Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – O$P$

Not long after Su Ming left, he actually decided to hurry back, standing by the unconscious Si Kong, he hesitated a while before he looked to the sky as the moon glow washed over the earth.

“If I were to take away such a precious Mán-Tool like this is still somewhat not right, without properly handling it, the Wu Long Tribe might ask for it back again anytime and perhaps with some more compensation…… To kill or not to kill……” Su Ming sighed as he looked at Si Kong, finally making up his mind.

He took a few herbs out before mashing them and smearing the juice my Si Kong’s mouth, afterwards he squatted by Si Kong’s side, smacking his head non-stop as if trying to wake him up.

Not long after, his body jolted as his eyes flashed open. When he opened his eyes, they were slightly blurry but in the blur he could still see Su Ming’s smiling face.

Si Kong was stunned as he widened his eyes and his pupils contracted, his head was blank, what he saw before and after the fainted just didn’t quite make sense, confusing him greatly.

Just as he was about to move, Su Ming’s right hand holding on the black spear flashed and landed about three inches from his throat. With a little force, Si Kong’s throat would be pierced and that would be the end of him.

“Don’t move.”

The little golden glow emitted from the spear felt like the light at the end of the tunnel for Si Kong. Making his body tremble slightly as he looked at Su Ming with fear and shock in his eyes.

“You……what are you trying to do! I am the son of the Wu Long Tribe Patriarch, if you kill me, the Wu Long Tribe will not let you off, I know you are from the Wu Shan Tribe, if you kill me, even the Wu Shan Tribe will not be able to help you!” Till now, he still did not know how he had lost, he only remembered that with a wave of his hand his opponent was able to knock him unconscious with pain. The mysterious smile on this young boy’s face made him just so much more mysterious to him, which turned to fear, especially since there was that spear by his throat, subconsciously he moved back slightly.

Just as he was retreating, he felt a bitter sensation by his mouth. Subconsciously he licked his lips only to find out the bitter taste worsened, leaving him completely pale as a terrible premonition came up within him. Frightened, he wiped his mouth with his hands only to see them covered with some strange brown juice.

“You!! What did you feed me!!”

“Nothing much, just some normal herbs, which may be slightly poisonous.” Su Ming mysteriously smiled as he said jokingly.

Hearing this, Si Kong felt despair welling up, his body trembling even more, as he felt the bitter taste in his mouth, even making him imagine that his tongue was turning numb.

“I don’t believe that you dare to kill me!” Si Kong lifted his head as he stared at Su Ming.

“Whether you believe it or not it’s your problem, even if you don’t think so, there is nothing I can do about it. But, I have the antidote. So you are actually the son of the Wu Long Tribe Patriarch, what is your name?” Su Ming was actually feeling slightly guilty, but even though he felt bad he did not leak out any sense of it, as he laughingly spoke.

“You…… I …… I am Si Kong, you can’t kill me, it will only bring about trouble for your tribe, you……” Si Kong mournfully spoke, but he was actually extremely nervous, he could feel his tongue was numb and he pain in his chest was turning dull, in addition to him not being able to read Su Ming expression at all, it made him feel all the more scared.

“Si Kong is it? How about we discuss some things?” Su Ming lifted his head to gaze at the moon as he slowly spoke.

Si Kong’s face turned paler while the panic in his eyes became increasingly hard to conceal, immediately he nodded his head.

“I have taken some interest in this broken spear of yours, how about this, why don’t you sell it to me? I’ll buy it for five thousand Stone Coins.” Su Ming blinked with anticipation as he looked at Si Kong.

Si Kong paused, seeing the spear clutched tightly in Su Ming’s hand pointing at his throat, he did not dare disagree…… Especially since he had that bitter taste in his mouth, in addition to the fact that he had tried to kill the opponent, he was certain that Su Ming definitely fed him some poisonous herbs earlier.

Even though he felt like gambling if the person in front of him dared to kill him, especially since he had such a background, if he were to die there would definitely be conflict between the two tribes.

Other than that, even though this spear would be taken from him, but for a treasure like this, he had multiple ways of getting his father to help him retrieve it.

But at this point, the bitter taste in his mouth made him slightly afraid of this gamble, he was afraid that what if… … what if…….

Especially since his head had already been beaten till it hurt really badly by this person, although Si Kong hesitated, he quickly nodded his head.

A large grin appeared on Su Ming’s face as he teared a large portion of cloth from Si Kong’s body, this sudden act made Si Kong’s heart thump as his pace paled.

“Since it is a business transaction, then we should write it down, we should write it like this, ‘I Si Kong lacked money so i sold this spear for five thousand stone coins’……” As Su Ming said these words, he thought a little before shaking his head.

