Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 52

Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Open! The Feng Zhen Mountain

Fiery red gown!

On his body there was a formless flame which seemed to burn the eyes of anyone looking at him, making them all can’t help but lower their gazes.

His looks were actually fairly ordinary, not especially handsome, nor was he exceptionally built, but as he walked forward an indescribably feeling arose in all the observing people’s hearts.

His long black hair resting on his shoulders as Ye Wang slowly walked forwards.

He did not have the gloomy look of Wu Sen, rather he had a calm demeanor which was actually  even more terrifying. He also did not have the same entourage as Chen Chong, yet just him coming alone gave off an even greater pressure.

He too did not have the mysteriousness of that Hei Shan Tribe youth, but as he walked his own strength and his name was enough to give him an aura far more mysterious than that Hei Shan Tribe youth.

He was mysterious because he was Ye Wang, he was the most outstanding person in this generation of the entire of the Feng Zhen Tribe. In the surrounding areas, he is also probably the most outstanding youth, after all, he was hailed as the most likely person to reach the awakened realm.

Calmly walking ahead like an emperor, without having to approach others, there were already many people who had abandoned Wu Sen, abandoned Chen Chong, those in front of him parting ways to let his cross.

There was no longer the sounds of discussion, after he had arrived the people’s voices seemed to have come to a halt, even until he had walked up to the center of the plaza and sat down cross-legged, this silence was still not broken.

Only after a long time did people start talking again, as if having awaken from slumber.

“Hey did you see that majestic person, to be able to see Ye Wang, this trip here can already be considered worth it.” The youth beside Su Ming spoke with eyes filled with respect and satisfaction.

Su Ming silently pondered before eventually nodding his head.

After Ye Wang, there were still people constantly arriving for the next hour until everyone had finally arrived. At this point the skies had already turned dark.

The clouds started to rumble, as thunderous claps resounded in the skies shaking the entire atmosphere, giving the people present a huge shock. As the people watched the skies, they realised that the clouds started to rapidly condensed together forming an impressive looking human.

On that cloud figure’s head sat a certain purple robed man, this person was precisely the Feng Zhen Tribe Man-Elder Jing Nan.

He sat there, his gaze not looking downwards but rather towards the tall mountain in the distance, watching the peak which had pierced into the clouds.

“This mountain is the treasure of my Feng Zhen Tribe!”

“This is what was left behind from the Ancient Man, this is the roots of my Feng Zhen Tribe, without this mountain there would perhaps not be this Feng Zhen Tribe today! This mountain you see before you is not the whole mountain, but only a small peak…… the true Feng Zhen Mountain Peak!”

“On the peak of this mountain, a demonic beast is sealed, it had been lying asleep since the ancient years, always asleep…… perhaps it would never awaken……The mountain posses a force, which exerted a pressure enveloping the entire peak. As one ascend, the stronger the pressure becomes!

On this mountain are exactly two-hundred and eighteen paths, this is also today’s first test!”

“The rules are the same as before, with no time limit, anyone who who had a medal can seek the path to the top of the mountain with the number of steps reached used for determining your ranking.

There are people among you who have come here for the first time, for the purpose of fairness, I can tell you that at night, the mountains pressure is at its highest.

Currently, I am going to open this mountain’s seal, you all hurry up and enter!” Jing Nan who was sitting on top of that cloud person waved his right hand towards the mountain as he spoke.

Under this wave, the cloud person released a terrifying roar, striding towards the mountain with large strides, two hands raising up making a tearing action as if trying to tear apart the world.

With this tear, the skies seemed to tremble as a huge cracked seemed to appear between the heavens and the earth expanding towards the sides, as if there was an invisible curtain in front of the mountain being split apart, exposing the real scene inside.

As before, the mountain was extremely tall, but this mountain was not the same one Su Ming saw before, it was actually one covered with a thick black blanket of darkness, filled with a gloomy black fog, giving of a terrifying feeling.

At this moment, there was an even harder to describe pressure, bursting forth from within the tear, like a frenzied wind, it swept up the people’s hair, even making some of the tribesmen turn pale and take a few steps back, it was as if within the tear was not a mountain but rather a great demonic beast.

As the fracture was opened, in the skies above the cloud person, there were several vague figures condensing before eventually transforming into eight people.

Ba Shi Hai was one of the eight people appearing, each and every single one of them possessed a terrifying level of cultivation. After they appeared, they all bit their tongues and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, this fresh blood melded together to form a complex formation which constantly flashed red as it flew towards the giant fracture pressing itself onto the mountain’s fog.

