Beloved Villain Flips the Skies


Beloved Villain Flips the Skies Chapter 7

BY: 佐伯やとな

Author’s Note:

This is about me but I changed my name!
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~Narrator’s Point Of View~

“I can’t hear what they are talking about…I didn’t expect this…!”

Yukina, who was currently clinging to the door and peeking at them, couldn’t hear the details of the conversation due to their distance from the door. Also, Yuris was currently looking at her like she was a disappointment, but he had the same sin as her too since he was interested in this as well. The two of them clung to the door as they tried to pick up their voices…but the wind was too noisy.

“…and so, why does Yukina-sama want His Highness to get along with Lilith-san?”

“For eye candy.”

“……Is that so…”

‘If we couldn’t hear them, then there was no helping it. We could only depend on Wiz’s ability.’ With that in mind, Yukina finally separated herself from the door and sat on the staircase. She had worried about what would happen, but if it was like this, she didn’t think there would be any issues.

Yuris looked at the main character who was evilly laughing and sighed while silently praying for Wiz who had been caught in Yukina’s good-for-nothing plans. Yuris did not realize that he was one of them.

“Oh, Wiz! Welcome back.”

After morning homeroom, Wiz walked into the classroom while sighing tiredly. After speaking to the teacher, he headed straight towards Yukina. Pulling in the attention of many, the shadows around Yukina slowly dispersed. This spectacle seems doubtful to the first time viewers but looking at Wiz’s appearance, this was something expected. In fact, Yukina who was part of the group as Wiz since admission was in the same state.

Wiz pulled out a chair in front of Yukina’s. Yukina who felt herself in danger could not run away and could only sweat as Wiz plopped down glaring at her.

“Yukina. What are you planning?”

“Wh-, what are you talking about. I don’t understand……”

“Your eyes are swimming around.”

Wiz sighed once again. After his conversation with Lilith, Wiz opened the door only to find that Yukin and Yuuris were gone. Lilith was blankly staring at me. What is this awkward situation? Yuuris was bewildered and angry until he had arrived here. Anyone would be angry if someone did all of that for no reason. Afterall, it was the first time they met. She saw Yuuris speaking to others before but she never had a conversation with him herself.

But Yukina had no reaction whatsoever (though she did smirk when I entered the classroom). In the end, I had no idea what she wanted to do.

“What exactly do you want to do…”

“It’s an event!”

Wiz asked with a tired expression and Yukina answered with a tight and smug smile. ……What did she say?

“Since homeroom started I couldn’t leave my seat but as I expected, Rigel’s (リゲル) event should have happened earlier.”

“Are you gonna drag your younger brother in this too…?”

“How rude…don’t say it like I always drag people with me. And by the way, the one in the middle of this is not me. It’s Lilith.”

~Yukina’s Point Of View~

If I explained everything in detail, I can tell that eyes saying “what is wrong with her?” will be pointed at me so I told him only the bare minimum he needs to know. Well, it was Wiz’s fault for not following the storyline. Just the fact that I had to remodel the story chilled my innards.

Of course, Wiz does not know a single thing about this. That’s why it’s no use even if I told Wiz. But even so, if you were to ask Yukina if she can give up the Real Otome Game story, then the answer will be a no.


~Narrator’s Point Of View~

But, for some reason as Yukina brought out Lilith’s name, Wiz had a bad expression on his face. Unintentionally her eyes flickered. What happened?

~Yukina’s Point Of View~

……Don’t tell me there a new Love Event broke out? Are you feeling guilty because, without permission, you got along with her while Yukina was looking forward to Rigel’s event?

Such a thing! The two of you have already gone to that stage huh. Even in the short period during homeroom when the two of you were alone, the rooftop with beautiful scenery was like a stage for the two of you to get closer.

~Narrator’s Point Of View~

But Wiz, no worries. Yukina smiled at Wiz as if saying, “I already know everything.”

Yukina was definitely looking forward to Rigel’s opening event but in her past life, her favorite was Wiz’s. Just thinking of being able to witness the numerous sweet scenes now sigh…oops, how disrespectful, I become excited. To sum it up, it was bad for Rigel but if the two of them were to fight for Lilith, Yukina will be on Wiz’s side.

~Yukina’s Point Of View~

Rather, instead of competition, though there will be jealousy, I like the Reverse Harem route the best. The numerous event where they crowd around the beautiful girl……. How magnificent. I definitely want to be in the back smiling while watching over them. Abandoning the ships (TL: I chose to use this instead of Fixed Couples cuz I think this sounds better XD)is difficult but it was true that the scene where adorable Lilith is pampered by Ikemen (TL: Handsome Men) is also amazing.
~Narrator’s Point Of View~

While Yukina was laughing at this delusion, Wiz had on his usual awkward expression looking down in shame and asked Yukina.

(TL: She is going “hehehehe” those weird laughs)

“Oh and, Yukina. Just to confirm something, The ‘Event’ you mentioned where Lilith-san and Rigel will meet, where exactly is it…?”

Was that jealousy!? It’s jealousy isn’t!? Yukina reflexively held her nose. Her head is (conveniently) under construction from Wiz’s pouty speech.

“Fufufu…you’re late. After the two of you have separated, Lilith-san will head to her class but because the school is too big, she will get lost.”

“Was she lost on her way to the dorm too?”

“Be quiet, she is a clumsy child. And as she searches for her class, she will enter the library door which will by chance be opened. There she will meet the Prince of the Library, Rigel…!”

Sitting by the window is the frail and beautiful youth (class skipping demon) Rigel, Yukina’s younger brother in law.

“Ufufufu.” Yukina laughed (TL: In a creepy way) as she began a Delusion Trip, recalling the Event. Looking at Yukina coldly, Wiz muttered.

“Crap, I directed her to her classroom instead of the library but…”

There was no way the good-natured Wiz would not guide the new student to their class. It was to be expected from when he saw that she was lost on her way to the dormitory.

Well then, how can he make an excuse to Yukina. It was only 5 minutes after Wiz’s contriving excuse that Yukina returned from her delusions.

And Yukina rambled on about unknown things saying “I thought it was definitely Wiz’s route~!” while Wiz on the other side, finally understanding what Yukina was talking about yelled, “Why Baka (TL: Stupid) Yukinaー!!”

Yukina “I thought it was definitely Wiz’s route~!”

Wiz “What do you mean my route!?”

Yukina “The route where Lilith and Wiz with have mutual feelings for each other!”

Wiz “WHAT!? What are you talking about!? What in the world are you talking about!?”

Yukina “Why did you ask that twice!?”

Wiz “Because it’s something important! Why are you so stupid Yukina!?”

Yukina “What did you say!? The one who calls others stupid is stupid, stupid Wiz!”

Wiz “That’s a boomerang.” (TL: Referring to how Yukina is currently calling Wiz stupid which then means she is stupid)

Yukina “That’s what I thought.”

Author’s Notes:

↑Was the part of the conversation which was too long so I couldn’t put it in well enough. If I didn’t take it away, it will probably be something like this. ww (TL: Laughing)

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