Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – The Fire Moon emerges

The surge of fiery energy was extremely sudden, as if it was all along buried inside Su Ming’s body, but was roused by the enlightening pill’s effect. Su Ming’s body shook and in that instant, he felt as though he body was on fire. He even thought of the man from Black Mountain Tribe who died under the blood scattering pill.

Su Ming did not panic, and his expression was one of calm even though he felt like his was burning. His cool enabled him to identify the difference, that the heat he felt was not due to his blood roiling. Instead, it was because the speed of its circulation had reached a terrifying degree.

Due to the overwhelming circulation, it gave him the feeling as if he was burning. He could even hear his heart palpitating even fast, as though it will explode any moment.

“What a powerful effect!” Su Ming’s face was flushed, but the calm in his gaze did not lessen as he thought to himself. Closing his eyes, he immersed himself in the circulation of blood.

A large volume of sweat poured from his body, and his eleven blood veins surfaced, radiating a piercing red light. The red light that reflected off the cavern wall made the place seemed like the bloodiness of the underworld.

Following the circulation of blood and qi in him, the red light his body emitted became stronger. Numerous grey veins even began surfacing all over his body, pulsating, making Su Ming look terrifying.

Quickly, two hours had passed. During this period, the leather jacket Su Ming wore became utterly drenched, and large volume of sweat dripped from it. The whole of Su Ming’s body was red, and the eleven shimmering blood veins looked like wounds cut onto his flesh.

It was then when Su Ming’s eyes suddenly opened, its entirety red. With a growl, his body emitted a thunderous roar, and the twelfth blood vein surfaced!

Almost instantly, the blood vein coalesced from an insubstantial state, causing Su Ming blood qi to increase.

It wasn’t the end however. Following the appearance of the twelfth blood vein, although the redness of Su Ming’s body somewhat subsided, he immediately gave a low growl again as the thirteenth blood vein appears!

With the emergence of the thirteenth blood vein, Su Ming’s hair rustled as though there was wind. A powerful force exploded from the small frame of his.

His blood circulated rapidly, and at the moment he did not feel the past sensation of lacking in blood. Instead, it was too much such that if he did not form more blood veins, his flesh will collapse. Even after the appearance of two consecutive blood veins, the heat in his body still persisted.

Su Ming’s features were distorted, the heat in his body seemingly unbearable. Raising his right hand, his tore apart his leather jacket. His bare upper torso revealed all thirteen blood veins. They were unevenly distributed along his chest, back and arms.

The bright red blood veins look as if they were dripping blood. When that red light reflected of Su Ming’s body that was drenched in sweat, it gave him a certain sort of demonic allure.

Su Ming’s eyes became even redder, there wasn’t a trace of madness in them, but calm. He was still in control of the present situation. Feeling the blood qi within him, Su Ming circulated his blood according to the Mán-inheritance without hesitation. With every circulation, the blood became thicker in the process!

An hour later, Su Ming let out a heaven-rending roar. On his body, the fourteenth blood vein began to coalesce.

His roar resounded in the cave, causing unceasing echoes, as though many people were shouting.

“Come out, the fourteenth blood vein!!” Su Ming’s body shuddered, the fearsome sensation on his body became even stronger. The fourteenth blood vein quickly coalesced, as if it would be fully formed in no time.

However, as time passed, the fourteenth blood vein was still struggling, as though it was lacking a final push for it to coalesce fully.

Su Ming could already feel the circulation of blood in his body slowing down, the heat dissipating. If it was to end like this, it will take another time for the fourteen blood vein to fully coalesce.

Su Ming’s eyes flashed. Without further thinking, his right hand grabbed towards his side. Over there, was another Mountain Spirit Pill!

Holding the pill, Su Ming immediately placed it in his mouth, chewing it with a vengeance. After swallowing the pill, he retrieved another enlightening pill and swallowed it too. His body began to shudder violently, and the fading redness of his skin reversed, climbing to a shocking level in an instant.

The heat inside his body reached an insane level, surpassing the previous attempt such that even Su Ming began to find it unbearable.

“Come out, the fourteenth blood vein!!” Su Ming’s innate ruthlessness surfaced. He wasn’t aware of this, but it had been slowly accumulated by the experiences he had in life.

Following a deep growl, his body thundered once again. In an instant, the fourteenth blood vein had coalesced, emitting a demonic redness. With the appearance of the fourteenth blood vein, Su Ming did not choose to stop, but instead swallowed to more Mountain Spirit Pill in order to raise his cultivation level in one shot.

