Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Triumph!

Ranked fifty, Mo Su, two hundredth Step!

This line of words on the ranking statues was being watched by everyone around, as their expressions greatly changed. Previously they held disdain, contempt or were even just seeking entertainment, but now all these thoughts had been thoroughly destroyed.

None saw this as a joking matter any more, what they had just witnessed was a miracle , what they saw was an unbelievable rise in ranks!

From the last position in the rankings, charging directly into the top hundred, then once more directly into the top fifty!!

Leaving a large number of tribesmen present in disbelief, unable to imagine that such a huge upset had occurred.

Especially not only did Mo So do the unbelievable thing of breaking through to the fiftieth rank from the last rank, he did it during the night where none would normally move. Due to the shocking display, the hundreds of tribesmen present in the plaza already forgot the dazzling performance of the top ten, forgot about the second ranked Bi Su, all of them only focused on this name Mo Su which attracted everyone’s attention.

“What rank would he end up in……”

“He will definitely be in the top thirty!!”

“That is not for certain, I can tell that his stamina is already low, but regardless, being able to get into the top fifty already shows his strength!”

The voices of discussion once more stirred. This night which should have peacefully passed ended up unprecedented, where people were unable to keep quiet, even till daybreak there would still be people discussing.

Su Ming entering into the top fifty caught the attention of the hundreds of people in the plaza and even the other participants on the mountain.

After reaching rank fifty, the people who he had suddenly overtook were unhappy but also simultaneously filled with respect. As for those in the top fifty, when they looked at the tablet in their hands, they noticed Su Ming’s name, but to them, although he had stirred some waves, he was still not enough of a threat to them and was not worthy of their attention.

(TLN: The author used Su Ming, although the other competitors saw the name as Mo Su)

Especially those in the tenth to twentieth ranks, they had barely cared about it at all.

However, the most nervous was definitely Si Kong and Bei Ling, the two of them were ranked forty-ninth and forty-eighth respectively, the person who had charged his way into the fiftieth position was just like a lump in their throats.

This was especially so for Si Kong, his face was pale as he tightly clenched his fists, he was the Wu Long Tribe Patriarch’s son, after putting in his utmost effort did he manage to obtain his rank, originally he had felt fairly proud of himself, but now all he could feel was his heart racing.

“Can’t make it! Better not make it! Don’t come up!!” He constantly recited in his heart, his eyes red as he stared at the ranking tablet in his hands.

On a mountain path not far away from him, Bei Ling was standing upright, in a similar nervous state eyes wide as he stared at the tablet in his hands. Not crying in his heart like Si Kong, but was still gritting his teeth before turning around and heading towards the two hundred and seventh step.

While almost everyone was staring at the rankings, Su Ming stood on the two hundred step and took a deep breath, his gaze determined as the fifty eight blood veins on his body shone with a bright light. If not for the surrounding fog, this light would have lit up the skies, even completely visible to people far away,  but thanks to the fog presents, this scene was deeply hidden on this mountain.

Feeling an explosive power being birthed from his own body, Su Ming raised his head, looking through the fog ahead, to watch the moon, to watch the dark skies.

He did not know why but, ever since he practiced the Fire-Mán-Technique, he had started to like the night. It was not that he started to dislike daytime, rather he just no longer had anticipation for daybreak.

“Of all the creatures living on this earth, just which ones will be able to see the ends of the heavens… …” Su Ming mumbled as he gazed at the darkness of the skies, a certain light flashing in his eyes before very quickly fading back away, it was something that would be hard to detect unless one was specifically looking.

Su Ming raised his right leg, thrusting it forwards, stepping onto the two hundred and first step, then the two hundred and second. The moment his feet landed, on a path further away, Si Kong jumped up with a fierce expression and charged forwards crazily with a huge roar.

He stared wide-eyed as his ranking fell from the forty-ninth rank to the fiftieth rank, a difference of a single rank which was a sky of difference, this was something this proud Si Kong was unable to accept.

If he was defeated early on then that was that, but after having given his all to reach where he was, yet become instantly overtaken was something Si Kong was unable to accept, gritting his teeth, bearing the multiplied power of the mountain,  he stepped forward, growling step by step.

Moving at the same time was Bei Ling!

The movements of these two people seemed to start a chain reaction, as the people ranked forty-seven, forty-six and forty-five suddenly felt unable to sit still and they too started to move.

To the hundreds of people outside, this movement was like a cardiotonic drug, as they got excited, the sounds of their discussions never ending.

“Si Kong moved, two hundred and second step, two hundred and third step…… he stopped……:”

“Bei Ling can’t sit still anymore as well, two hundred and seventh step, two hundred and eighth step, two hundred and tenth……”

“How interesting, this Mo Su charging into the top fifty immediately messed up the rankings, there will definitely be someone dropping out of the top fifty, as a result how can they not be panicked.”

As the sounds of people’s discussion grew, it suddenly became quiet again, the sounds of discussions transforming into the sounds of people gasping, everyone’s gaze fell back onto the name that was crazily jumping up the ranks!

