Pursuit of the Truth


Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 100

Chapter 100 – Head-on encounter!

The red streak flashed past the person before vanishing without a trace.

The HeiShan Tribe Patriarch trembled as he exchanged a gaze with his tribesmen who shook with fear, they still have yet to truly identify whether the culprit was a beast or man, as the numerous red streaks following it resembled flowing crimson hair.

Following the HeiShan tribesmen’s cries, the HeiShan Patriarch face paled as he choose to strike his own chest, releasing a dazzling crimson glow. But due to his injuries, the amount of Blood Qi he could manipulate was limited, so this move of his was actually not to ready for battle, rather it was to prepare to flee from the site. In an instant, he had disappeared into the darkness of the forest.

The remaining HeiShan Tribesmen were desperately crying out as they tried to escape, but their bodies only shook as a ball red light appeared behind them, the light then slowly proceeded as Su Ming’s figure appeared.

This HeiShan Tribesman coughed out blood as his body suddenly was wrecked with pain as strands of moonlight dug itself into his flesh, bringing him closer and closer death, as he could faintly hear breathing down his back, his last thought consisted only of wanting to turn and find out just who this mysterious predator was.

But he would never have that chance, as his body shook and separated into several sections.

Su Ming had been panting all along, since the start of the Tribe’s migration he had been fighting, his body already filled with numerous hidden injuries from previously and under this constant strain, if not for the moonlight constantly nourishing his body, he would have long since fallen.

Tonight was a full moon night, and it was also when the moonlight’s mysterious power was at it’s peak, allowing Su Ming’s blood to boil with vigor, allowing him to endure for so long, allowing him to complete his goal even amidst his numerous internal injuries.

While holding onto three decapitated heads, he gazed at the deep forest and calmly walked on step by step.

“Only you are left, HeiShan Tribe Patriarch, since you are of a higher status, I will give you a more glamorous death, but this would have to rely on you running away quicker and first meeting up with your reinforcements.” Su Ming licked his lips before he once more rushed forwards, transforming into the red streaks as he headed onward.

The HeiShan Patriarch was not only a tall man, his reputation was equally high, all the tribesmen other than the Man-Elder and Bi Su should have belonged to him, he should have brought more tribesmen to hunt down the WuShan Tribe, while savoring the WuShan women in the face of the WuShan prisoners, and enjoy wine while bathing in their cries and struggle, then tearing off the heads of all the men in frenzy pleasure.

This was his goal, and under the Man-Elder’s orders he launched his invasion of the WuShan Tribe, and he had even shared this dream with all the participating tribesmen, as they launched their attacks with a sick excitement.

But currently, he was exhausted beyond measure, filled with injuries and covered in blood, losing his will to continue battle. He was originally already shocked by the WuShan Tribe’s resistance, then being injured by Nan Son and the mysterious attacker while he was retreating. He who was intending to recover before restarting his pursuit, after seeing his tribesmen die in front of his eyes like that, he was just terrified by the person’s combat powers as all he could see was nothing more than a long red streak.

He was tired and no longer had the courage to fight to the death, neither did he dare detonate his own blood veins, because he was no normal Man-Cultivator, he was the Hei Shan Tribe’s Patriarch. Also because he knew that the HeiShan Tribe reinforcements were not much further away, as long as he was fast enough, he would be able to meet up with them.

Currently, blood was constantly spilling out from his mouth, his body’s weariness was constantly increasing, his previous burst had resulted in his current strength decline. He did not dare stop, but his speed was inevitably declining.

At this moment, as his pace slowed down, a terrifying sound came from behind him, the same sound that his tribesmen made as they rushed the WuShan Tribesmen, but only many times more terrifying.

Hearing this noise reverberate in his ears, his mind faltered as a whistling sound shot towards him. Turning around, and quickly throwing a fist towards the sound, he saw that what flew towards him was actually a flying head.

His fist landed on the head, other than the explosion of blood and flesh, he saw a red streak flash in the distance, numerous more red streaks dragging behind him.

A terrifying cry could be heard, bloody spraying out as the HeiShan Tribe Patriarch’s right arm was separated from his body. And while it was bathed in the red light, the HeiShan Tribe Patriarch saw his own arm become torn into bits.

The terrified Hei Shan Patriarch bit his tongue as blood flowed out his mouth, a faint image of a bear appearing behind him and grabbed his body, throwing him away into the distance in an attempt to escape with this throw.

After throwing the Hei Shan Tribe Patriarch, its entire body was ensnared by the red light and disappeared after a few moments. Su Ming’s figure too slowly appeared, his face pale, his eyes seeming as calm as before, but his lips curled upwards in a cruel smile.

“It should be about time.” Su Ming took a deep breath as the moonlight surrounding him seeped into all his wounds slowly nourishing his body, supplying him with the required strength.

Seeing the HeiShan Tribe Patriarch escape, Su Ming once more raced forwards in pursuit.

His speed was greater than the HeiShan Tribe Patriarch but Su Ming did not dawdle. He knew the danger to his tribe was not entirely over, from the HeiShan Tribe’s Patriarch’s actions, it was not hard to tell that the HeiShan Tribe Still had reinforcements.

As such he was in no rush to kill this HeiShan Patriarch, rather he closely followed behind him, after being together for a long time, tribesmen tend to share a bond where they can faintly feel each other’s presence, although Su Ming did not know where the HeiShan reinforcements were, he was certain this HeiShan Patriarch did.

