Ben-To! Chapter 1 part3

Part III

According to Oshiori-san, during the time I was sent flying towards the fresh seafood section, while I was ravaged by pain in “fish heaven”…… The Ice Witch had, in a flash, snatched all the bentos and vanished to the other side of the checkout counter.

I completely couldn’t understand, I had only taken a fried chicken bento with a half price sticker on it, why was I rewarded with a heavy palm strike by a girl? I only wanted to save a few hundred yen on settling dinner, this price is also too overboard ah!

Moreover because my body hurt a lot, it resulted in me being unable to properly swallow food, hence my dinner had to be changed to the powerful and benevolent energy gel to satiate my hunger.

I was recalling the events that happened yesterday in the noisy classroom, while at the same time, chewing on a triangular piece of sugar coated French toast, these granules of sugar should be a great companion for my metabolism.

Although besides me were a feel people that could be considered friends, however, as soon as it was mealtime, I would recall that event, and would give a weird expression, hence, I purposely ate alone……it’s not because I can’t make any friends!

I took yet another bite off that French toast…… regardless of whether it was the noisy classroom, the slight pain that remained in my abdomen, the constantly reappearing doubts, the frequent thoughts of that title, the sweet taste that the sugar left in my mouth, the perfect match between the rich tastes of the butter and eggs…… these things were like a maze, tying up my thoughts.

“Ice witch huh……”

In order to obtain an answer, I unconsioulsy muttered out this name, which also let the girl walking past my table suddenly stop her footsteps. I momentarily thought that she was Oshiori-san from the class next door, but looking at her waist length black hair that was tied up by a white hairband, it could be easily discerned that she was another person.

I raised my head to take a look, eh, so it was the class representative…… what was her name again? …… I think she was called Shiraume Ume, I had initially though that her parents had been lazy, and thus she was given such a weird name at birth.

She had an aloof expression on her face, as she lowered her head to look at me.

Even though we were from the same year, but her slender body and solemn expression, gave a mature charm to her. In layman terms, she could be said to be as cold as the ice witch, it would be better to say that she was the kind of person who was strict about her relationships with other people.

“…… If you really have no money, I’d advise you to go find a job to do, it would be better if you don’t have such a frivolous attitude when you go to that supermarket, at that time it won’t just be to the point of receiving light injuries anymore.”

After finishing saying this line, she hugged her bento that was in a cloth bag to her chest, and proceeded to walk out of the classroom, I was surprised at what she said, and hurried chased after her.

“Wait a while! Do you know anything about that person?”

Due to the fact that the lunch break just started, the hallway was filled with students, but I still loudly called after Shiraume Ume.

“I’ve heard not too long ago about the rumours of “some people despicably snatching half priced bentos”, it is just like that. My friend is waiting for me in the adjacent classroom, please excuse me.”

Shiraume Ume bowed deeply towards me, and walked into the adjacent classroom as if nothing had happened.

In light of the sharp insights surrounding the case, I began to think.

Shiraume Ume must know some kind of insider information about this…… Furthermore, looking at it from afar, I look like an idiot that confessed to a beauty and got shot down.

Thus, I returned to my seat and resumed eating my French toast.

Frequently reoccurring doubts, pondering upon the meaning of that title, Shiraume Ume’s words, the sweet taste of the granulated sugar dissolving in my mouth, rich aroma from the perfect match between the egg and milk…… these things were like a maze, tying up my thoughts.

I chewed on the food in my mouth before swallowing it, even if the surface of the toast was a little moist, it was unexpectedly hard to swallow it down my throat, the doubts that stuffed my brain to the brim slowly became unable to be dispersed.

However I reckon, the ice witch who has been witnessed by me at least twice, definitely did not resemble what Shiraume Ume said, about being ‘despicable’, the atmosphere that drifted from her resembled that of a noble beast.

Furthermore, I have also realised one other thing.

That is I forgot to buy a drink.