This time, even the old lady of the Wu Long Tribe who had not bothered with the whole event opened her eyes. Looking at the name constantly jumping ahead on the statute, although her expression was constant, inside her thoughts were transforming.

However, that Hei Shan Tribe Patriarch, as usual did not even spare a look.

Ranked forty-ninth, Mo Su, two hundred and fifth step!

Ranked forty-sixth, Mo Su, two hundred and thirteenth step!

Ranked forty-second, Mo Su, two hundred and twenty-frst step!

Ranked thirty-ninth, Mo Su, two hundred and thirty-second step!

Ranked thirty-seventh, Mo Su, two hundred and thirty-ninth step!

Ranked thirty-fourth, Mo Su, two hundred and forty-seventh step!

Si Kong dazedly stared at the ranking tabled in his hands, his entire complexion pale, in an instant his body seemingly lost all its strength, slumping onto the ground as he gritted his teeth, as he became helpless, after only walking two more steps ahead, he had lost to the increased pressure at night and stopped.

Bei Ling’s face was similarly bitter, giving up his advance, he too did not have much strength to carry on, the pressure at night was not something that he could contend against.

The other people too slowly stopped their footsteps, seeing that terrifying event, Mo Su charging into the thirty-fourth rank from the fiftieth rank in an instant left a powerless feeling in their hearts.

Su Ming stood on the two hundred and forty-seventh step, here was not even halfway up the mountain, only a small amount compared to this seemingly endless mountain, but even though it was only a small ways up, it felt as if he was standing up in the skies. There was no winds here, in addition to the fog which made it hard to see outside. But as Su Ming gazed at the moon hanging in the skies, it felt as if he gotten closer to the her.

(TLN: Her referring to the moon, I translated as such since 她 usually refers to a female whereas normally 它 would be used to refer to an inanimate object or animal)

Taking a deep breath, Su Ming once more lifted his feet, stepping onto the two-hundred and forty-eighth step, the moment his feet landed, the number of blood veins on his body once more increased from fifty-eight veins to fifty-nine.

Looking down at the blood veins on his body, Su Ming’s mouth let out a small smile, he could clearly feel, on this two hundredth and forty-eighth step was the same equilibrium as the previous two.

(TLN: Reminder of the numbers: 32, 79, 248, 371, 563, 781)

Currently the skies were still dark, it was still some ways away from daybreak, but Su Ming actually stopped advancing. Instead he stopped on this two hundred and forty-eighth step, shutting his eyes, he focused on circulating his blood qi, slowly delving into control of it.

Due to the increase in the number of blood veins, the difficulty of the task had increased as well. However, Su Ming was in no rush, this was a hard to come-by opportunity which he had no intention of giving up, the reason Grandpa had told him about those six-numbers must have also been for this purpose.

As Su Ming sat down to meditate on the control of the speed of his blood qi’s circulation, time slowly passed. The people below the thirty-fourth rank started to focus as doubt grew in their thoughts, while the people above the thirty-fourth rank started to calm down from their nervousness.

The people on the plaza outside, seeing Su Ming stopping once more, became filled with different predictions and anticipation.

“Who on earth is he?”

“What tribe did he come from?”

“Why did he choose to advance at night?”

“Why did he stop advancing at the thirty-fourth rank? Is he out of stamina, or does he have other plans!”

“Will he finally become kicked out of the top fifty, or would he… … charge into the top thirty, or the top twenty……”

“It it possible for him to perhaps…… break into the top ten!!”

There were many questions arising in the hearts of the hundreds of people outside, which slowly showed themselves along with the discussion. These doubts became deeply buried in their minds, waiting, waiting for the moment they get the answer.

Of course, there were also many people who did not think well of Su Ming, they felt that Su Ming would get stuck, and most importantly, when day breaks the other people would move once more and Su Ming’s rankings would certainly fall.

Regardless, even those who did not think much of Su Ming, had to admit that, this one night was different thanks to the name Mo Su, this name Mo Su would become forever etched into their minds, even after many years, this would not be forgotten……

In this one night, Mo Su’s glory had already surpassed the top ten, even surpassing Ye Wang!

It was destined that this name Mo Su, even tomorrow would not escape people’s notice, no matter what they were thinking in their hearts, they all held great anticipation towards this name.

Grandpa Mo Sang’s lips transformed into a smile as he looked at Su Ming’s ranking, although he did not know why Su Ming would change so much in the night, he knew that everyone has their own secrets, as a senior, what he did not need to know everything, all that he needed was to be able to provide asylum.

“Now do you believe what I said previously?” Grandpa Mo Sang spoke on his own initiative for the first time towards Jing Nan.

Jing Nan’s expression was as usual, only his brows slightly furrowed when he saw Su Ming’s rankings. His heart hesitating about Mo Sang’s previous words about Su Ming’s background.

Night slowly passed as the plaza quietened down, practically everyone was in deep thought, although they were all thinking different things, their gazes all fell onto the same line etched on the raking statues, the line with the words Mo Su.

After a long time, a white light slowly floated out from the horizon, a new day had arrived.