Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – Fifth level of Blood Condensation

Su Ming’s eyes were filled with vitality, on this night, on this entire mountain there was not a shred of movement. Yet he embraced the mountain’s resistance and raided his feet, advancing step by step ahead.

Eightieth step, eighty-first, eighty second…..

The mountain’s pressure was many times stronger in the night than in the day, the higher you go the even greater this pressure, but it was also precisely because it is night, night which belonged to Su Ming, as he advanced the moon in the sky emitted a bright light. Seeming as normal as ever, however there was this single strand of moonlight which no one realised, it had descended from the skies entering into Su Ming’s body making the image of the moon in his eyes gradually become clearer.

A cooling strand of qi circulated within Su Ming’s body, making Su Ming’s footsteps gradually become faster and faster, eighty-seven, eighty-eight, ninety-three…… very quickly Su Ming stood on the ninety-ninth step.

The moment his right leg landed on the step, Su Ming felt his body tremble, a powerful blood qi erupting from his body making him tremble slightly. The moment his body shook, fifty-two blood veins appeared on his body, those fifty two blood veins gathered together as if forming a diagram.

Su Ming’s steps paused, as he uttered a low roar which could only be heard from near him, in this instant the fifty third blood vein appeared on his body!!

The moment this blood vein appeared, it signaled Su Ming’s advance from the fourth level of blood condensation into the fifth level of blood condensation!!

From within his body, the sound of thunder seemed to reverberate towards the surroundings transforming into a roar being swallowed by the darkness.

The moment Su Ming broke through into the fifth level of blood condensation from the fourth level of blood condensation. On a path near Su Ming, sat Chen Chong who was muttering as he rested, all of a sudden he felt a chill, subconsciously he turned towards the darkness beneath him, a muffled echo he was familiar with reached his ears.

“This…… this…… damn it, to think someone actually managed to breakthrough here!!!” Chen Chong was stunned as disbelief filled his eyes, the flesh on his face quivering slightly, after all he had never heard of anyone breaking through in this first test. This can be said to be the first time ever!

Rubbing his eyes, feeling that he was imagining things, he rubbed his ears as he listened carefully, his ears twitching as they turned red.

Since he was young, Chen Chong’s hearing was his talent, even from far away where other people could not hear anything, he would be able to clearly hear things.

This talent of his improved along with his cultivation as he grew up and was actually something he was quite proud of.

The more he listened the more bitter Chen Chong’s face became as he became filled with displeasure.

“Fuck him, what luck is this, to actually breakthrough here!! Heavens, why can’t I experience something like that here……” Chen Chong sighed looking extremely envious.

That muffled roar, other than Chen Chong who had excellent hearing, was barely heard by anyone else, only that Hei Shan Tribe’s Bi Su who was relatively near him suddenly opened his eyes as he turned around surprised.

“Someone broke through!” Bi Su’s expression was gloomy, recalling the sounds he heard of someone increasing in blood vein count, but he did not pay too much heed to this.

Taking out the ranking tablet, he checked to see the changing ranks, in a glance he could see the numerous unmoving names and that single rapidly changing name!

Currently, at the plaza outside the mountain, because of Su Ming’s movement, it had resulted in a huge uproar, almost everyone were staring at the line with Mo Su’s name on the numerous statues.

During the dark nighttime, in the previous tests everyone would be resting regardless of whether they were inside or outside the mountain, but today was vastly different from before.

This was all because of a single name that was soaring upwards!

“It moved!! Ninety-ninth step, from the seventy-ninth step he immediately rose to the ninety-ninth step, this person did the same thing earlier, after resting sufficiently he would rise crazily!!”

“He is Mo Su, I remember that name!! He was originally last, but because of his burst earlier he reached the hundred and nineteenth spot, afterwards he stopped and fell to the hundredth and twenty-third position.

“Look, his current rank is the hundredth and thirteenth…… no, hundredth and ninth, hundred and…… hundredth and first rank!! He actually managed to rush into the hundredth and first rank, how fierce!!”

“Haha, to think that there would be such an interesting show tonight, good, let’s see just how far this Mo Su is able to reach!”

