Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – You are Su Ming?

Standing on the pentagonal altar was a man dressed in a purple robe, his face lightly smiling as he looked towards them.

Originally Su Ming was quite a distance away from where that middle aged man was, but for some unknown reason, once he heard that person’s voice, that person’s appearance suddenly appeared in his eyes as if he was observing him at a close distance.

This strange scene made Su Ming jump, but at the same time the voice spoke, he could feel the blood qi in his body start to circulate not under his control, it was as if the person’s gaze was sufficient to make all the blood burst forth from his body instantly killing him.

Not only did Su Ming feel this way, Lei Chen, Wu La and even Bei Ling felt the say way. Lei Chen’s body trembled as disbelief filled his eyes.

That Wu La’s body trembled even more greatly, as if within that middle-aged man’s gaze was an immeasurable power.

Even Bei Ling’s father the Wu Shan Tribe’s Marksman’s body was trembling, slowly lowering his head towards that middle-aged man currently walking towards them in the air.

Other than the marksman, Shan Hen the leader of the hunting party’s breathing too hastened, his eyes shining with fanaticism and yearning, which was something that was rarely seen from him.

“Awakened cultivator!!” Su Ming said inwardly, as these two words surfaced from his mind.

(TLN: It was 3 words in the RAWs but in english it was 2 so I used 2 for coherence)

“Awakened walks on air,
Mán-Tattoos like the skies,
Mán-Blood stirred by words,
Qi vast as heaven”

In the writings that described the awakened cultivators were these sixteen words.

(TLN: I tried my best to keep to 4 lines of 4 words while keeping the meaning, poems are such a pain in the butt. If you have any better translations feel free to comment, 开尘踏空,蛮纹于天,言动蛮血,气破彼苍)

Su Ming dazedly looked towards the purple gowned man slowly walking towards them in the air, that person looked only about forty or so years old and was slightly skinny but appeared extremely handsome. On his body were few traces of the Mán-Tribes, only the bone rings on his ears revealing it.

That purple robe was the prettiest robe Su Ming had ever seen, it was something that the coarse linen clothes they wear could never compare to, even more so incomparable to the animal hide clothes they were wearing now.

As he approached, the Feng Zhen tribe behind him seem to be distorted, as if in this instant the skies have lost its colour, other than him nothing else existed.

It was in this instant that the sounds of wind had halted, the ever-changing clouds too having  stopped in place.

That middle-aged man’s long hair waved freely as he smilingly approached, his smile akin to the spring breeze, causing Su Ming and company’s blood qi to calm down. But, as the middle-aged man approached, he brought with him a suffocating feel as they felt breathing became difficult.

Especially his gaze which seemed to encompass the sky, once seen by others, their minds would just go blank as if all their secrets were in plain view of him.

That black python was also currently paused in mid-air not daring to move at all, which also shows that middle-aged man’s frightening might. Grandpa slowly stood up, instantly hiding the complicated look in his eyes.

“Mo Sang, pays his respects to the Feng Zhen Shang-Mán.” spoke Grandpa as he bowed towards him after standing up.

(TLN: I used the Shang-Mán which was something similar that was used in Stellar Transformations, it literally means Upper-Mán and I believe here is just meaning to refer to someone of a higher realm that one-self, if you all prefer it be translated as Senior-Mán or Upper-Mán or Superior-Mán then just leave some comments as feedback.)

“Mo Sang, these things are unnecessary between us.” That middle-aged man spoke amiably yet not stopping Grandpa’s bow, after Grandpa bowed did he raise his right hand as if wanting to help Grandpa up.

Only to see Grandpa’s body pause as he did not raise, rather he seemed to with great difficulty bow once more! After this bow, the force surrounding Grandpa seemed to shatter before grandpa straightened his body.

That purple robed man deeply eyes Grandpa, his face revealing another smile as he pointed at Grandpa while shaking his head.

“You, your temperament hasn’t changed, it’s been so many years, what makes you finally decide to come visit me?”

“The request Shang-Mán made previously, Mo Sang had thought about it till now before I finally decided.” Grandpa’s expression was the same as usual as he slowly spoke

After hearing those words, the purple robed man’s gazed instantly hardened.

Su Ming and company had long since stood up and stood respectfully by the side, being the nearest to Grandpa, Su Ming could tell Grandpa’s feelings while meeting his old friend of his, and also understand why Grandpa had never come to the Feng Zhen Tribe.

Seeing Grandpa’s aged expression and the tension filled gaze towards that purple robed man, in Su Ming’s mind the words Grandpa spoke to him previously surfaced.

“That Mán-Elder of the Feng Zhen tribe, when he was twenty he was not my match, when he was thirty-four he could barely fight with me, your Grandpa’s name back then was something that everyone knew about in these areas!”

In Su Ming’s heart everything seemed to patch together, just as he was about to withdraw his gaze, that purple robed man smilingly looked at him, and in this single glance, Su Ming could feel his mind roar, he could clearly feel that the cover Grandpa had put on him was instantly seen through.

Just as Su Ming felt he could take no more as his body started to tremble, that middle-aged man retracted his gaze to look at Bei Ling, Lei Chen, Wu La as well as the Marksmen and the Hunting Party Leader.