“That’s no good no good, it should be written like this, ‘As the son of the Wu Long Tribe Patriarch I guarantee that, because of a sudden issue, I had to borrow five thousand coins from the Wu Shan tribe, for ten years I will hand over this Mán-tool as insurance, ten years later I will repay them with 10 thousand stone coins and collect my spear. I will not demand for it back in advance, if I were to turn back on my words, let me be punished by the Mán-Totem!’” As Su Ming said this he looked at Si Kong.

Hearing these words, especially the last sentence, his expression turned miserable as he hesitated, only to see Su Ming take out a bag of medicinal herbs as he whispered by his ear.

“This is the antidote.”

Si Kong stared at that bag of herbs, with a fierce bite he bit his finger and wrote on the cloth with his blood, very quickly finishing the earlier passage.

Su Ming looked at the cloth, after carefully reading it, delight appeared on his face as he carefully blowed on it a few times, waiting until the blood is dry before he rolled it up and put it away, looking smilingly at Si Kong.

“Si Kong, you must remember to pay the debt you owe, I will wait ten years for you!” A cunning flashed in Su Ming’s eyes as he put the herbs down before he ran away in a flash.

Lying on the snowy floor, Si Kong’s face was bitter, soon after he retrieved the bag of herbs, with some hesitation, he did not dare consume them, rather he rushed back towards his tribe.

After he left, on this quiet snowy floor, a gloomy old woman suddenly appeared, in her hands was a huge bone staff, on the top of this staff was actually a human skull which emitted bursts of light.

“Is he the baby from back them…… what Mán-Technique did he use, even I cannot tell……or even seen it before.” This old woman looked in the direction Su Ming left in, a light flashing in her eyes as she deeply thought as if meditating, only after some time did she turn towards the Wu Long tribe and disappear from the snowy ground.

Su Ming ran in the forest, occasionally giggling as he looked at the spear in his hands, even Xiao Hong who was sitting on his shoulder constantly eyes that spear and shrieked, it could feel that in the spear was an extremely powerful force.

“I’ll see if you dare stop me from seeing Bai Ling again, from his expression, I am guessing he likes Bai Ling too. I guess that the incident of me rescuing Bai Ling should have become known to quite a few people in the tribe by this point… …” Su Ming’s strides paused as he thought.

“I wonder how much of the incident did Bai Ling tell them about… … if she told them everything, then my refining cave would not be safe any longer……” Su Ming suddenly realised, furrowing his brows he thought about this for sometime before heading further in the jungle.

Xiao Hong’s eyes blinked as it saw Su Ming’s troubled expression, its eyes rolled as it seemed to suddenly think of something, before suddenly jumping off his shoulder and bound towards the forest depths.

“Remember to not return to the Black Smoke Peak, don’t go back to that cave!” Su Ming shouted after it.

This forest was Xiao Hong’s home, so he was not worried that it would run into trouble, he was not far from his tribe as well, on the remainder of the journey back Su Ming did not allow himself to think much more about the matter, rather he perked himself up as he ran back towards his tribe.

As night progressed, the moon hanging beautifully in the skies, Su Ming reached the boundary of the forest where he could see the bonfires burning brightly from within the tribe. Just as he was about to step out, something seemed to call for him from within the forests, turning around, he saw Xiao Hong excitedly running towards him

In its hand was a clump of black fur, after catching up to Su Ming, it forcefully handed over the clump of fur over to the Su Ming who had a strange expression before taking a few steps back, pointing at the black fur and then back at its lower abdomen, consecutively making some weird movements, as if trying to teach Su Ming how to use this thing……

Then patting its own chests, proudly shrieking as if trying to tell Su Ming how effective this thing is……

Su Ming gazed at Xiao Hong, slowly smiling once more, Xiao Hong seeing Su Ming no longer frowning, too happily laughed, thinking that it must have guessed right and that Su Ming was frustrated over such a matter.

“Xiao Hong.” Su Ming knelt down as he beckoned towards the monkey who immediately rushed over.

Su Ming glanced at Xiao Hong gently patting it a few times as a warm feeling arose within him.

“In the time I am away, don’t go back to the Black Smoke Peak or that cave, go to some other place, wait till I am back, I will go and look for you. More importantly, the pills that I have given you, make sure to eat one of them daily, don’t throw them away just because they taste bad. Also remember the herbs that I shown you previously, if you find them, make sure to eat them.” Su Ming smilingly spoke, with one last glance at Xiao Hong, he turned and walked back towards his tribe.