The mountain which was covered by a fog instant roared, as the dense fog rolled towards its peak, revealing the base of the mountain and a single ancient path.

“After entering the mountain, the tablets that you have will disappear when they leave your body, if they disappear, you will also lose the right of participation as well and be automatically removed from the mountain. This is also the method you all can use if you cannot withstand it anymore and choose to immediately leave the mountain. At the same time, the tablet will also record the number of steps that you all have reached and will be used as proof at the end.

Now, what are you all still waiting for!!” The person speaking was Shi Hai, who growled towards the people below him

A figure shot forth, transforming into a red flash as it entered the crack, that person was precisely Ye Wang who was dressed in a red gown! After him, Wu Sen was the second person to shoot forth, closely followed by Chen Chong, before slowly the rest of the participants of the first test advanced into the fracture.

Bei Ling, Lei Chen, Wu La, Si Kong and also Bai Ling all entered the fracture, each one of them searched for an un-walked path and disappeared within.

The instant a path had been taken, a fog will roll down and cover that path once more.

Su Ming did not advance alone, as he chose to follow a large group into the crack, the instant he step inside he could feel that it was different from the outside, inside existed a formless pressure like a pair of invisible hands pressing onto him, making it feel extremely uncomfortable.

Ahead were many small paths already shrouded by the fog, indicating that people have already taken them. Su Ming did not mind it as he headed into the distance, people who did this were also not few as they were all still searching for a path for themselves.

As such an unspoken rule had been established, although some paths seemed to have some missing sections, whenever a path had been found the first person who stepped onto it will own the path.

Su Mind did not join them, rather he walked towards the distance where there were actually still several paths, standing there pondering. Just as he was about to advance, his caught sight of something on his right which made his pupils shrink.

He had caught sight of the black robed Hei Shan Tribesman, the youngster who had been acting all mysterious, whose face was obscured as usual who coldly walked forwards, not even giving Su Ming a glance as he walked up one of the paths.

Su Ming gazed at the person’s body disappear within the pathway, covered by the mountain’s fog before he finally set foot on an extremely normal path. The instant he stepped onto the path, he could feel that the mountain seemed to shake, and at the same time the token by his chest seemed to exude a strange warmth which did not enter Su Ming’s body but rather shrouding him within it.

Shortly after, he was surrounded by large amounts of dense fog, preventing him from being able to see anything beside him or even behind him, all he could see was a winding stairway in front of him as well as the dim sun in the skies.

His surroundings was extremely quiet, giving off the impression that he was actually the only person on this mountain peak.

Su Ming took a deep breath and rather than advancing, he spent his time experiencing the pressure surrounding him, waiting to get used to it before stepping forwards, advancing with a determined gaze.

At the moment, he did not know that after entering the crack, the crack outside had slowly closed, the eight people floating outside had landed in all eight corners of the plaza, meditating cross-legged.

The Feng Zhen Tribe Man-Elder Jing Nan had too dispersed that cloud giant, landing on the plaza, going towards Grandpa Mo Sang’s side, an invisible air wave surrounding the two of them preventing others from spying on them

The plaza still had hundreds of people waiting, their gazes constantly resting on the nine huge statues.

On these nine huge statues, gradually lines of words started to appear.

In first place, Ye Wang, Ninety-seventh step.

In second place, Wu Sen, Fifty-first step.

In third place, Chen Chong, Forty-seventh Step

In fifth place, Bi Su, Forty-sixth step

…… In hundred and third place, Mo Su, sixth-step. Everyone who had entered this first test due to their tablets recording their progression, had their progress clearly displayed for the people outside.

“First place indeed belongs to Ye Wang, ninety-seven steps, he surpassed the second place by so much…… look it changed again, he is already at the hundred and fifteenth step, how long has it been, it is just too fast!”

“Who is this Bi Su? We have never heard of him before, he should not be from my Feng Zhen Tribe, but to actually be ranked so highly so early! I heard that previously Ye Wang had managed to reach the eight hundred and third step, this time I wonder where he would reach, the higher you go the harder it gets. According to the legends, no one had ever gotten past the nine hundred and third step!”

Feng Zhen Tribe Man-Elder Jing Nan too gazed towards one of the statues along with Mo Sang, his face smiling as his gaze fell upon the name Mo Su.

“Mo Sang, that should be Su Ming right, looking at his rank, wanting to reach the top forty would seem to hard, how about this, I can relax the requirements a little, as long as he enters the top sixty it can be considered as him passing.”

Grandpa Mo Sang did not open his mouth to speak, he just gazed at the name Mo Su on the statues, silently staring. In his gaze hid a deep sense of anticipation.