“I pay my respects to the Feng Zhen Shang-Mán.” Shan Hen was the first to bow before the rest followed suit.

Lei Chen’s heart was pounding as his face paled from his nervousness, Wu La was the same, even Bei Ling did not have a shred of calm, only respect.

“You, I remember you, you are Bei Ling right?” That middle-aged man pointed at Bei Ling.

Bei Ling was momentarily stunned before his eyes revealed joy, with a trembling voice he respectfully said.

“Shang……Shang-Mán, I am Bei Ling.”

The purple robed man smilingly nodded as he turned back to Grandpa, just as he was about to speak his expression suddenly changed and he turned to the distance. Grandpa had stood there silently from start till end, feeling the same sudden feeling he turned to look towards the same direction that middle-aged man did.

From the skies in the distance was a howling wind as a huge black line streaked over, after a short while as the black line approached, you could clearly see that it was a over ten Zhang long Wu Long.

(TLN: Wu Long = Black Dragon, but since it is representation of the tribe, and I did not translate the tribe names to english, I am leaving this as is as well.)

That Wu Long had over a hundred legs, looking very monstrous as it was surrounded by a black smoke, on top of it were six people.

Su Ming looked at the approaching Wu Long, and seeing a white robed figure in the group of six, a smile appeared on his face.

The person in the front was a silver haired old lady who wore a black robe, although she looked aged it could still be told that she was a beautiful youth, only her expression was cold such that she was someone no one could hope to have obtained.

Su Ming could feel Grandpa’s gaze towards the old Wu Long tribe lady was slightly different.

Behind that lady was a large man built like an iron pagoda, this person was extremely tall and similarly cold, his qi was strong, seemingly even slightly stronger than Shan Hen and the Marksman.

By her side was a white dressed young lady, that lady’s eyes were bewitching while she was also extremely beautiful, only a strong sense of sadness seemed to linger in her eyes, which somehow seemed to vanish the instant she saw Su Ming, instead it was replaced with surprise and joy as she blinked towards Su Ming.

As for the remaining three, Su Ming was also slightly familiar with, one of them was Si Kong who stood on the Wu Long’s back viciously staring at Su Ming spewing out enmity.

The age of the remaining two seemed fairly close to Su Ming, one male one female who looked like siblings. The sibling duo was quiet but the female looked extremely sturdy and built yet was still beautiful to look at.

After the Wu Long approached, other than the old lady, the rest of them bowed towards that purple robed man, their expression filled with respect, even the Wu Long they stood on trembled as if fearful of that purple robed man.

That purple robed man smilingly nodded towards the Wu Long tribe members as another figure rushed forth from the Feng Zhen Tribe below, that person’s foot was shrouded with a purple haze as he appeared in the air, too respectfully bowing towards that purple robed man.

He was a white-robed old man, who was also the person who took away Su Ming’s medicinal pill, Shi Hai.”

“Shi Hai, go welcome these guests.” After the purple robed man spoke, Shi Hai replied and looked towards the Wu Shan Tribe’s Grandpa Mo Sang.

“Mo Sang, I have some mulberry cloud leaves which I know is your favourite back in the days. I have been waiting for you to come visit so we can enjoy them together.”

The Wu Shan Tribe Grandpa lightly nodded his head before turning around and giving the Marksman some instructions. Afterwards, to Su Ming’s surprise he too turned and walked towards the purple robed man in the air and floated down together towards that chlorite city.

Seeing the back of the purple robed man, Su Ming could not help but think.

“The awakened realm…… I wonder when will I be able to step into that realm!”

As Su Ming secretly hopped, Shi Hai smilingly looked towards the group.

Other than these juniors, you all are my old friends, you have come early, the other tribes have not yet arrived. So let old me receive you all into Feng Zhen City!” Although there were some other things in Shi Hai’s heart, he smilingly put it aside before courteously guiding the group into that chlorite city.

During which Lei Chen had appeared by Su Ming’s side, after running into Bai Ling, he recalled the incident in the bazaar and felt guilty, standing by Su Ming’s side perhaps everything could be handled by Su Ming.

Su Ming occasionally stole glances at Bai Ling, while Bai Ling too smilingly met Su Ming’s gaze, as their gazes locked, Su Ming could practically heel his own heartbeat race.

Very quickly, the people from both tribe entered into Feng Zhen City, landing on the huge square, the Wu Long quickly faded back into black smoke and entered the old lady of the Wu Long Tribe.

As for the black python, it transformed back into a white cloud in the skies before disappearing without a trace.

On this large square were already members of the Feng Zhen Tribe waiting for these guests, under Shi Hai’s arrangements people came up courteously to give directions to their designated abodes.

Only this courtesy was just skin-deep, inside was still their usual haughty attitudes.

Under Shan Hen and the Marksman’s lead Su Ming and company was about to leave, but at this moment from within the Wu Long tribe came a voice.

“You are Su Ming?”

Su Ming’s footsteps stopped as he turned around, noticing that the old lady of the Wu Long Tribe was gloomily looking at him