled with coldness and jealousy, which transformed into resentment and a strong killing intent. At the same time, the Hei Shan Tribe Patriarch stared at the two words Mo Su with an expression as cold as ice.

Nine hundred and two!!

When the number behind Su Ming’s name turned into nine hundred and two, the hearts of the audience all skipped a beat.

As if this step Su Ming took was not only in the mountains but also affected everyone’s heartbeat. Such a scene illustrates the importance of Su Ming in everyone’s mind here, it suffices to say, each and every single one of his moved had already touched the hearts of everyone here.

In the past, this glory had belong to Ye Wang alone, but currently, even Ye Wang had became one of the audience, sitting not too far away, his heart too skipped a beat each time Su Ming moved.

This sort of feeling was very unfamiliar to him…… yet so unforgettable!

“Nine hundred and three! He is on the nine hundred and third step!! Only two more steps and he would be tied with Ye Wang, with three more steps, he would overtake Ye Wang to become the champion!”

“Can he…… really get first place……”

The old lady of the Wu Long Tribe felt breathless as her pupils constricted. Bai Ling by her side was also currently stunned as she stared at the name Mo Su with slightly wrinkled brows.

By the Wu Shan Tribe, Shan Hen continued sitting there quietly as usual, except that within his gaze, a strange expression seemed to be present.

Bei Ling’s face twitched, given his identity in the Wu Shan Tribe, he normally would not so easily express his shock, but today he just could not stifle his excitement, he even had imagined being Mo Su, experiencing the joy of stepping all over the geniuses of the Feng Zhen Tribe as he excitedly clenched his fists.

Wu La was even more excited, her face red as she stood there with her heart thumping wildly, desperately wishing this Mo Su person would just quickly take a few more steps ahead.

Lei Chen gave up on the guess that Mo Su was Su Ming, as he felt that it was indeed too preposterous.

“Nine hundred and three! Mo Su reached the nine hundred and third step!!!” Wu La was after all a young girl, excitedly she started shouting as she pointed at the rankings,her eyes filled with excitement and another strange feeling.

The entire plaza was in a uproar, their voiced echoed as Ye Wang continued sitting there, his eyes bloodshot as he tightly clenched his fists, his emotions extremely complicated beyond words.

He was once the genius child, he once stood at the peak, the target of everyone’s expectations…… but today, he had actually become one of the audience, this sort of change was just really hard to accept.

The voiced buzzing around his ears were each like a sharp knife, stabbing straight into his chest, it truly was painful……

Su Ming stood on the nine hundred and third step, despite him standing straight, his body was actually trembling unstably, after the nine hundredth step, although it was day, the pressure was just immense beyond imagination.

After only walking three steps, Su Ming actually felt that it was his limit, his body was in agony, this pressure was something his blood veins could withstand, the sounds of his bones creaking constantly filled his ears.

Standing there, Su Ming’s breathing was haggard, a sharp pain in his heart which felt on the verge of collapse made his face pale. The distance from the nine hundred and fifth step was just two steps.

He, he could no longer rest, under this pressure, even if he was resting, he would have to circulate his blood qi. Su Ming’s body trembled as he lifted his right leg, moving it towards the nine hundred and fourth step.

The moment his feet landed, his entire body shook, fresh blood flowed out his mouth, Su Ming’s entire body almost collapsed, but he managed to withstand it, allowing his left leg to reach the step as well.

Feeling completely powerless and dizzy, the entire pressure of the mountain pressed onto him.