During the seven days he was refining, the unexpected appearance of Nightwings, and the anxiety behind Grandpa’s smile were on Su Ming’s mind. Even though Grandpa did not say, Su Ming was aware that the tribe was in a time of trouble.

Thinking of the Black Mountain’s Mán-patriarch’s cultivation breakthrough, and the traitor and danger in the tribe that Grandpa spoke of, Su Ming was worried. He wanted to help Grandpa, help the entire tribe. But what he could do was limited given his current cultivation.

He wanted to become strong, to make himself strong!

Following the fourteenth blood vein, Su Ming once again circulated his blood. Under that insane circulation, the fifteenth blood vein seemingly began to be forced out.

After some time, Su Ming’s body shuddered, and a surge of pain followed. However, he did not hesitate. With the rapid circulation of his blood, he let out a cry. The fifteenth blood vein surfaced!!

The fifteen blood veins, on his bare torso, looked like fifteen streaks of scars. Radiating a red glow, they made Su Ming seem even more fearsome and strong.

But Su Ming wasn’t satisfied with merely fifteen blood veins. Under his rapid circulation, time passed.

Finally, the sixteenth blood vein appeared!!

As of now, the heat in his body had largely dissipated, as if the process was about to end. However, Su Ming’s eyes flashed, revealing a hint of coldness. Without a word, he raised his right hand and slapped towards his chest without restrain. Under this impact, a surge of great force entered his body, stimulating his pounding heart.

“Come out, seventeenth blood vein!”

With his heart stimulated by the external force, more blood erupted in his body, flowing. Following rapid circulation, at his heart, the seventeenth blood vein appears!

Following the appearance of the seventeenth blood vein, Su Ming’s body was like an extinguished fire, not a trace of heat remained. Inside him, the sense of abundance he felt previously had disappeared in an instant, and his body felt empty. With this, he knew that the medicine’s effect had passed.

At the same time, pulses of stabbing pain began to surface in his body.  It was a sign that under that forceful cultivation, he had sustained some injuries.

“As a Mán-cultivator, pain and injuries does not matter!” Su Ming muttered. Feeling the power inside him that had increased greatly, a hint of resolute flashed in his eyes.

He did not rise, but instead retrieve a stalk of herb from his torn leather jacket at one side. That, is the Heaven Stone Grass!

Beside the pills, it was the most powerful herb he had. Other than sharing some of it with Lei Chen, he will not use it lightly. Presently however, he took it out without hesitation. He wanted to raise his cultivation level greatly in one shot.

Holding the herb, Su Ming kept a single leaf for future use, and swallowed the rest of it. He also consumed an enlightening pill to enhance the herb’s effect.

A refreshing surge of energy erupted in his body, merging with the residual heat instantly. Traces of cold air floated off Su Ming, creating a contrast that made his seventeen blood veins seem even more apparent.

Under the cold air, Su Ming’s body began to turn blue, but his blood circulation rapidly increased. Two hours, four hours had passed. When the sky outside began to turn white and Xiao Hong had returned from playing, Su Ming still remained in his cross-legged position, unmoving.

Xiao Hong knew that Su Ming was cultivating. Giving him a few glances, it then laid down aside and with a yawn, went to sleep.

Dawn gradually turned to noon, and noon turned to dawn. Soon, it was dark again. Only the moon was bright, and amidst the snowfall, it’s moon-glow illuminated the lands.

On Su Ming’s body, there was no longer seventeen blood veins, but nineteen!

The extra two had appeared on his arms, shimmering with a red light.

In the deep of the night, Su Ming’s entire body gave off a red glow that brightened the whole cave. His exhaled a stale breath and slowly opened his eyes that released a compelling light . Seeing Xiao Hong who was snoring softly in its contented sleep, occasionally scratching itself, he broke into a smile.

Retracting his gaze from Xiao Hong, he subconsciously raised his head to look at the small holes on the cavern walls. From his location, he could look through the holes to see the time of the day outside. Su Ming then slowly shut his eyes again, circulating his blood to soothe the injuries cause by this bout of cultivation.

Just before his eyes were fully shut, suddenly they opened wide. He somehow felt that the moon that he saw through the small holes was unlike usual.

As he looked again, gradually, his eyes widened in shock!

The moon in the sky, has a trace of red!