Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 67

Chapter 67 – The sixth level of blood condensation!

This is the final showdown on the mountain peak, Su Ming and Ye Wang exploded forth with all their power, Su Ming’s blood kindling and Ye Wang’s forceful absorption of the Mán-Patriarch’s Mán-Blood. However, the people outside were all oblivious to what is happening inside.

Currently, as the battle reached its peak, the people outside’s excitement had too reached its peak!

“This is a battle between a dragon and tiger!! This is a true battle between the best!!!”

“Ye Wang climbed from the eight hundred and forty-fifth step straight up to the eight hundredth and sixty-first step, but this Mo Su is still managing to closely follow, their original gap of twenty to thirty steps had actually shrank to just two as he managed to chase his way up to the eight hundred and fifty-ninth step!!”

“Just who will be the first between them!!”

Amid the sounds of discussion, people’s outcries and exclamation, the people in the square were filled with excitement and anticipation, all these emotions and feelings had amalgamated into just one thought, just who would be first!!!

Who would be the first! This question stirred up a storm among the top fifty people who had left earlier as well. Their excitement was no less than the surrounding audience, especially those who knew Ye Wang better, the more aware they were of the terrifying pressure past the eight hundredth step, the more roused they were.

“Ye Wang’s consecutive streak of first place…… would he still be able to maintain it this time!!”

“This Mo Su is just…… is just too strong! He actually managed to get so close to Ye Wang, they are only two steps away!”

“I had thought that in this region under the control of my Feng Zhen Tribe, Ye Wang was the indisputable best, but today…… i understood that i have underestimated the people from the surrounding lands!”

Compared to these people, those tribal leaders have all stood up as well, looking at the statues, their expressions consisting of not just astonishment, but also shock and dismay!

“Just what tribe is this Mo Su from?”

“Whose kid is he!!”

“If he were to really overtake Ye Wang, the impact on the Feng Zhen’s reputation would be really strong!”

“Regardless, this Mo Su will become known to everyone after today!”

Lei Ling tightly clenched his fists in agitation, a voice in his heart shouting out, wishing this Mo Su person victory!! Wu La who was by his side, her face was red with excitement as she could not take her eyes off the struggle for first place!

Chen Chong was too staring dazedly at Mo Su’s name, even if there someone told him that before the start of the event, Su Ming was part of the group surrounding him, watching him as he approached Bai Ling, he would not have believed it.

Bi Su stared at the statues, his eyes filled with rage and hatred as his fists were tightly clenched, he firmly believed that Mo Su’s glory should have belonged to him, and was stolen from him by this Mo Su person.

In a further corner, Jing Nan could no longer keep his calm, as his expression was filled with shock. As he looked at the rankings, and Ye Wang’s sudden burst, he could guess that Ye Wang forcefully absorbed his Mán-Blood.

“This Su Ming…… just what is his background, what kind of veins does he have…… he…… he actually has such potential!” Jing Nan took a deep breath, the look of shock unable to be hidden.

“Mo Sang, he…… is he really the prince of the Great Yu ?” Jing Nan hesitated slightly as he softly asked.

Mo Sang smiled without replying, he too could hardly keep his calm as his emotions surged within him.

Currently on the mountain peak, the mists were moving, the mountain trembling, the roars coming from the peak constantly becoming clearer seemingly transmitting an indecipherable message.

Su Ming’s body trembled as his expression turned frenzied, his right index finger pressing onto his right eye as half his pupil had already turned red!

The difficulty of this third blood kindling is immense, and way out of Su Ming’s expectation, he had never expected that even here, where the immense external pressure is helping him, he had still not completed it.

Compared to the previous two attempts, they couldn’t even be considered attempts, as if of the nine blood kindlings, this third kindling is a checkpoint, a bottleneck!

He stood on the eight hundred and fifty-ninth step which was not where he wanted to be, under the effects of the kindling, Su Ming’s entire body was practically burning, the blood in his body seemingly undergoing some sort of transformation, from normal blood it quickly transformed into some sort of flame!

The pain from inside and the pressure from outside made Su Ming constantly want to give up, but the moment he thought about the tribe’s dangers, the moment he recalled Grandpa’s worried face, Su Ming felt as if he could endure any pain!

He wanted to become stronger, he wanted to be able to help Grandpa, he wanted to be able to protect his home, he wanted to protect his tribe!! He wanted to kill his enemies, he was out for blood, he wanted to tell his enemies, Wu Shan Tribe is not to be trifled with!

Su Ming let out a roar, as if wanting to pass out his pain through this roar, as he roared, his right finger continued wiping his right eye, slowly but filled with determination!

This time, regardless of whoever wants to stop Su Ming from protecting his tribe, he was determined to turn them into his enemy!!

