Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 15

“Big brother… …”

“Big Brother… … can you hear me… …” That familiar feminine voice once again echoed in Su Ming’s mind, lingering. His unconscious body trembled slightly, as though struggling.

“Big brother, I am waiting for you… …”

When the calling reached its climax, Su Ming was jolted awake, his eyes listless. Staring at the wall ahead of him, dazed, he was interrupted by calls of excitement. Turning around, he saw Xiao Hong excitedly lunge at him, clawing him all over.

Xiao Hong had awaken a while ago, previously he was only unconscious and did not suffer significant injuries. After waking, it had been extremely worried for Su Ming, anxiously waiting by his side all the way.

As such, after seeing Su Ming come to, it had become quite excited.

Su Ming looked at Xiao Hong, his face revealing a smile. Only, hidden in that smile was a sense of loss. That dream, why had it once again show up… …

Exhaling deeply, Su Ming shook his head, forcing himself to stop thinking about that strange dream. Instead he looked down at the strange black fragment hanging from his neck.

While feeling that fragment, Su Ming’s eyes gradually shone.

He had already experienced the changes this black fragment brought to his body first-hand, Successfully creating the enlightenment pill already significantly increased his cultivating speed, and because of it, he had also manage to inadvertently refine the red medicinal pill, allowing Su Ming to seize initiative in the previous battle of life and death.

“I need to continue refining these medicinal pills… … in that strange place. I only managed to see a door, and on that door was fifteen small holes, previously I didn’t have enough pills, but now I really want to know what will happen to that door once I present it fifteen pills.” Su Ming mumbled to himself.

“I also need to continue refining the blood scattering pills, this pill shall be… … my trump card!”

“Oh, I also need to make a trip back to the tribe… …It’s been quite some time since I last returned, Grandpa has not been able to improve his cultivation in a long time, perhaps this enlightenment pill will be of help to him.” While thinking so, he got to his feet, and after some stretching, he could feel the fatigue leave his body.

Rousing his mind, he once more immersed himself in the concocting process. While maintaining cultivation of his blood circulation. However there are some places in his body where he felt that circulation was slightly jerky, and not as smooth as before. Su Ming guessed that this was probably an injury from him trying to forcefully breakthrough the first level, it is probably not going to heal in the short-term.

Quickly, a month had passed, during which Su Ming had left several times, the little monkey as well to gather herbs.

Using a large quantity of herbs, in this month, Su Ming had worked without rest to repair his blood circulation, and refine medicinal pills, that muffled sound frequently reverberating in this cave.

Early in the morning a month later, when the sky began to lit Su Ming bade farewell to the monkey and went downhill alone, disappearing inside the jungle.

In the jungle, the Su Ming who had reached the second blood condensation stage was rather fast, like a flash traveling in the snow. Before noon he had already managed to pass through the entire forest. Appearing outside the WuShan tribe grounds, he looked at the tribe in the distance, a smile appearing on his face.

“It’s been some time since I returned… …” Su Ming strode forwards in large strides, heading towards the tribe. Inside was the same, as usual there were many children playing about, some members sparring with each other.”

Su Ming’s return caught the attention of some tribesman who he exchanged greetings with, after all, he had been away for quite some time.  

“Su Ming! You are finally back, where did you go off to for so long?” Just as Su Ming was patting a child on the head before he head to find grandfather, a hearty voice came from behind him.

Turning to take a look, he saw that the person speaking had a strongly built body, but still had an immature face, showing that he was still rather young, he is no other than Lei Chen.

“Eh!” Su Ming with one look at Lei Chen, he could clearly feel the blood qi coming from him was extremely vast, which was nothing like the fainter blood qi coming from the HeiShan tribesman he previously killed with the blood scattering pill.

“You broke through the fourth blood condensation stage?” Su Ming asked with his mouth agape.

Lei Chen grinned and walked up to Su Ming, whispering to him.

“Recently I felt like I was going to breakthrough, hehe, Grandpa said the Mán Blood in my body was very refined, given enough time, I will certainly be able to reach the same level as grandpa.” While saying so, his eyes shone with utmost excitement, but quickly it too turned into surprise, carefully looking at Su Ming, his eyes suddenly opened wide revealing his disbelief. Just as Lei Chen was about to speak.

“Come over to my place tonight, we will talk then, I need to first go visit Grandpa.” Su Ming knew what Lei Chen was going to say. Smilingly he turned around and walked towards Grandpa’s residence.

Lei Chen was stunned, standing there watching Su Ming’s back, he scratched his head, whispered some things to himself, he just didn’t quite get what was going on, but he did remember the matter about visiting Su Ming that night.

As he neared Grandpa’s residence, Su Ming’s steps slowed down, slightly perturbed, Grandpa had took care of him since he was a child, teaching him as he grew up, Grandpa was like a real grandfather to him, the feelings he had was something that words could not express.

