Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Grandpa’s Secret

Su Ming quietly walked into the chlorite city of the Feng Zhen Tribe, ahead of him was that lone tribesman leading the way, his pridefulness could even be felt clearly from his back.

“He certainly has the qualifications to be proud of……” Su Ming looked at the city in front of him, seeing those chlorite houses, he could not help but think about his own tribe’s skin huts, in comparison…… more like, they cannot even be compared to.

Especially as he was travelling now, Su Ming saw many Feng Zhen Tribesman, in the past sixteen years of his life, he had never seen so many Mán-Cultivators together, the town was extremely lively, as even the men and women in the crowd wearing hide, had clothes many times better than his.

In the crowd, there were also many people wearing coarse linen clothes like Grandpa, and each of those people, without exception were Mán-Cultivators who had strong blood qi emanating from their bodies.

“Medium sized tribe……” Su Ming looked at all the things he had just saw before looking towards the huge city walls in the distance, he recalled the sight he saw mid-air as they were approaching, the six tribes the size of their own surrounding this city who were not eligible to even stay in this city and could only remain outside.

Along the way, Su Ming saw many shops selling goods, although the crowds here was smaller, every single person walking in or out those houses was enough to make Su Ming’s heart tremble.

The ground was not covered with mud, rather adorned with many stones which were cut with some unknown technique, making the ground extremely solid and even, resulting in Su Ming who was used to the soft mud feeling uncomfortable.

On the chlorite walls in the distance, Su Ming could see many large bows over ten Zhang wide, completely black and giving off a chilling feeling.

“Have you seen enough?” A piercing voice interrupted Su Ming’s gaze, it was the voice of the Feng Zhen Tribesman leading the way who had turned around.

In his smile was a haughty pride, his words of ridicule were not truly targeted towards Su Ming himself, but rather every single person who came from a small tribe had that same surprise.

“Don’t bother with it for now, since you will be staying here for awhile, you will have your chance to look, especially at night, I recommend you not stay inside and come out for a walk, the sights here at the Feng Zhen Tribe at night is definitely superior to your Wu Shan Tribe.

For now just hurry after me, don’t let the Mán-Elder wait too long.” That Feng Zhen Tribesman patted Su Ming’s shoulder as he turned around and sped ahead.

Su Ming quietly followed after him.

In the chlorite city, in the center was that pentagonal platform, inside were three privater chambers, within one of them, the Feng Zhen Tribe’s Mán-elder, that Awakened purple-robed cultivator was currently sitting crossed-legged as he faced the Wu Shan Tribe Mán-Elder Mo Sang.

Between the two of them was a set of chess pieces, where the pieces were individually carved from animal bones, while the chessboard was cut out from a large piece of stone.

Other than that chess set, in each their hands was a stone cup, inside which was a warm liquid which released a strong aroma filling the room.

“Mo Sang,  back then after you came back, you brought me this chess set and taught me how to play chess. Come to think of it, should be because you were lonely then, and wanted someone to help you break those monotonous days.” That purple-robed man picked up a bone chess piece, after moving it he lifted his head and smiled.

“This chess set was from the Taie Tribe, it is said that the Mán-Ancestors of the Tribe copied it from some faraway land…… it’s a pity, i haven’t played it in so many years that I am no longer a match for you.” Picking up and putting a chess piece aside, Grandpa lightly spoke.

“Mo Sang, I actually really envy you.” That purple-robed man sighed lightly, seeing the aged Mo Sang, memories of their youth replayed in his mind, the man in his memories was so high-spirited, confident of taking on the world…… amongst those of their generation, none didn’t know them…… however now, who would have thought the man favoured by the heavens would be an aged old man now.”

“You should not have been born in the Wu Shan Tribe…… If you had agreed to Grandpa and become his Mán-Child, then the current Mán-Elder of the Feng Zhen Tribe would not be me, but rather you……

Furthermore, you would not have as much difficulty with cultivation and advance much faster than me to step into the Awakened realm…… Grandpa back then also said this before, throughout his life, you were the person he thought had the highest chance of entering the bone sacrifice realm” As he spoke the two words bone sacrifice, the purple-robed man’s eyes flash with a certain desire.

“Bone sacrifice……bone sacrifice…… sacrifice of the thirteen spinal bones, unsealing one’s’ fate, while sacrificing the spinal bones to form a true Mán-Bone!” That purple robed man spoke, as his gaze dimmed.

“I couldn’t do it……”

Mo Sang was quiet as he heard the words bone sacrifice, his face bitter with memories.

“If you had accepted Grandpa’s request, married Wen Yan and joined the Feng Zhen Tribe, Grandpa would have used the power of the whole tribe to help you with the bone sacrifice! Once you reached the bone sacrifice realm, then how could the Feng Zhen Tribe still stay hidden here……” That purple-robed man bitterly laughed.

“Jing Nan, it’s all in the past.” Mo Sang slowly said.

“Ah, yeah, it’s all in the past……” That purple robed man shook his head while sighing after finally hearing Mo Sang call his name.

“For you to finally be willing to come visit this old friend, it should be for that kid who was standing beside you right…… He was the child you brought back the other time, isn’t he?” The Feng Zhen Tribe Mán-Elder Jing Nan slowly spoke as he gazed at Mo Sang.

