Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Would you believe it?

Su Ming moved, he raised his leg and stepped onto the hundredth step, previously he had stood on the ninety-ninth step for some time. Because of the appearance of the fifty-third blood veins, the blood qi in his body surged, resulting in him taking some time to adapt before moving again.

After all this blood vein signified a breakthrough in his cultivation, as such the increase in strength was naturally fairly significant.

As he moved, Su Ming was constantly absorbing the moonlight from beneath the night sky, in the blink of an eye he had already advanced onto the hundredth and fifteenth step.

Without stopping, he could feel the pressure of the mountain getting stronger and stronger, rushing forward he reached the hundred and twentieth step, the hundred and thirtieth step, the hundred and fortieth step, the hundred and fiftieth step, the hundred and sixtieth step!!!!

After a short pause, Su Ming had consecutively rushed forwards sixty steps. Standing on the hundred and sixtieth step Su Ming felt as if there was a powerful resistance coming from the mountain pressing down on his body.

But at this moment, the moon was shining brightly in the sky, moonlight enveloping Su Ming’s body, resulting in his long tied black hair flowing in the night.

This move resulted in about half the participants and all the people outside fall into a dead silence!

Wu La was stunned, originally she was worried about her own rank, feeling wrong and unresigned, but currently she was completely stunned, those previous thoughts had completely disappeared, she understood that she was not in the same level as that person, yet she still wanted to compare herself to him, doing so was only asking for disgrace if nothing else.

Lei Chen suddenly stood up, looking at the tablet in his hands with a shocked expression, he had some previous guesses about this name Mo Su, but now he started to hesitate, unsure if his previous speculation was correct anymore.

Bei Ling tightly clenched the tablet in his hands, his heart furiously beating, in an instant he felt shocked, seeing that person called Mo Su consecutively climb sixty or so steps at that speed as hard to imagine, making practically forget to even breathe.

He had originally thought the person was pulling a stunt to garner attention by walking at night, but from the looks of things, this person indeed has some strength!

Otherwise how can the change in number of steps be sixty in one go!

The whole mountain was silent, in this silence Chen Chong blinked hard trying to ignore what was going on, but somehow he felt that this Mo Su person was the person he managed to hear the roar of breaking through from.

“It should be him…… it must be him! But just who is he, he is definitely not someone from my Feng Zhen Tribe, I wonder if I saw him earlier at the plaza.” Chen Chong did not know that while he was surrounded in the plaza, among the people trying to laugh their way into his circle stood a person whose smile was mild, very unusual yet went unnoticed.

This person, was looking at Chen Chong, looking him smiling and laughing, looking at the people accompanying him, looking at him walking towards Bai Ling……

As Chen Chong was in deep thought, on the path nearest to Su Ming, Bi Su’s eyes opened wide, staring into the fog, trying to remember what the person who walked into the path near him looked like.

Unlike Chen Chong, Bi Su was just too close, he was definitely able to tell that this Mo Su person was extremely close to him in the fog beneath him.

“It’s only a hundred and sixty steps, compared to me he is still not even halfway to me, it is no cause for concern, taking note of him when he actually comes closer to me is not too late.” Bi Su thought in his mind as he sneered and closed his eyes.

On another path on the mountain, Wu Sen was gloomy as he stared at the rankings on the tablet, especially taking note of the two names Bi Su and Mo Su.

“I am currently at the twentieth rank, on the two hundred and ninety-fifth step…… forget it, i cannot possibly enter the top ten anymore, I can feel the weakening getting worse…… the person who stole my lifeblood previously must be on of these two people!” Wu Sen was no fool, in-fact he was rather clever, if not he would not have been able to occupy such a major spot in the tribe neither would he have been able to control Bei Ling and that group.

“Bi Su!!” Wu Sen’s gaze moved away from the name Mo Su, his eyes flashing fiercely at the second ranked Bi Su, but in the depths of this furious stare was a hint of fear.

From the second ranked person, Wu Sen was not confident of snatching his LifeBlood back……

Si Kong’s face was nervous, his expression was the same as Wu La previously, seeing that in the rankings the name Mo Su managed to reach the hundred and sixtieth step, his heartbeat accelerated as he became filled with worry.

If it was in the day then it was another matter, but currently it was nighttime and he was not confident of advancing further, what’s more he was ranked forty-ninth, once someone overtook him he would immediately fall to the fiftieth rank, although it was just one rank, the significance was huge.

(TLN: IDK why as well… it’s technically still top 50 right?)

Other than them, practically all the other competitors were staring at the tablet in their hands, staring at the name Mo Su.

Ye Wang alone had not taken a single look at the tablet and as such did not know what was going on, even if he did, given his personality, he would not take note of it anyway.