He did not want to deceive Grandpa, but there were just some things that he was unable to fully tell him about, such as the fragment hanging from his neck… … Su Ming is not a child, he could make his own judgements, if other people were to come to know of this, then perhaps not only will he be in danger, but the whole tribe.

He could not tell him.

Taking a deep breath Su Ming stood outside Grandpa’s residence after hollering but did not enter, he was instead carefully listening in on the voices coming from inside, trying to hear what those people were discussing about.

After patiently waiting outside for a while, the doors to Grandpa’s residence opened, from inside came three burly fellows. Those three burly fellows were all extremely well-built, each akin to a small mountain. What’s more was that Su Ming could clearly feel a powerful oppressive force coming from these three men, arousing Su Ming’s blood qi, giving him a feeling of being swept away by a storm.

Su Ming took a deep breath and subconsciously took a few steps back, the one standing forth most was precisely the patriarch of their WuShan Tribe, previously when Su Ming saw him, he did not feel much, only vaguely knowing that the other party was the strongest person in the tribe except for Grandpa.

But this time, Su Ming had the cultivation of a second level of blood condensation, so once he lays eyes on this patriarch of the WuShan Tribe, Su Ming was able to experience a much stronger sensation from him.

To him, this WuShan Tribe Patriarch’s internal blood qi is enough to shake the skies and earth, coupled with his face covered with tattoos, he gave off an extremely scary feeling.

Su Ming also recognised the two other people standing by the Tribe Patriarch, the burly fellow on his left was also about forty years old, with a scorpion tattoo on his face and expansive blood qi, an image perfectly fitting of his identity as Tribe Elder

This person’s arms were very long and he carried a large bow on his back, for some reason, when Su Ming looks at the bow, he feels as if he can hear the screams of countless voices, causing him to feel somewhat fearful.

This man, was WuShan Tribe’s Marksman!

Marksman was not a name, but rather an inherited title. Each tribe could only have one Marksman, and only the best archer in the tribe could be given this title.

The last person, which is the person on the WuShan Tribe Patriarch’s right, he had a dull look, rarely speaking or smiling, he frequently narrows his eyes, leaving only a small slit making it hard to ever see his whole pupil.

He was the chief of the WuShan Tribe’s hunting party, and was responsible for all the hunting matters around the tribe, his name was Shan Hen.

These three people, could be said to be the strongest people in the whole tribe other than Grandpa.

Su Ming took a deep breath before quickly moving to a side and bowing.

The patriarch of the WuShan Tribe was currently frowning, apparently whatever discussion going on inside was not pleasant. As he left, he didn’t take note of Su Ming, rather he just walked past him

However the Marksman carrying the bow, after seeing Su Ming, let out a smile, nodding he followed after the Tribe Patriarch.

As for the leader of the tribal hunting party Shan Hen, he did not care about Su Ming and just walked ahead.

After these three people have left, Su Ming’s eyes flashed, letting out a shred of doubt, what he was curious about was that the blood qi in his body was felt by even Lei Chen but yet was not noticed by these three other stronger people in the tribe.

“It was me who helped you conceal your blood qi, are you not going to come in? Why are you still standing outside!” While Su Ming was confused, Grandpa’s voice came from inside the house.

Su Ming lowered his head and entered the house.

“You finally decided to come back.” Grandpa was dressed in linen, with many pigtails on his head as usual. His features gave of a sense of ancientness, but his eyes were sharp. Although his words were serious, the joy in his eyes could not be hidden.

Su Ming spoke a words with his head down, not daring to say much.

“Now that you have the ability, you leave for so many months, might as well also forget about this old fellow. Hmpm, lift your head, come over and let me have a look at you.” Grandpa’s dissatisfaction apparent in his voice.

Su Ming looked up at Grandpa with a bitter face.

“Grandpa… …”

Without finishing his words, he already was facing the gaze of a cross-legged Grandpa, whose right hand made a grabbing action at Su Ming causing Su Ming’s body to uncontrollably walked forward a few steps, into grandpa’s right hand which pressed against his chest.

A gentle power permeated Su Ming’s whole body and started circulating inside him, in an instant healing the internal injuries Su Ming himself was unaware of.

When Grandpa’s right hand left Su Ming’s chest, Su Ming’s body shook and he immediately without hesitation cut open a small slit on his arm, letting some foul smelling black stained blood out.

“You really are something, even when your cultivation was not stable, you went ahead to kill people.” While looking at Su Ming’s actions, the praise in Grandpa’s eyes grew but the words he spoke were no kinder, however he still went to fetch a dark green vial for Su Ming.

After all the black blood had exited the wound, Su Ming felt invigorated. He opened the vial he received and using his fingers, he applied a little on his wound.