His eyes burned like a flame as Su Ming lifted his feet, step by step he once more moved ahead frenziedly…… from that eight hundred and fifty-ninth step he walked onto the eight hundred and sixtieth step, then the eight hundred and sixty-first, eight hundred and sixty-second, eight hundred and sixty-third…… all the way up to the eight hundred and seventy-seventh step!!

A bloody mist once more appeared out his body, his limit…… had been reached!

Eight hundred and seventy-seven steps, this was his limit, he could no longer proceed onward!

“Kindle the blood flame!!” At his end, Su Ming let out a shout, this shout resounded in the surroundings, the moon hanging in sky suddenly burst forth with its greatest radiance, the moonlight invisible to everyone had descended from the skies and entered into Su Ming’s body.

The mountain beneath Su Ming’s feet started to tremble, the mist reaching a never before seen thickness, as it turned and envelop the surroundings in a misty cage, as if transforming into a mysterious shape.

It seemed to look like a giant beast, although it was still blurry.

The entire mountain shook, that strange qi burst forth from the mountain, with Su Ming at the center, it had all rushed towards him, entering his body in an instant, his right index finger completely dying his right eye red!!

The third blood kindling was complete!

A rumbling came out of Su Ming body once more, the number of blood veins appearing in great numbers, each blood vein filling Su Ming’s body with a powerful sensation

In a few breaths of time, the number of blood veins on Su Ming’s body exceed a hundred and nine, along with the rumbling noise, he had actually not only broke through the fifth level of blood condensation on the mountain, but actually the sixth level as well.

The sixth level of blood condensation!

The number of blood veins were still increasing, as they appeared one by one, Su Ming continued his advance on to the eight hundred and seventy-eighth step. His body shaking with each step he took as that strange qi poured into his body. Climbing onto the eight hundred and seventy-ninth step, he still continued further!

Eight hundred and eighty-three, eight hundred and eighty-five, eight hundred and eighty-nine…… the moment he reached the eight hundred and ninety-ninth step, the number of blood veins on Su Ming’s body had reached one hundred and fifty-six!!

In his body, all his blood had already transformed into a blaze, his body like a mass of flame wanting to devour even the heavens, but in his eyes, the image of the blood moon had already slowly faded away, hiding deep within him, as if after successfully kindling the blood for the third time, it would become hidden within him and not be so easily revealed!

He had reached the small success stage of this Fire-Mán Technique! Su Ming lifted his feet and stepped onto the nine hundredth step. Standing there, looking upwards, he could see beast like figure lying in the distance.

A hard to describe feeling welled up within his heart, that strange beast looked like a tiger, but it seemed to have two huge wings, yet unable to fly up due to the numerous chains holding it down, giving it an extremely desolate look filled with grievances.

Looking at that beast, he could faintly feel as if that beast was looking at him as well, one man one beast, on this mountain, separated by only about a hundred steps, silently passing time.

After some time, Su Ming closed his eyes, he could feel, a certain familiar qi coming from the beast, it was the…… Fire-Mán……

This beast was definitely related to the ancient Fire-Mán!

With his eyes shut, Su Ming could feel that on this nine hundredth step, was the thing he had been seeking, the seventh step where the forces were in equilibrium, standing here, the hundred and fifty-six blood veins on his body started to disappear according to his will. As dawn broke and a new day begun, Su Ming had started the final stage of his cultivation here.

Ye Wang’s hair was a mess, as his expression was frenzied, before walking no more than ten steps, he unhesitatingly clutched his chest, where the horn was becoming fore faint, the crimson glow surrounding him becoming fainter as well, uncaring, he walked forward his pride and arrogance did not allow him to give up!!

Eight hundred and one, eight hundred and two…… all the way up till the eight hundred and ninety-seventh step, then the eight hundred and ninety-ninth step…… Ye Wang’s right hand clutching his chest, the tattoo of the horn had already started to fall apart, on the verge of completely disappearing. After completely fading away, it transformed into a last burst of strength supplementing Ye Wang’s body, giving Ye Wang the last bit of strength to rush up to the nine hundred and fifth step in a shout.

In this instant, Ye Wang coughed out blood as his body collapsed, the tablet he held in his hand was thrown away, transforming into a black fog, surrounding Ye Wang as he disappeared from this mountain peak.

On this entire mountain, there remained only one person, Su Ming!

The surroundings were silent, the people in the plaza were silent, Ye Wang had appeared in the plaza unconscious, with Jing Nan’s gloomy gaze, there were a few people who came forth to bring Ye Wang back to the tribe to recover.

On the nine statues, there remained a single name which had not turned grey……

Ranked second, Mo Su, nine hundred steps.

Everyone was waiting……