Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Kindle the blood flame

“Kindle the blood flame
Nine is the Utmost
One is the pathway
Nine bows towards the Fire-Man
Thus is the path of fire worship!”

Su Ming unconsciously mumbled, this phrase kept surfacing in his mind, louder and louder each time until it resounded out in his mind like thunder constantly in his head.

In Su Ming’s eyes, the faint outline of the blood moon had grown clearer, shimmering with a demonic flair as though burning, sending pulses of pain in his eyes.

Initially, this sensation was mild, but as the moon rose in the sky with the passing of time, the pain gradually grew more intense. Eventually, Su Ming was left trembling from the pain, unable to bear with it.

He wanted to shut his eyes to stop looking at the moon,as though the source of his pain was not fire, but that moonlight. However, he could feel strongly that this transformation signifies a critical juncture in the cultivation of this strange Man-technique.

If he had shut his eyes, it was akin to giving up. In his mind, he could even forebode that if he chose to give up, he will not be able to pick up this technique in the future.

“Kindle the blood flame… How do I kindle it!!” Su Ming’s eyes were bloodshot, and the silhouette of the red moon had replaced his pupils, making the current him to look frightening.

Furthermore, the silhouette of the blood moon seemed to evaporate all moisture from his bloodshot eyes, causing it to begin to dry up. It wouldn’t be long before they shrivel up completely.

Su Ming let out a huge shout at the heavens. His features were distorted, and no matter how hard he circulated the blood in his body, he could not slow the drying of his eyes, which instead became worse.

Gradually, Su Ming’s vision of the moon became blurry.

If there were people present with Su Ming at this moment, they will clearly be able to see red flames spouting out of Su Ming’s eyes. The flames looked like blood, and burned ferociously.

“How to kindle!! What do I need to do to kindle the blood flame!!” In his struggle, Su Ming was unable to figure out the nuance behind those words of the Man-technique. With most of his vision blurred, he gradually wanted to close his eyes. He knew that if he did not, his eyes may never see light again.

Just when his eyes had narrowed into a fine line, a strange image flashed in Su Ming’s mind. The scene was that of the tribe deep in the cave, before he rescued Bai Ling, the Nightwings on the red tree.

Those Nightwings were repeating a movement, biting their claws and wiping it on their eyes.

Su Ming gave a jerk, as though he recalled something. Before his eyes were fully shut, he forced them open in a sudden. At the same time, he raised his right hand and bit at it hard.

Fresh blood flowed from the fingertip at once, soaking the other fingers red. Raising that hand, he wiped at his eyes with that blood-drenched finger.

A streak of fresh blood was wiped across his eyes. The instant the fresh blood was painted upon, a vibration emanated from in between his brows, and a wave of coolness surfaced in his eyes. Moreover, the entire Black Flame Peak seemed to shudder, but not a single snowflake moved, as if it wasn’t the physical mountain that trembled, but its soul.

At the same time, an aura invisible to the eye roused from the depths of Black Flame Peak, rushing madly toward where Su Ming was sitting cross-legged.

Su Ming didn’t know what it was, but he could feel that traces of aura was merging with his eyes. It was as if his eyes were a whirlpool, absorbing these aura.

This surge of aura was like a drizzle that extinguished fire. As they approached, the blurriness of Su Ming’s sight quickly disappeared and became clear again. However, there was a film of blood light in his gaze, such that the world before him had turned blood red!

Furthermore, the scorching sensation within his eyes transformed into a surge of coolness and disappeared. At the same time, the pain in his body also dissipated!

After the traces of aura had merged with Su Ming’s eyes, they diffused into his body from the eyes, and blended with his blood, circulating throughout the entire body.

On Su Ming, twenty blood veins surfaced all over his body. Suddenly, the twenty-first blood vein appeared!

Following the twenty-first blood vein’s formation, Su Ming’s eyes flashed, and the twenty-second blood vein appeared!!

Quickly, the twenty-third blood vein appeared!

And so did the twenty-fourth, on Su Ming’s back!

Some time later, as the sky became lit and the moon was replaced by the rising sun, Su Ming stood up suddenly. Rushing towards the exit, he quickly appeared outside. The mountain wind was blowing, and his long hair danced in the air. On his body, the twenty-four bizarre-looking blood veins gave Su Ming a demonic look.

As he stood there, watching the fading moon, he suddenly drew a deep breath.

It was then when Su Ming saw the moon seemingly jerk, and a strand of red moonlight descended from it. Landing on his eyes, it vanished.

Su Ming’s body shuddered, and on his neck, the twenty-fifth blood vein appears!

The fourth layer of Blood Condensation!!

Within most small tribes, the fourth layer of blood condensation is highly regarded. For tribesmen to reach the fourth layer, it means that they can become part of the hunting team. It also means that they are now part of the primary battle strength of their tribe.

Also, the fourth layer represents the peak of early blood condensation stage. One step away, the fifth layer, they can become a middle blood condensation stage cultivator! More importantly, reaching the middle blood condensation stage will mean that Su Ming can utilise a new Man-technique.

Su Ming can feel an unprecedented strength within him. His expression calm, he gazed at the fading moon and the dawning sky. Circulating the blood in his body, traces of cold aura rushed towards his eyes, even drawing a large volume of aura in the surrounding towards him.

He had the strange feeling, as though he can… control moonlight!

Immersed in the mysterious sensation, Su Ming slowly raised his hand. Just before the moon disappeared, he waved gently.