“He is one of the reasons.” Mo Sang picked up the stone cup, lightly blowing at it before taking a sip.

“I could feel that the previous blood moon seemed to have some relation with that Hei Shan Tribe…… that Bi Tu from the Hei Shan Tribe may have gotten some benefits from it……” Grandpa gently rested the cup.

“I don’t want to hide the truth from you but, he should be able to enter the Awakened realm anytime! Mo Sang, if you want to request for me to strike him down, that is……” Jing Nan hesitated slightly before shaking his head.

“That is something I cannot do, if he truly entered the Awakened realm, the benefits it brings to my Feng Zhen Tribe is huge, even if you agreed to my request back then, this is something I cannot do.”

“No matter.” Grandpa lightly smiled, he had long since expected this, this Jing Nan is not as good a friend as it may seem on the surface anyway, the disputes they had between them were clearly understood by them.

“You have your own difficulties, this I understand. The matter between him and I, will eventually have to be settled! Coming here this time is actually to make a deal with you!”

“Oh? What is it.” The Feng Zhen Tribe Mán-Elder Jing Nan’s eyes flashed with surprise as he slowly spoke.

Grandpa softly whispered, such that only Jing Nan could hear his words. After hearing them, he expressionlessly closed his eyes as he fell into deep thought.

Grandpa did not pressure him further, only picking up the stone cup once more as he slowly enjoyed his drink.

Time slowly passed within the room, only after a long time was the silence broken as a respectful voice echoed from outside the room.

“Respected Man-Elder, Su Ming has been brought over.”

“Let him in.” spoke Jing Nan while his eyes were still shut.

The sound of footsteps in this silent room gradually approached, Su Ming was very nervous as he approached. The lights were dimly lit, leaving quite some darkness, as he walked forward, he eventually caught the sight of his Grandpa and that purple-robed man.

Seeing Grandpa, Su Ming managed to calm down slightly.

Su Ming, come to my side.” Grandpa’s face revealed a faint smile as he beckoned towards Su Ming, quickly Su Ming arrived by Grandpa’s side with his head lowed.

“Speak your second request.”he slowly spoke after a short while as Jing Nan opened his eyes, seriously starting at Mo Sang.

“I want a drop of your Mán-Blood!” Grandpa similarly stared at Jing Nan as he spoke.

Jing Nan’s brows furrowed, all Mán-Practitioners had Mán-blood, but he was an Awakened cultivator whose Mán-Blood was more precious, each time he were to condense a single drop, he would need quite some time of cultivation to recover. Even for his own tribe-members, even for those extremely talented geniuses, he would rarely bestow them a single drop ofMán-Blood.

While sighing, Jing Nan’s gaze swept past Mo Sang and onto Su Ming.

Su Ming immediately lowered his head, but he could still feel that purple robed man’s gaze piercing into him like acupuncture needles.

“For him? His talent is very ordinary, it would be difficult for him to fully absorb the Mán-Blood so it would be a waste. Why not change your request.” Jing Nan retracted his gaze as he calmly spoke.

“My two requests will not be changed, the ancient Mán-Technique and the true Mán-Tool methods, if you agree I will give them to you immediately!” Grandpa Mo Sang handed over the stone cup to Su Ming, gesturing him to drink from it.

After taking it over, he did not hesitate and drank it immediately, instantly a very comfortable  warmth filled his body.

Jing Nan frowned as he once more thought about the conditions, staring at Mo San, he suddenly spoke once more.

“Okay, I can agree to your two requests, but this matter involving the Mán-Blood, you should already know that during the three tests during the event, they top three members will all receive Mán-Blood, in order to prevent wastage, I will add an additional condition, if Su Ming is able to reach the top forty positions is any one of the three tests, I will give him the Mán-Blood!

However, if Su Ming fails, you will have to change your request!”

Grandpa silently considered the proposition, feeling that the other party was purposely trying to make things difficult for him, he pondered for a long time before finally nodding his head, thinking to himself that if he had to change his request, he would still have to make it beneficial to Su Ming.

Hearing these words, Su Ming Gazed at Grandpa’s head of white hair and wrinkled face, thinking back towards that old Wu Long Tribe lady’s words and Bei Ling’s coldness. He thought back towards his inner loneliness since he was small, as he watched the night skies alone, all these filled Su Ming’s mind, transforming into a never before seen determination.

This determination was even more firm that when he was undergoing the Mán-Awakening.

Grandpa stood up and motioned for Su Ming to follow him, as he wanted to leave, the cross-legged Jing Nan who was doubtfully starting at Mo Sang opened his mouth.

“Mo Sang, I have a question that has been plaguing me for over ten years before I am finally asking you…… as such, today since you made your way to my Feng Zhen Tribe, I hope you will be able to answer me!”

Grandpa did not stop walking as Su Ming followed behind, still able to hear that purple robed man’s words.

“You are obviously only at the ninth level of the Blood Condensation Stage, but why is that that even now I am unable to feel a shred of weakness, but rather the aura of an Awakened cultivator!!” That purple robed man hurriedly spoke, he did not completely voice out his inner questions, which was the fact that from this other person’s aura, there seemed to be something that could make him feel fearful.

From back then till now, it was the same!

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