Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – They have become afraid!

Those who had given up the test and gloomily returned to the plaza all had theirs eyes wide open with astonishment.

Some people even unconsciously stood up and started walking closer to the statues to get a closer look.

The Wu Long Tribe’s old lady’s eyes were glowing with a strange glint as she stared at a statue nearby, staring at the ranking of Mo Su.

More and more of the tribal leaders started to turn to look, their faces all becoming more and more somber.

The Wu Shan Tribe’s Marksman, Bei Ling’s father, had always been taking note of the rankings on the statue however, he had been focusing on Bei Ling’s name. But, now he too was watching the two words ‘Mo Su’, watching the numbers of steps climbed by the name soar.

The entire plaza, in an instant became dead silent.

Ranked thirty-six, Mo Su, Three hundred and one steps.

Ranked thirty-four, Mo Su, Three hundred and ten steps.

Ranked thirty-one, Mo Su, Three hundred and twenty-two steps.

Ranked twenty-eight, Mo Su, Three hundred and thirty-five steps.

Ranked twenty-six, Mo Su, Three hundred and forty-four steps.

Ranked twenty-three, Mo Su, Three hundred and fifty-one steps.

Ranked nineteen, Mo Su, Three hundred and seventy-one steps.

Afterwards only when this name ‘Mo Su’ remained at the nineteenth position, stopping at the three hundred and seventy-first step did the crowd seem to resume breathing.

This scene was hard for the audience present to believe, although they had experienced last night’s miracle, today’s change compared to yesterday, was just too great!

If last night was a miracle, then today only the words ‘things of legends’ can begin to describe today’s performance.

“In less than sixty breaths of time, to climb from the two hundred and forty-eighth step to the three hundred and seventy-first step…… this…… this is over a hundred and twenty steps…… and it happened in less than sixty breaths time!!”

“Wu Sen can’t do it, neither can Chen Chong, even when Ye Wang walked these hundred or so steps, he spent over two hours!”

“Just who is this Mo Su!!” Follow those bursts of exclamation, the discussion in the plaza once more exploded, greatly surpassing even the chatter of the previous night.

“What’s more it’s only the afternoon, by the time it’s evening, or by the time it’s night,  given his strong performance at night, just where will he be able to climb up to? Just what ranking would he end up with?”

“Top ten!! This person is definitely going into the top ten!!” In the crowd, there were many jealous people, but they were all just minor characters from the tribes. Regardless of whether it was Chen Chong, Wu Sen, or even the top ten, top twenty, top thirty and even just the top forty, these were all the talents of their generation, what they could do was just try to get closer to them, even if they felt unresigned.

Today, they had witnessed the miraculous rise of the last ranked person, who at an unbelievable speed charged straight into the nineteenth position!

Precisely because they had managed to see this in person, it had stirred their emotions, feeling as if they were Mo Su. Only, human nature was complex, there will never be a single simple change, in their excitement, a complex mixture of envy was born as well, these bundle of emotions and thoughts all formed something that they themselves could not understand.  

Hoping to see Su Ming rise to the top to satisfy their inner aspirations, yet at the same time jealous that he was able to rise up from a minor person, secretly cursing that Su Ming would be like them and sink into the bottom.

“Top ten? Hmph, I think that he had managed to get lucky so far, using some underhanded method to finally manage to reach where he is now!”

“That’s right, each time after he advances he needs a long time to recover, I believe that this is where the secret lies!”

The people’s discussions were all filled with complex contradictions, at the start it was filled with excitement which eventually turned to jealousy. However, among the crowd was a monkey-mouthed old man, this old man’s eyes were trembling, no one knew what he was thinking. Frequently he would approach the some people and drag one of them out, whispering some words to the displeased person before quickly flashing the contents in his robe, as if worried too many people would notice it.

The people pulled out by this old man would mostly be surprised and filled with disbelief at this old man’s words, most would leave skeptical, yet there would always be a few who were successfully baited into the distance for their transactions.

Compared to the hundreds of people on the plaza,a the participants from the various tribes on the mountain had varying complex expressions as they looked at the tablet in their hands. Seeing the name from last night catch their notice again, their hearts were filled with a strange mix of envy and jealousy and perhaps even some disbelief.