While chasing, he could at the same time find this group of reinforcements and after killing them, his own tribe’s migration would be much safer.

And having the HeiShan Patriarch die in front of them would also help strike fear into the reinforcement’s heart, crippling their fighting spirit making the exhausted Su Ming’s fight easier.

Time flowed on and after about two incense sticks worth of time, as he HeiShan Tribe Patriarch escaped without his arm, a sense of despair appeared on his face, he did not want to die, he had this gut feeling that his tribe’s reinforcements were not far from him in the distance.

He could practically even smell his own tribesmen ahead of him, in these forty over years, he had never been so tired, never been so frightened, even more so when he was facing Nan Song.

Because at least he could see Nan Song, but from the start he could not see the mysterious pursuer behind him, all he could see was a mysterious red glow and the numerous long red strands behind him.

But at this moment, he heard the same palpitating cry come from behind him, this sound was like a death god’s sign, each time it appeared, it would bring this HeiShan Patriarch unbearable pain and horror.

When he heard the sound, blood immediately poured out his mouth as his body could not bear it any longer, like a shot bird, each time it hears the twang of the bowstring, it would collapse in fear.

“Who are you! Just who on earth are you!!” The HeiShan Patriarch loudly shouted, his face paled as he once more spotted the source of his fears, the red ball with the numerous red streaks surrounding it, the same red streak circled his own body before separating his left arm as well then turning it into pulp.

This HeiShan Patriarch cried out in despair, which also transformed into a powerful will to live, because  by his ears he once more heard a cruel cry, only this one did not bring him despair but ecstasy.

This was the cry of his HeiShan Tribesmen!

Their cries motivated his retreat as he used all his power to escape towards his tribesmen’s voices, running in a frenzy, his consciousness a blur as all that remained in his mind was to reunite with his own tribesmen.

Quickly, in the large patch of unforested area laden with snow ahead, he saw five figure sprung forth hastily, that looked ever so familiar.

At the instant he saw these tribesmen, whom were the reinforcements from HeiShan, the latter also looked towards the Patriarch who they revered back in the tribe.

Just that now however, their Patriarch looked so miserable. His eyes were full of fear and his body was covered in the blood, missing both arms. Witnessing this, their expressions dropped as fear began to take hold of them, as though a great enemy is approaching. They could not believe that they Patriarch, who led so many tribesmen in the pursuit, is the sole survivor. The horror on his face speaks of the frightening encounter he have had.

“Save me!!” Seeing his tribesmen, an intense excitement broke the HeiShan’s Patriarch despair. But in the midst of this delirium, as those tribesmen rushed forward, a streak of red shot appeared not far behind the Patriarch so fast that in the blink of an eye, it arrived before him. The HeiShan tribesmen could only watch wide-eyed as their Patriarch let out a tragic and hateful howl as the red light struck him.

The next instant, the HeiShan Patriarch was severed in half waist down. Blood splattered all around as his body collapsed from a running gait, his legs still twitching. The eyes on his upper torso were filled with surprise, despair and demise that mixed into a dreadful gaze.

The few HeiShan reinforcements were stunned as blood drained from their faces, seized by panic. They had never witness the death of their Patriarch in front of their eyes. Their hearts palpitated as fear soaked their body. The saw the red light take shape into a thin figure after killing their Patriarch. The figure carried a huge bow on its back, with a long spear in its grasp. From his back, threads of moonlight cascaded like a cape that spread over thirty metres. Such a presence!

That guy was just a young man, no matter how you looked at it he was just a youth. His expression was calm and he had a small stature, but his calm gaze seemed to b threatening to devouring whole. These HeiShan Tribesmen were utterly shocked by their patriarch’s death, and all the origin of this fear fell on this person.

Even their patriarch died to this person, let alone themselves who were just filled with fear.

Their terrified eyes stared at this youth, not even glancing at their patriarch only several Zhang from them. They saw him slowly walk to their patriarch, using the spear in his hand to behead the patriarch before turning to look at the five of them.

In his eyes the mysterious blood moon shone, revealing a strange yet terrifying calm. The moment the HeiShan Tribesmen saw this, they all unknowingly took a few steps back, a siren ringing in their head, that simple gaze made their fear grow even greater.

Even the patriarch was afraid of this person and died right there, how could they not be afraid, especially as there were several strange strands of moonlight dancing around him glowing coldly.

Amongst the five of them, was a tall man who looked very similar to the HeiShan Patriarch, whose eyes were trembling red.

“Brother!” This man spoke out loud as he rushed towards Su Ming before the rest of the HeiShan Tribesmen got over their fear as they rushed ahead.

While standing beside the HeiShan Patriarch’s body, under Su Ming’s cold gaze, the moment the man approached, Su Ming’s left hand flashed and a red powder flew forth.

At the same time, as the man approached Su Ming, his body trembled as a formless strand of moonlight left a wound on his face, and just as blood appeared, his body suddenly exploded into a red mist.


“He is a Heretic-Man!!” could be heard as the four who was rushing Su Ming suddenly stopped, the faces filled with fear, the memory of their patriarch’s death unwittingly surfacing in their minds as well as the sight they just witnessed which sent their horror to the max.

Just as these four people started retreating, Su Ming suddenly moved.

The strands of moonlight behind him rushed towards the four terrified people under the moonlight.