Compared to the silence in the mountain, the silence in the plaza was truly silent, this kind of silence was as if their breathing stopped, unable to even make a squeak.

The force jamming the throats of these people was their own shock, their gazes were all pointing towards the same position on the statue, the row which wrote.

Ranked sixty-third, Mo Su, one hundred and sixty steps.

After experiencing the previous rise in rankings, the people present had mostly become unable to treat his name as a joke, but rather they had really seriously taken note of this name. This sudden jump of sixty steps made their hearts truly experience a huge shock.

If it was in the day, the degree of shock would probably not be as high, but because of the fact that it was currently nighttime and the pressure of the mountain was multiple times stronger than the day, to jump sixty steps in the night would mean an even larger jump in the day!

To be able to do something like this is probably something most of the participating tribesmen are unable to do!

“He……just who is he……”

“Mo Su……Mo Su…… I counted, in barely ten breaths of time he actually managed to climb from the ninety-ninth step to the hundred and sixtieth step…… this…… is really unbelievable!!”

“Instantly climbing from rank hundred and one to rank sixty three, this person…… to actually possess such strength, if it was the day, then perhaps he could have rushed straight into the top thirty, why did he choose to only advance in the night……”

Slowly, the voices of people discussing started to appear in the plaza, slowly becoming more intense, even the various tribal leaders started to look once more.

Only the old lady of the Wu Long Tribe and the Hei Shan Tribe Patriarch did not seem to pay any attention to it.

This night is bound to be extraordinary, all the glory of this night belong to a single person, Su Ming!

Grandpa Mo Sang lightly smiled, looking at the rankings on the statue, the anticipation in his heart growing more and more intense, as he understood that Su Ming had completely realised the meaning behind those six numbers.

The Feng Zhen Tribe Mán-Elder Jing Nan beside him had a calm expression, given his cultivation, if he were to be unable to conceal his emotions then he would not have reached where he was right now.

“Not bad, Mo Sang, the child you brought back has been taught well. I have actually always been curious about his background……” Jing Nan lightly smiled as he gazed at Mo Sang.

“What’s there to be curious about, if I were to tell you that he was the prince of the Great Yu Dynasty, would you believe it?” Mo Sang looked towards Jing Nan as he smilingly spoke, in his eyes not a hint of falsehood could be seen, regarding Su Ming’s background, other than himself there was none who knew about it.

“Why don’t you say he is the child of the Mán-God instead, interesting, interesting.” Jing Nan paused before laughing out loud.

“Perhaps it may be so.” Grandpa Mo San lightly smiled as he spoke.

Jing Nan heartily laughed, yet his heart was filled with alarm, towards Mo Sang’s words, he was unsure if he should trust them. These thoughts made him really unhappy, since his growing days, each time he ran into Mo Sang, he would give him this strange feeling.

Just then, suddenly from the plaza, there were more voices of surprise!

“It moved again!! Just when is he going to finally stop! Quickly look, he is already at the hundred and sixty-eighth step!!’

“Hundred and seventy-second, hundred and seventy-ninth, this speed seems slightly slower than previously……”

“This should be his last push, I guess that he will at most reach the two hundredth step, definitely not anymore than that!”

“It should be about there, perhaps he would not even reach the hundred and ninetieth step, it is late night after all, the higher you go the even greater the increase in pressure!” Accompanying the many voices were the gaze of the people on the statue, some of those eyes were indifferent, some filled with disdain, some filled with anticipation, others had envy and jealousy.

Currently Su Ming’s entire body was surrounded by moonlight as he continued to advance towards the mountain peak, as he advanced the fifty three blood veins on his body released a red glow, eventually a fifty-fourth blood vein appeared as well.

Shortly after, the fifty-fifth, the fifty-sixth and the fifty-seventh blood vein too simultaneously appeared, resulting in the blood red glow surrounding Su Ming intensify, filling his body with an explosive strength.

With a low roar Su Ming took a large step forward and walked onto the hundred and eighty-sixth step, the sound of blood veins increasing in number appearing once more, this sound make Bi Su who was on the nearby path frown once more, the Chen Chong who was straining his ears to listen grit his teeth, wishing that his body made that same sound.

One hundred and eighty nine steps, one hundred and ninety-two steps, one hundred and ninety-nine steps…… Two hundred steps!!

The rankings on the statues in the plaza changed once more in the blink of an eye!

Ranked first, Ye Wang, six hundredth step.

Ranked second, Bi Su, three hundred and ninety-seventh step.

Ranked third, Chen Chong, three hundred and ninety-first step


Ranked forty-eighth, two hundred and sixth step.

Ranked forty-ninth, Si Kong, two hundred and first step.

Ranked fifty, Su Ming, two hundredth step.