Lei Chen withdrew his gaze from the tablet in his hands, his lips turning into a slight smile, but his eyes still contained a trace of hesitation. As he slowly advanced, he pondered on whether this Mo Su was indeed Su Ming……

Ever since noticing this name Mo Su last night, the image of Su Ming would appear in his mind, seeing Mo Su fiercely advancing and directly charging into the nineteenth position, while Lei Chen was in shock, he started to hesitate.

“Ai, it might not be him……”

Bei Ling’s body was covered with sweat as he looked at the rankings on his tablet, seeing the rise of the person called Mo Su, he gently shook his head as he let out a sigh.

“I can still bear this…… from this day forth his name will certainly become illustrious…… but this has nothing to do with me, he is not one of my Wu Shan Tribesman anyway.”

But the character Su in his name…… I just hate it.” Bei Ling lowered his head as he slowly climbed onward.

Si Kong who was on another small path in the distance naturally stopped paying attention to this Mo Su, to him, this person had already greatly surpassed himself and was not someone he could compare to, what he was more concerned about was the person ranked just ahead of himself, Bei Ling.

“I must get into the top fifty!!” Su Kong clenched his fist as he advanced with gritted teeth.

(TLN: I really don’t get this, isn’t ranked fiftieth in the top fifty!?!?!?)

Bei Ling for the first time spent so much time staring at the names on the tablet, after seeing the name Mo Su, she too like Lei Chen started to feel some doubt in her heart.

“Is it him……” Bai Ling bitterly smiled as she shook her head, she knew that Su Ming was a Man-Cultivator with some level of cultivation, but she did not think that Su Ming this Mo Su who was as dazzling as the sun.

Compared to these people, the person that was the most nervous was not the one who did not know about all these events, it was not Ye Wang who would not care even if he knew about what was going on. Neither was it Chen Chong and Bi Su who were constantly fighting for their positions.

It was actually Wu Sen!

Wu Sen extremely nervous, staring at the names on the tablet, seeing the name Mo Su who suddenly charged into the nineteenth position, his expression became even more gloomy. He could still not figure out whether Bi Su or whether Mo Su was more suspicious.

But that was not the main source of his worry, what he was worried about was the fact that he had been overtaken by two outsiders, if they were his tribesmen then it was still fine, but now his reputation would be ruined.

“Damn it!!” Wu Sen growled, gritting his teeth with a pale face he furiously dashed forwards, in his mind constantly telling himself that he cannot let them overtake him!

In the top twenty everyone was giving their all, after Su Ming charged in and messed up the original order, like a rock being suddenly thrown into a pond, forming ripples which surprised the fishes there.

Fortunately for them, this ranked nineteenth Mo Su, after climbing onto the three hundred and seventy first step suddenly stopped for a long time showing no more signs of progress, only then did they let out a sigh of relief as they continued their climb, taking this opportunity to open up a lead.

They have become afraid.

They were afraid of this Mo Su’s strange movements, worried that after not moving, it would once more make a drastic movement. This was the first time they had been so concerned about a single person, as they advanced, they could not help but occasionally check back on whether this person started moving again

Even though they were extremely disturbed, they all had a strange premonition, once this person moves, he could very possibly charge straight into the top ten!

Su Ming sat cross-legged on the three hundred and seventy-first step, he could guess that he probably gotten the attention of many people

Other than Ye Wang, everyone knew that name, the excitement the people had for the top ten gradually died down, but everyone was waiting in anticipation for Su Ming’s name to move, waiting for the next explosion.

Su Ming’s expression was calm, his eyes shut, circulating his blood veins circulating, now there was not sixty-seven but seventy one!

Seventy-one blood veins appeared on his body, giving off a red glow, one by one they would disappear, and one by one they would reappear, under Su Ming’s nuanced control, not only is he drawing out his body’s potential, he is tempering his body, training his strength, becoming stronger!

Letting him anticipate what kinds of speed he can reach, after all, Su Ming’s forte was speed!!

Time passed and evening quickly approached, the whole afternoon the plaza was filled with the distortion of space as competitor after competitor gave up, they expressions were all varied. The higher their positions, the less gloomy they looked, some even looked excited.

In the evening, as skies gradually darkened, for the names on the totems, except for two, all those after ranked sixty have all turned grey.

Ranked sixty-seven, Wu La, one hundred and fifty nine-steps.

Ranked sixty-one, Bai Ling, one hundred and seventy-eight steps.