Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 109

Chapter 109 – Xing!

Never in his wildest dreams did Bi Tu imagine that he would see someone with two Mán-Tattoos which even the ancient Mán did not have, which at the same time depended the mystery behind Mo Sang.

Especially since Mo Sang’s second Mán-Tattoo so shockingly killed the Black Python which was his first Mán-Tattoo letting out the terrifying one-horned beast head. After sucking in a deep breath, he quickly redirected the black thunderbolt which was originally heading towards Su Ming.

The thunderbolt abruptly changed directions towards the black qi in the shape of the beast’s head.

Grandpa stood unmoving midair with his eyes shut, the black qi released by the beast head making the atmosphere grim, this was his final and deepest secret.

This beast head while roaring shot towards Bi Tu as the thunderbolt  summoned to protect Bi Tu too shot towards the beast head.

The two collided in mid air.

The roaring of the beast head became broken up as large amounts of the black qi was dissipated by the black thunderbolt which shot directly through it.

Even so, the beast head continued to roar as it approached, the thunderbolt actually seeming to slowly be repelled by the head.

Bi Tu’s expression paled and shock filled his bloodshot eyes, as the beast head continued to near, pushing back the thunderbolt which was no more than a hundred Zhang away now.

Bi Tu pointed a finger at his forehead and another on his chest as he tried to sacrifice his life and blood once more with his already withered body, his originally black face instantly turning white as his skin turned dry.

“Approaching the Awakened Realm is still not truly reaching the awakened realm!” Bi Tu let out a low growl as the thunderbolt grew several times larger as it burst out with renewed vigor, shooting into the beast head.

Grandpa in the distance coughed out blood, scars appearing on his face at the same places where the beast head was injured.

The beast head let out an exaggerated roar as it ignored the thunderbolt piercing it as if it felt no pain as it continued to dissipate as it continued to approach Bi Tu, eventually reaching thirty zhang of him.

The black thunderbolt currently burrowed itself halfway into the beast’s forehead with numerous other burn scars left by the thunderbolt.

However, the thunderbolt similarly dimmed as it seemed to be running out of energy.

Black blood spilt out Bi Tu’s mouth as he shifted his finger to his right eye, his eye instantly losing its vitality and completely white.

As his eye turned white, the black thunderbolt once more strengthened as it pierced more than halfway into the beast’s head which was only ten zhang from him.

In the distance, Su Ming’s eyes were closed as the numerous NightWings around him melted into blood. Gradually it transformed into a bloody figure.

As it formed, a mysterious pressure gradually spread from it.

At this moment, the anxious Bi Tu shifted his right finger to his right leg which instantly burst apart. He had first chosen to sacrifice his right eye then the right leg as the beast head was no more than five zhang from him now. The thunderbolt flashed and with a bang it broke through the back of the beast head.

After the thunderbolt pierced the beast head, its eyes instantly lost its glow yet did not stop moving towards Bi Tu. Five zhang, four zhang, three zhang…… in an instant a horrifying cry was all that remained as Bi Tu disappeared within.

All that could be seen was the head which attacked Bi Tu disappear into a black smoke.

Grandpa’s face was pale as the he opened his eyes with anticipation which quickly transformed into despair as he coughed out blood while turning to look at the beast head. His body staggering as he struggled to sit on one of the peaks of the Black Mountains.

An excited laughter came from within the beast head as the black qi slowly dissipated, apparently Bi Tu was still no dead! When even he was certain he was dead, when the beast head was half a zhang away, a black light shot forth from Bi Tu’s body which blocked the attack.

“Who can kill me!! Mo Sang you may be strong, you may have two Mán-Tattoos but you still cannot kill me, Bi Tu!” Bi Tu’s heart was racing as he realised that if not for the secret power left behind in his body by the mysterious black robed man, then he would have had no way to stop the previous attack by the beast head.

Although he looked exhausted, shriveled and he had indeed lost an eye and a leg, he was still all smiled.

“Let me first kill this thing in front of you before I settle with you old man!” Bi Tu panted as he pointed at the dim floating thunderbolt which then slowly turned as it seemed to have to lock onto a new target.

Just as the black thunderbolt locked onto Su Ming, his eyes shot open as the NightWing blood around him transformed into a dilapidated figure.

This bloody figure was not very big, only four or five zhang tall, and Su Ming’s body was embedded on its chest. With only a small sacrifice, the NightWings channeled all their energies through his body to once more fight against Bi Tu.

This bloody figure emanated with an archaic light yet had a missing head as it seemingly did not have enough power to fully materialise.

Although it did not have a head, it still let out a terrifying aura, in addition its similarly crimson  ancient armour made it look like a terrifying battle spirit.

Not only did it have a terrifying aura, it also let out a terrifying shout which seemed to encompass all its resentment.

In its hands was a large ancient axe which was shrouded with a faint aura of numerous wailing ghosts.

This was one of the nine Mán-Totems within the memories of the countless NightWings, they were the images that the ancient Fire-Mán Mán-Elders worshiped.

The Mán-War-Deity!!

Its missing head decapitated by the Mán-God in the past, what currently formed was just a remnant image in the memories of the blood of the Fire-Mán.

Its name was Xing!

(TLN: 刑 Literally meaning punishment/retribution, maybe the name punisher would sound nicer?)

Bi Tu’s mouth was agape as today’s battle had led him to witness just too many different shocking things over and over again.

As Su Ming’s eyes flashed, the headless figure took large stride forwards, with each step the skies seemed to tremble beneath it.

However Su Ming knew that these illusory tremors did not really contain the mighty power of the ancient deity, as it had long since passed away, this remnant image formed by the memories of the NightWings was truly much weaker.

And more importantly, Su Ming knew that this remnant was very very quickly dissipating, perhaps it only had just a few breaths of time left.

And the price of the dispersal of the deity was the death of all the NightWings used to form it, at at that point in time, He would no longer be able to suppress his injuries any longer nor would he have to right to face Bi Tu in combat.

Su Ming’s eyes flashed as the ancient deity moved with earth shaking steps towards Bi Tu, the gigantic axe in its hands swinging down at him.

But at this moment, the black thunderbolt shot towards the remnant of the deity.

Bi Tu shuddered as the danger he felt approaching him greatly surpassed the beast head formed by the second Mán-Tattoo released by Mo Sang. This fear seemed to originate from his very soul, and so he did not hesitate as he knew that if he were to even falter for the slightest moment, only death awaited him.

As such he quickly pointed his finger towards his left leg as a large number of his blood veins bulged and transform into a NightWing Totem. These sacrificed blood veins would never be condensed in the future but at this juncture of life and death, he had sacrificed his awakened realm cultivation, for what reason is there to worry about his cultivation falling if he were to first fall here.

Instantly as the Mán-Tattoo dispersed, the black thunderbolt flared with intensity as it approached the remnant of the deity.