The whole plaza was once more filled with people’s endless voices, seemingly even more lively than in the day, even those who did not care of the lower ranked people started to open their eyes and look.

Historically, there were barely anyone who bothered about those near the end, they mostly cared about either the top fifty, top thirty, top ten or top three.

However this time things were different, there was actually someone who managed to catch the people’s attention at such a low ranking.

However, although people were discussing this person heatedly, as they intensely watched the rankings, in reality they did not care too much about him, after all to them, this Mo Su person was probably just looking to pass his time at night while the others were resting.

When day arrives, the other people would start to move once more and would naturally ignore this Mo Su, after all, compared to the other geniuses, this Mo Su’s ranking is still too far to even be compared to.

As Su Ming advanced, he also caught the attention of the other participants on the mountain, as they were all resting, the would look at the tablet in their hands, especially those people near the back who could not help but feel nervous, whereas the people in the front mostly took a glance at it before paying no more heed to him.

Wu La was extremely nervous, she sat on the hundredth and twelfth step, her eyes wide as she stared at the tablet in her hands, paying a lot of attention to this Mo Su person, previously it was him who rushed up in a breath making her feel an extreme amount of pressure.

“After working hard the whole day, I walked to this point and finally reached the hundredth rank, this damned Mo Su, just who the hell is he, why is he like this, when everyone is resting, when the pressure is higher, why is he doing this!!” Wu La bit her lips as she voiced her grievances.

After some time, the Mo Su who stopped at the hundredth and first position did not seem to change further as if he had stopped, allowing Wu La to breathe a sigh of relief.

“He must have reached his limit……”

Lei Chen who was currently sitting on the hundredth and thirty-fifth step was looking at the tablet in his hands, seeing the name Mo Su, his face was somewhat different as if slightly amused.

Currently Bei Ling who was on the two hundredth and sixth step was similarly staring at the rankings on the tablet, but did not pay too much attention to it. To him, this person was just trying to garner attention, not advancing in the day but trying to show off at night.

“Petty tricks!” Bei Ling coldly smiled.

Similarly on the two hundredth-ish step was Si Kong from the Wu Long Tribe, his brows were furrowed, this whole day he had been looking through this tablet trying to find Su Ming’s name, but somehow unable to find it. As for this rapidly rising Mo Su, he had naturally ignored it.

To him, this Su Ming’s rank should not be too far from his and not somewhere past the hundredth rank, if not he would find it really too hard to accept a loss from someone that weak.

On another pathway, Bai Ling sat on the hundredth and thirty-ish step, looking at the moon, she did not pay attention to the rankings, yet her expression seemed to be one which was at a loss.

The people in the plaza waited for a moment to see if the ranked hundredth and first Mo Su would continue to change. One by one they revealed a disappointed expression, however this was also expected by them.

Those various tribal leaders too slowly retracted their gazes as they stopped looking.

The Wu Long Tribe Mán-Elder slowly closed her eyes, not looking over since the start, as if not the slightest bit interested at all in the things going on.

The Hei Shan Tribe Patriarch Da Han, smiled sarcastically, the only person he cared about was Bi Su, and perhaps maybe the first ranked Ye Wang. To him, the only one possibly worth being Bi Su’s opponent was only this Ye Wang!

After some time passed, seeing that Mo Su person not moving further, the voices discussing in the plaza gradually faded away.

“This person was obviously saving his strength, waiting until no one else was moving before advancing, this way he could at least get some people’s attention, and through this get his name out there.”

“Not bad, this method is actually pretty clever, at the very least I will remember this name now, I really want to know who he is.”

“Whatever, let’s just rest, tomorrow is when things would get more exciting, who knows, perhaps the top fifty names would change……Ah, it moved, it moved!!” Just as the people’s excitement died down, a surprised voice resounded in the surroundings.

They saw that Mo Su once more start to rise in rank, the number representing the step changing at an unbelievable rate, rising ferociously.

One hundred steps, one hundred and three steps, one hundred and seven steps, one hundred and twelve steps……